The Top Benefits of Guest Posting

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The Top Benefits of Guest Posting

So many people have asked me what are the benefits of guest posting and there are loads of benefits. Guest posting is one of the best ways to get backlinks, and purchasing these services can often make the process so much easier and hassle free.

I speak from experience because I have tried to submit guest posts to some websites and I was rejected after taking firstly a considerable amount of time finding websites in my niche that accept guest posts but also then to write a post that I feel would fit that website’s personality.

Yes I got a few guest posts published this way, but I have to say that I am enjoying purchasing services where I stand a better chance of getting my guest post published but also very often I can choose to have an article written for me if I want to.

While I think that writing my own article has a lot of benefits attached, I can also see how having someone write an article for me is a winner too since the person that is writing the article knows exactly what that website wants!

Ok so now to the benefits of guest posting:

Guest Posting Builds Quality Backlinks

This is a great way to build really good, juicy backlinks. Yes getting links in comments and forums can help but having a backlink from an entire post will be oh so more SEO juicy and stronger than a blog comment link!

Getting Traffic from Guest Posts

If you write a guest post for a very popular blog that has a lot of traffic there is a good chance you will be getting some nice traffic too!

Guest Posting Builds Authority

Getting your name onto am established and well known blog will help with building up your name as an authority in your niche.

People get to know you through Guest Posts

As well as building authority it is a way for people to get to know you as a person (well that is if you write your own posts, like I mentioned in the beginning). Some people will love you and some will hate you, but you will hopefully make an impact on others.

I would personally rather be noticed and even hated than have someone not know who I am as a blogger!

Helps to build your list

You can get lots of people subscribing to your list after getting a guest post published on a popular blog that gets a lot of views.

Guest Posts can help you build your social following

I have found that I get a little increase in followers each time I get a guest post published and this is a great way to grow your base of social followers.

Guest Posting Creates Relationships with Other Bloggers

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, right? So reaching out to other bloggers in your niche can only be a positive move.

Guest Posting Improves your writing

When you are only writing for your own website you can get comfortable and get into a rut, but when you are writing for someone else’s website this can really give you a kick up the butt. You need to try and write something good enough for them to publish.

You might also need to put another slant on your writing so that it will suit that audience.

This will give you practice and help you move outside of your comfort zone.

Builds Your Portfolio

Guest blogging gives you something really awesome to add to your online portfolio!


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Lynne, you really have some good ideas. Not i i didn't know about it, but you have remind me last week about guest blogging by your previous post here, so i start offering guest posts on my high authority website to improve my sales, but i also started looking around to buy some of these services so i could maintain and improve authority of my website, which is really crucial if you are serious about your blog as your business and source of income.

Thanks for reminding me and others The Top Benefits of Guest Posting

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It is a pleasure Abid, I get the same thing, there is often so much to remember and keep track of, so many cool ideas and ways to improve your rankings that some things get left by the wayside for a while. Then someone reminds me about it and I am back on track again.

I am happy to give you the reminder so you can benefit from it The Top Benefits of Guest Posting

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Great tips Lynne! Really nice examples of all the benefits guest posting can have on the people who implement such a strategy!
I also prefer writing my own articles when I'm quest posting, I don't want someone else writing failure reflect me as a blogger, if I fail I need to do it on my own.

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Cristian, yes I agree with you, if I am going to trash my name I can do that myself. I don't want to pay someone to do it!

I have seen some shocking guest posts and it is awful.

For my services I am happy to write an article for the guest poster with pleasure for an extra fee of course. However my website is my pride and joy so I quite like it when customers choose this option. It means I won't be posting something that I don't like on my website.

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Very good points there Lynne. I agree that it can be quite time consuming, but in time it will pay off. For starters you will be getting your name out there much more, and this will increase your exposure and improve your reputation. As you said it is a great way to drive traffic to your own site. Besides, it is a very good way to get in touch with people who could prove to be helpful in some way in your niche.

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Thanks for posting this Lynne. It's true that guest posting can have a lot of benefits. And when done right, it really is a gift that keeps on giving. The older your guest posts are, the more value they have in the SERPs, so they go on to rank higher and as they rank higher, they get more traffic and that means more traffic, sales and reputation and awareness for you. And buying guest posting services can take all the hard work out of it on and from your behalf. Because it's no mean feat to actually go out there and get guest posts. Contacting potential blog owners and sending messages and doing deals and going to and fro agreeing on things before both parties settle and agree on a deal.

While it's not really really hard to do, and if you're determined and consistent, you can get them. It can be quite a lengthy and time consuming process at times as well. Especially if you have to research and write the articles yourself. And since you can find some good guest posting services at prices that wont break the bank. It's something that can be done over and over again. And the more you do it, the more rank and authority, trust and awareness you'll be building to your site as well.

One of the best things about it though is that it can be used to build highly relevant, contextual do follow links to those internal posts and pages on your site or blog. A lot of people build too many links to their homepage and this never has a good effect in the long run. It's always better to build links to your internal posts and pages, products etc, at the same rate as your homepage.

But great article Lynne! I'm sure anyone thinking about getting some guest posts to their site will appreciate it for the inspiration side of things. I guess your next post will have to be on some ways on how you can go about getting guest posts, rules and etiquette etc. The Top Benefits of Guest Posting

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Hi Mike. Yeah I agree with you that it can be quite time consuming to get guest posts published on other blogs. There were times that I spent a whole day researching and contacting people and I found no joy so it felt like all that time was a waste... but then again if I had scored a guest post on a really good blog I would have been so pleased! Sometimes you put the work in and it pays off big time and other days you have no luck right?

Maybe I am taking a short cut or the easy way out but I really like to purchase guest posting services so that I know I am getting it right. It is a lot quicker and easier and the cost is often not much at all.

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I'd say the traffic thing is a powerful motivator. I mean, there could be a chance that the cost for a guest post is much cheaper than what you'd find in PPC, social media, or banner advertising. Does anyone know if it is cheaper? Well, even if it isn't, you still could be getting a good backlink.

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I thought guest posting is a popular blogger will post an article on your blog. Anyway, if you will have a chance to post an article on a popular blog site, well, that is a great opportunity to showcase yourself. Of course, it is understood that you are posting a guest blog on a blog of the same niche. That is a big exposure since the followers of that popular blog can also check on your own blog because it has the same niche. The only problem now is how to make a popular blogger allow you to guest blog on his site.

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This is a great way to build really good, juicy backlinks. Yes getting links in comments and forums can help but having a backlink from an entire post will be oh so more SEO juicy and stronger than a blog comment link!
I agree with this point because backlinks in an article is always better than in comments on blog posts or forum posts.

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