What's your best technique for finding SEO buyers?

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What's your best technique for finding SEO buyers?

Freelancing an SEO related service can be difficult, especially if you are new to freelance or don't have the built in customer connections you might otherwise have as an employee of a large SEO firm.

What can a new SEO freelancer do to locate and secure new clients for his business?


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Let me answer you by doing this:

Here's a few topics (from the Community Discussion) I recommend:
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There's many more outstanding tips and topics in the Community Discussion, so I truly recommend that you give it a go and search for even more inspiration, information and real valuable methods and "secrets".

This is from another reply I made yesterday. This is obviously an answer related to how you'll get your first sale on SEOClerks.. But, the answers within these topics are awesome and valuable so you'll benefit from them no matter where you end up doing business.

That being said, no matter where you do business, or how, you'll always struggle with the first sale. - The first sale is the hardest one to get, but when you've got that first sale, the snowball effect will begin. - As long as you continue to work hard and as long as you put in the necessary effort it requires.

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I would say building up your own personal branding and authority by blogging on your own website would be a good move, the bonus here is that you can also promote other services and/ or use your affiliate link so if anyone clicks through from your website you still earn if someone buys from someone else.

Then social media marketing and forum marketing are also a great way to market, as well as email marketing. You can use your website as your portfolio too which will be very helpful in getting clients.

If you are an SEO freelancer you should be able to work the magic on your own website.

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My latest method if finding them on LinkedIn by having a lot of relevant new connections and actually interacting with people. Send them a message, don't pitch to them in the first message, have a chat, figure out what they need and then pitch exactly on point.

I also have a large list of past clients or long term clients, I'm just one man army here and there is a limit on how much I can deliver as a freelancer, because of my long terms clients I always have my plate full and I don't really need new ones very often.

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SEO work is a new type of service that the prospective clients are hesitant. It is not exactly the lack of trust but a new service is naturally difficult to sell. My suggestion is to enter into a contract where you will be paid based on the profit that the site gets from the increased traffic. The client will certainly agree with that kind of arrangement because you gave your trust to the client and in return they will only pay you based on the profit which means no profit, no payment. That is like giving the client the assurance that your SEO work will have a positive effect.

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From the discussions that they are carrying out in the community where I get to find them. The thing is that the expert is one that is going to be honest with me and once such person is giving me big high promises, I tend to run away from them.

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