How Often Should I Post On My Blog

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How Often Should I Post On My Blog

I remember asking someone a while back how often I should post on my blog and the answer I got was as often as possible!

Until recently I was posting on my mommy blog maybe once a week, and yes I was getting some nice traffic... but now I have upped my game big time, I am posting myself every day and if anyone orders a guest post on my mommy blog then I publish that too...

So the last week I have posted at least once a day, with 2 posts yesterday and today.

The results have been amazing and I can't wait to see what happens if I continue like this!


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Hi Lynne,

I would say that it depends also on the results you are getting.
For a reasonable timeframe, if you are making the same money posting everyday vs posting once a week, than it is not worth it.
If you are making just 50% more, you should ask yourself if it is worth it, because, even if you post on the week days (5 days) and not only once a week, it is 400% more effort for just 50% more money.
You may also want to schedule your posts, doing 3 posts on Monday and not having to do on Tuesday and Wednesday for example (not being overwhelmed if you are asked to do guest posts on those days), you can save some time and effort.
On the other hand, if you are having success, you can leverage your results (posting more than once a day) or at least maintaining what you are doing now.
Some relevant affiliate links can be helpful as well.

Wish you good luck with your mummy blog ;)

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Thanks Clerkboy3 How Often Should I Post On My Blog

Yes you have highlighted a really important factor there, how much traffic you are receiving does not equal the amount of money you are getting for sure!

Yes I've been adding in some affiliate links, but most of my income comes from sponsored blog posts which is a lovely income... Depending on the post and what the specs are I get about $200 a post, so yes I am making some nice money that way and of course the more traffic on my blog and the better my rankings the more I will be able to charge and right now that is my goal.

I want to be able to charge a monster amount for a sponsored blog post How Often Should I Post On My Blog

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Congratulations, going up to $200 is awesome, especially if your blog is new How Often Should I Post On My Blog
Some people struggle to find $50 posts, $200 is surely an excellent start How Often Should I Post On My Blog

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Thanks How Often Should I Post On My Blog I am only charging $5 now and my website is DA26... I have had my website for 4 years but it was an online store, so my blogging only came a little later and I closed my online store in February this year to blog and that took a bit of time to sort out. I am now on a big time blogging mission How Often Should I Post On My Blog

So I am sure I will be able to charge more very soon, I just wanted to get things pumping for now.

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Yeah as much as you can! Because when it comes to bloggin' there's always more things to blog about, more keywords to rank for, more money to be made! For some blogs, those things change like the seasons and no longer get any people searching for them (no demand), so it's important to stay relevant and update your blog with new blog posts on those relevant things if you want your blog to get traffic and visitors and be somewhat successful.

The great thing about blogging is that if you're one of the first blogs to jump on a new craze and Google indexes your content for it first, it will invariably always rank you first and highest for it. But that's just why you need to stay relevant!

Of course, there are some long running things that you might want to rank for. And to do that will require great content blog posts and on-page SEO and of course, good off-page SEO (backlinks etc) as well. But there are other ways to make money with your blog, more so when it's a really big and successful blog! Such as selling advertising on it, links and banners etc. Or guest posts as well. It's all cash flow!

That's great that you're having some success with your blog. I'm stocked for you. It's onwards and upwards from here on! How Often Should I Post On My Blog


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Thanks Mike, it is a great feeling. My mommy blog has been doing well, but it seems that recently things have just kinda exploded so I am running with it while its hot so that has my 100% focus right now.

I miss being present here on SeoClerks so much though, I always love coming and getting my daily dose of the community discussion but there have been some days in the last 2 weeks when I had no spare time to even log in!

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Good for you. The more regular you are, and the more frequently you post, it seems that the better it is. This is especially important in the case of blogs where there is a more personal touch and a sort of relationship with followers.

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Has your organic traffic increased a lot? If it did good for you, I think you found the right recipe, keep it up and see where it gets you. Depending on the niche it can eventually stop increasing in traffic, once you notice such a thing happen maybe post once a week a very big piece of content.

Google knows that only one author can't possibly write a lot of content and keep up the high quality. For a few years now I've noticed a shift in Google, it started to prefer (for one author blogs) longer content posted once a week rather than daily content.

Whatever you do stay natural, if you feel natural writing every day, by all means, do that. But once you start forcing content that's when things will eventually take a turn to the worst.

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Blog posting frequency depends on mainly regularity and consistency in regularity. If you post once a week, that is fine. If you post daily, you should keep doing the same.

However, posting daily and then abstaining altogether for a week or two and restarting it again with 2 to 3 posts a day will repel both people and search engine bots. If your blog is new and have few audience, posting 3 to 4 posts is considered spam.

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If your work is paying off is it appears, then I see no reason why you shouldn't capitalize on it and make more post, which definitely generates more traffic on your blog.

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When I was into blogging, my quota is once a week at the least. Take note that I was just a co-blogger. But it is all right if I would submit 2 or even 3 blogs in a week as long as they have passed the standard of our blog. With that frequency of at least once a week, the regular readers will have a reason to go back for more reading. So maybe twice a week of posting is much better for the benefit of the readers.

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