Technical On-Page SEO still relevant?

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Technical On-Page SEO still relevant?

When I think of on-page technical SEO I always think of tags and markups, stuff like title tag; meta description; h1; h2; h3; hreflang, canonicall and the "alt" attribute on images. These things haven't changed much over the years and even now there are still the main elements needed to be implemented when it comes to technical on-page SEO.

There are a few new things I'm implementing in the header for example that I didn't implement in the past and those are:

  • Open Graph protocol markup
  • Twitter Cards

How important do you think headings are in 2016 and will be in 2017, stuff like H1, H2, and H3?

I'm still implementing them for all my clients making them relevant to the subject of the page itself. Some SEOs gurus are stating that headings and bolded keywords aren't so important as they used to be. I disagree, I've witnessed a lot of positive changes just by implementing a custom H2 for a product page.

What is your opinion on and Open Graph implementations? Do you think this is the future of SEO?


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Hi Cristian, this is a great question and something I find very interesting. I agree with you, that on page SEO is very much still relevant today and it will be for a long time to come.

That said I do think that search engines are now placing so much more importance on the actual quality of content that is published. I believe that more weight is being put on the content and less emphasis is being placed on backlinks, on page seo and other various methods of ranking websites.

From what I can see Google is trying to find a way to rank quality content that is relevant higher, and to stop putting so much weight to content that all the "right SEO" implemented but the content is not so great.

So if you create great quality content AND implement good SEO on your website, both on page and off page then you will do great. If you just focus on SEO but you have low quality content your website rankings will suffer.

That's just how I understand it.

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What is your opinion on and Open Graph implementations? Do you think this is the future of SEO?

Not really now. I see those as 3rd party extras that will eventually become replaced by something altogether. I think the future of SEO will always rely on two main things. Content and backlinks. Good content is how the people on your site react to that content such as sharing it which is a massive signal on its own. But your backlinks will always count and be one of the first things Google looks at next to your content to decide where and how to rank your site in the SERP's. Sure those other things can help in their own ways. And making good use of them can help to have your site ranked in particular ways according to what they're used for and how they're used.

But I think it will always come down to your content and your backlinks over anything else like this that you can add on to your site. Because there simply is no other real way of ranking a website other than looking at its content, on-page SEO and off-page SEO (backlinks).

All these other things are just helpers but take them away and it will come down to your content and backlinks.

It always has and it always will. Even though the algorithm uses hundreds or thousands of complex algorithms and checks.

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This topic is not really clear to me but what I understand with On-page SEO is the quality of the page vis-à-vis the relevance to the SEO methods. The heading is important as I had read it in several discussions that it should contain quality text related to the niche. The images are also critical although not very crucial since images have their own signals to the search engines.

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