Squeeze pages [vs] Full Websites - What is best for you?

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Squeeze pages [vs] Full Websites - What is best for you?

People always want to make a lot of money online but they aren't exactly sure what they should be doing in terms of what kind of website they need. People always hear of big authority websites and squeeze pages but a person who is just starting out might not know the difference and what each is used for.

When I started out I was always interested in making money, and I heard that squeeze pages was the way to go in order to do this. Little did I know that you need to be a super affiliate or have a huge following in order for these to work well without money to push into PPC campaigns or other forms of advertising. I had a couple squeeze pages that were pushing my affiliate links and CPA systems, but I never hit it big because I didn't know much lol.

A squeeze page is great if you want to use it solely with advertising on Adwords (if you can get your ad live), banner advertising on niche related websites or if you already have a lot of people signed up wanting updates on your next big thing. If you don't have the money or the following, you're best bet is to go after building an authority website.

To become an authority in your niche it will take time and effort. If you don't want to put in the time, you'll have to pay someone to do it for you in the form of posting quality content on your website or blog. To do this you can hire a VA (virtual assistant) and give them author access on your website/blog so they can write and post when they want. You'll have to make a quota for them to hit or they don't get rehired. I usually do around 30 posts as a minimum so that it's roughly 1 post per day. If you don't have the money to hire a VA you can always post yourself. And who better to post on the niche you love than yourself Squeeze pages [vs] Full Websites - What is best for you?

Build dozens of pages and slowly you'll build a following and gain traffic from the search engines. This type of website/blog is more of a long term game that doesn't cost as much as the overall squeeze page system. The design of a squeeze page will cost less than an authority website, usually, but the cost of your advertising and list building techniques will make it cost 10x more than if you slowly build an authority website.

So in the end, if you don't have a bunch of money to push into advertising and list buildling, you should go the authority website route and not the squeeze page system.

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It makes me wonder how all those scams get those landing pages approved with Google Adwords? Go figure huh?

I think they change the content on the URL after a while and try and fly under the radar. Much like how some people change the title or content of their service on here so it has a lot of good reviews for another service and people think those reviews are for that service lol.

But people actually do that kind of thing with Adwords campaign URLs. Although I'm not sure how rife it is as it's a bit shady and they are probably on the lookout for them as some squeeze pages can provide a bad user experience for people surfing the web and they don't want that as if something goes wrong they can take part of the blame for it for advertising that in the SERP's in the first place.

Adwords are sort of like Reddit, they don't really like things that are promotional marketing make money online type of stuff unless you're paying mega money with them. I used to have a couple blogs in that niche before I the big flip of 2010 but found the same thing. Squeeze pages [vs] Full Websites - What is best for you?

And Lynne you could always create a WTB and ask for something like that on here. List out that you're looking for someone to post a certain type and amount of content to your blog every day and how much you'll pay for each post. Then when someone bids the amount you're happy to pay for it, you can buy them once and see and if good, you can buy multiple amounts for all 30 days of the month.

Anyway, I just see a squeeze page like any other page. It should suck you in, tick all the right boxes with you by presenting you with a ton of problems and then also all the solutions to those problems by just buying that product NOW! LOL Squeeze pages [vs] Full Websites - What is best for you?

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Oh so that's how they do it... it must be something like that Mike because I found Adwords seriously sticky and not wanting to approve ads. I even struggled to get some of my breast feeding posts approved because it had the word breast in it LOL.

I wonder if chicken suppliers also have problems with breasts? Yet somehow porn gets through? heehee

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Razzy I couldn't agree with you more on this topic. I also heard so much about squeeze pages and how you must make use of them to make money but I just couldn't get in my head how I was supposed to get traffic to a squeeze page without throwing some money at it.

I take it from your discussion that it is not easy to get an Adwords campaign for a squeeze page approved? I kinda got this feeling, especially when it comes to offers to make money online? I tried to set up an advertising campaign for my online marketing website on Adwords and I couldn't get it right, all my ads were rejected and they weren't scammy or spammy so I just stopped trying.

It makes me wonder how all those scams get those landing pages approved with Google Adwords? Go figure huh?

Just out of interest Razzy, how much would you pay a virtual assistant to write and publish 30 posts a day on your website? And what exactly is involved in this process, like what would your VA do and what would you do? I'm talking about keyword research, ideas for topics, images... doing the SEO correctly on your post?

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It looks like the squeeze page is not for me because I am a simple user only and I probably would be more comfortable with the full website that is ordinary in nature. There are so many tricks in getting traffic that I am not wondering if I can learn all of it. This squeeze page is like a landing page that holds hostage the user until you can get the email address. Oh well, that’s the trick.

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