How I'm getting backlinks with HARO

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How I'm getting backlinks with HARO

Very recently I saw a community discussion here which mentioned a website called HARO which stands for Help A Reporter Out.

Then that same day a blogging friend of mine recommended I sign up. While it looked really good my time is so limited that I never had a chance to sign up.

Today this same friend forwarded one of the emails and told me that I need to have a look at one of the requests. A website that gets 500 000 page views a month is looking for a drug addict in recovery to give a quote on a certain topic.

Oh my gosh, that sounded like it was written for me right? So I quickly signed up and emailed the person that put in the request. Within minutes we were chatting via email and in less than an hour I had confirmation that he was happy with my quotation and he will be linking to my website. I'm not sure if he will be linking to all three of my websites or not but hey if I get one good link there I am so happy!

The website is DA 66.

So I just wanted to share that it is worthwhile signing up! You just get emailed updates of what people are looking for and if something fits in well with what you do then you email a pitch.


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DA 66 - That's what I'm talking about. Backlinks from high authority pages and domains are worth more than hundreds of low authority backlinks.
Get a couple of more of these babies and you'll get better ranks in no time! I really love the process of you link building, you are building connections which is the best thing to do right now, awesome strategy!

Make sure the backlinks will be dofollow as nofollow backlinks won't transfer any authority. You don't need to specify it right now but check it after the link is life and if it has a nofollow tag contact the him again and let him know.

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LOL Cristian I was just too excited and happy to jinx anything by asking if it would be do follow or no follow How I

I am also not sure which website of mine he will give links to, it may be all or just one. Just holding thumbs now that everything goes smoothly.

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Good stuff Lynne! I'm glad that you've been able to find that site useful. I wasn't fully aware of how it worked on HARO until now. I knew it was something like that but didn't realize exactly like that how. I touched on it a while back as well as saw that it had some potential then but will definitely sign up and see how I can help those on there that are looking for something that I could write about or offer some advice and information on in some way.

I was just looking at their Success Stories page and there's reportedly stories how HARO has helped get small sites and blogs articles and business in the Wall Street Journal and sites like CNBC, CNN, TIME, Fox, National Geographic etc. Getting links from those sites will be very powerful as will getting a mention on those sites in some post which will build a lot of branding and recognition and credibility for you. How I

And it's really cool how it's free to do that as well and they don't charge a fee to get those emails with the requests. Although I see they do have subscription plans as well where you can further improve your chances of finding the types of things you'd be more interested in starting from $19/mo which lets you track one keyword based on what you are knowledgeable/skilled in and a profile to place your pitches to as well as text alerts and letting you search through all the requests online.

And the next plan at $49 gives you that plus an alert so you can be one of the first people to pitch them and other premium plans that give you support too but that seems overkill IMHO and you show you don't need any of them to snag a deal and make some extra cash on the free basic plan only lol How I

So congrats on bagging your first deal and sale on HARO. I hope you go on to get many in time and it turns into a royal cash cow! How I

And pick up some ultra quality links at the same time!


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Yeah I'm not sure I want to be on those paid plans either. I had a look at that but I am not sure it will be worth it, or maybe it will but I have so many other expenses and things I am keeping my eye on.

I will scan through their emails every now and then though since it may be worthwhile bagging a few more of those.

I'll keep you updated if I bag anything else cool on there!

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High DA backlinks are awesome, but the question remains, "Why should they link to you?". Anyway, what happened to the OP is wonderful, but I don't think it's common. Therefore, most webmasters will need to look at other strategies to get those high DA backlinks.

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Do you really think that this HARO site will be helpful to you? Perhaps you should have posted an update if that guy that you chatted with had actually linked to your website. It looks like you had spent some time in communicating with that stranger so my question is this – is it worth your time and what benefit did you get? Pardon me for being a skeptic because I still subscribe to the adage that says do not talk to strangers. Always remember that some people are taking advantage of our hospitality and generosity.

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