Best way to get 1 million views in a month?

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Best way to get 1 million views in a month?

I'm looking to get 1 million views (just pageviews, no conversions needed) on my website in a month. I'd like to keep the CPC low at below $0.05. What are the best platforms that I can use to achieve this?

I have tried AdBrite banner ads in the past, and while they delivered views at a low cost ($0.01-$0 CPC), the views came in rather slowly (1,000 views per day). I also tried Facebook ads but they are too expensive. Any other good alternatives? Maybe Google Adwords, Yahoo/MSN text ads?


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I think Google ad words, Bing and Yahoo PPC will work for generating huge traffic. But there have an alternative way like- White hat SEO. To generate millions of traffic you have to do one time traffic and several time keyword management. White hat SEO- On page and off page optimization will work.


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What is your purpose of generating traffic if you do not want any conversion? If you do not care about conversion, traffic exchange can be a good option. But you should be aware that traffic exchange is frowned by search engines. You can also buy gigs on Fiverr. There are people who offer traffic service. However, most of them send bot traffic. Are you ok with bot traffic?

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I agree that Facebook Ads is expensive. However, it looks like you get your money’s worth if you consider the billions of Facebook users that can see you ads. One writer friend said that Facebook Ads is now the dominant in the industry over Google Ads. But I wonder why you need a million views on your website. If it is a video on Youtube then I will understand your need for such number of views.

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