Ethereum finally looks like its recovering

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Ethereum finally looks like its recovering

Ethereum has been a crypto to watch during the last few weeks. We have seen ETH rise from 3 bucks to 20 and then back down to 6.20. I had a feeling this was going to happen and it did guys it fell into the 6.50 range like i said it would. It does not look like the rally is over just yet but i could be wrong. Ethereum looks like its on a uptrend now and it could either be stabilizing or getting ready to continue the rally.

Lets take a look at the chart:

Ethereum finally looks like its recovering

If you take a look we have been seeing a downtrend which led to the most recent drop. We started at almost 11 dollars in the beginning of the month and now todays price is 8.26. I would say if you invested in the 6 dollar range you could have made thousands of dollars on this flip with just a few hundred coins. I did not participate in this trade because i was to spooked ad now i wish i would have taken the risk. You cant win them all and conservative traders are the best traders.

Remember when reading my topics about trading i only give you advice based on research and market analysis. Please only use this as a guide and do not hold me responsible for any losses. Keep trading and if you have any questions leave them below.

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Oh Jkeyz2 yeah I can imagine how spooked you must have been with such a drop in value with Ethereum. I'm not sure I am brave enough to invest in it.

I think Bitcoin is going to be a much more stable option for investment!

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Absolutely i agree with you 100% you certainly have the rite idea. If you have the money to risk and you have the mind set that you could lose it all then i think ETH and other investments could be good. For people like you and me who dont really want to invest all we have Bitcoin is the safe haven for investors. Ethereum has the chances of dropping again soon if they have to fork again and that will cause a drop below $5. Overall when it comes to ETH i just think if yiou got in early your doing great but until they become more stable its just not a good idea for new investors to put the money they worked so hard to get into Ethereum coin.

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The problem with the value of cryptocurrency, particularly the Ethereum in this discussion, is the fluctuating value and the undefined factors that affect it. So how can you play with your Ethereum in terms of buying and selling when you don’t have the indicators to speak of? It is just like guessing when you buy a load of Ethereum and just pray that the value will increase tenfold so you can sell and earn a good profit.

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