How to get your first order?

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How to get your first order?

I thought it would be best to learn from PRO's..
" Can any one here could guide me towards how to get my first order; what's the catch! Should I advert my services outside the seoclerks or should I wait for it to come to me".


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Hi Aizad, welcome to SEOClerks! Thanks for posting your question. I think it's one that many new sellers here find themselves asking from time to time. Especially when and or if they are selling some of the same services that some much more established sellers here are already providing. So how to get people to buy your services when you have no ratings, no recommendations or any kind of trust with people yet? Because that's what it's all about is how much people trust you based on how many ratings, recommendations etc etc that you have. So it can be hard for a new seller to get sales for their new services they haven't got any previous sales for. And as such, no ratings (feedback) or any recommendations on their profile from people. And buyers look at this as a way of knowing which seller to go with for a service.

It's hard, but it's not impossible to get your first sales. And I've helped lots of people on here before that were new sellers to get their first orders. By providing them with tips and tricks to go about getting them. I'll try to put them here in a condensed version. Basically, you want to make sure your service descriptions and the images you use in them are 100% unique. It needs to look good with text formatting and highlighting and the like. And also videos can really help too. Service descriptions that have videos in them sell a lot more than those that don't. And try to use a long description that puts some emphasis on the details of that actual service. People like details and they like to see samples and examples of work and stuff like that so the more of that you can put in your service descriptions the better!

And on to your seller profile. I see you are phone verified so that's cool. You could also go one step further and get address verified as well. Doing that will not only add another level of security to your account, (and score you another $5 coupon code too) but also increase the trust that people have in you as a seller. Likewise, increasing your post and response count on here can also give people more confidence in you as a seller. In fact, the Community Discussions here are your way and chance to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. And you want people to think you're an expert at what you do so that they will be more likely to buy from you. That's why your discussions and responses are linked to from your profile. How to get your first order?

And one other tip I'll leave you with, which is the best of them all for some sellers. Is to make your service very cheap. Very cheap. Like $1. I know that might seem daft to you. But it will help you to get sales and then get feedback for that rendered service. Once you have some good feedback ratings for it, you can increase the price a little bit more and more. That's worked well for me and for many others here. How to get your first order?

Okay that's that, I hope you'll follow these tips and advices and apply them and good luck at finding success on SEOClerks!

Anyone can if they just apply themselves. How to get your first order?



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First of all thank you @idealmike for detailed guide. You almost covered the things, One another guide new members need to follow that share your service on social media and questions and answering site to get more clicks.

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Hello Aizad and welcome to SEOClerks!

Mike have given you superb information to start with, (Mike is literally known for sharing everything at all times). So, the only thing I'll do here, is to actually give you some valuable links, so you can read, learn and implement things!

Here's a few topics (from the Community Discussion) I recommend:
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There's many more outstanding tips and topics in the Community Discussion, so I truly recommend that you give it a go and search for even more inspiration, information and real valuable methods and "secrets".

Best Regards,

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Hey there, welcome!
First of all, I think you should publish services, as far as I can see you already started doing that, it won't be a bad thing if you publish a few more.
Second, your services need to look professional, make sure your good grammar and format your text properly, use bullet points, bold headlines, numbers, etc. Explain in detail what the potential customer is going to get and make him understand the benefits of your services and why your services are better than your competitors.

Third, don't limit yourself to SEOclerks, sure bump you services here regularly but also try finding clients by promoting your services link outside SC.
Good Luck!

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My suggestion would be to first make sure you have a well written service description accompanied by a good picture and a catchy title. At this point you cannot do much about your reputation as a beginner, but you certainly can show that you can offer value for money. So for the first few weeks or months make sure you offer a really affordable price. In that way you can expect to get some buyers. Eventually as you gain more credibility through ratings, you might wish to increase the price a bit. Also, use bumps daily to be on the first page for some time each day.

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I think idealmike has summed it up for many of us here. And it seems to be a good option for us to get the order properly sorted. Another thing is that there seems to be a lot of efforts required for getting first service in the order. And if that is done there seems to be not much need for the hard work. Just carry on what works out for you.

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Just list your services with good catchy titles
bump your services
Advertise it everywhere online
Throw in a little discount for your first client
Let your service be a bit cheaper
Be patient and wait for your first order.

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