Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website

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Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website

I just wanted to share about how strange people can be and how changing something slightly can make all the difference.

Ok so a while back I decided a good way to get more content on my website would be to publish guest posts from other people on my website.

So I added a guest posting plugin and I created a page, then I marketed the living day lights out of it.

I got a few people sending in guest posts but really there wasn't much interest shown. In addition to that even the posts that did come in were not great quality and not quite what I was looking for.

I like to play around with things so just out of interest I decided to change my guest post service from free to being $5... and what do you know?

Quality guest posters are crawling out of the woodwork now. I have published 4 great guest posts in the last week and I have had loads of enquiries too!

How strange are people right? But the point is not how strange people are, the point is if something isn't working then change it, mix it up a little until it is working for you!


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Wait, so you're being paid to have people post on YOUR website?

This may be something I've been looking for lol Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website I have a website that I'm trying to generate a lot of content for but I was always worried about low quality content from people not caring much.

I assume you can manage all the posts, like they don't go live before you give the OK, right?
What are the requirements for posting? Do you have to allow dofollow links in the article? Or can you just offer them in the author bio?

Thanks Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website

- Razzy

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YES Razzy, cool hey?

I've checked how different sellers on different market places have been doing it and there are so many variations.

I have been very specific and said that I will cancel any order where they don't provide a very high quality and unique article. I also specified that articles must be over 1000 words long.

Then I also specified what niche and topics within that niche will be accepted. I said I will give one do follow link with anchor text within the post as long as it is relevant to the article and flows naturally.

Then another do follow backlink within the bio,as well as links to social networks.

I also specified that I won't approve links to shoddy websites... sorry but even if the article is incredible, I wont link to shit.

And yes the orders are coming in!

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That's strange! Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website but good of course!

I kind of agree with the fact that changing things around a bit could be really advantageous at the end of the day. In your case it certainly proved positive.

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Yeah Elitewriter it just goes to show that people are really strange? Perhaps the fact I am charging now tells people that my website is really high quality or something?

I guess it is all about perception. Or maybe I phrased the description on my website incorrectly and that was unappealing but my service looks appealing? Who knows, but I'm happy.

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Well, I can tell you from experience a lot of quality guest posts are being paid by people, they feel safer paying for something and attributing value.
On the other hand getting accepted to guest post for free only happens when you as a writer also have something to give in return, maybe the blogger can publish a guest post on your blog or maybe they can get a backlink from your website / blog. Whatever the reason people prefer a real exchange to happen so that the whole experience seems valuable.

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Cristian yes that must be it because otherwise I can't figure out what else it could be! I am certainly enjoying the few extra bucks that's for sure!

Now I am getting exactly what I want and some money, bonus right?

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Oh that's awesome Lynne! Which guest post plugin are you using if you don't mind me asking? Was it the one I recommended to you for letting people post it to your site for you on a submit page of some sort? You should charge more! Like $50 or something. That way people will realize how much you value your blog and that will increase the value of what a guest post on that blog is worth. Plus guest posts usually sell for around $50 bux anyway depending on the blog that it's going on.

But yeah, that's what it's all about. Experimenting. People say "if it ain't broke don't fix it". But unless you move things around and try something else, you wont ever know for sure! That's something that can be applied both in life and when it comes to selling guest posts! Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website

Yes people are strange. But this reminds me of that the doors song for some reason! Getting paid to publish guest posts on my website

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LOL MIke that's the thing, I had that plugin on my website to allow people submit their blog posts for free. I was sharing the s*** out of that and yes I had a few posts come in over the last few months but only one or two were good enough to publish. The rest were just spammy articles that I had no interest in publishing.

So I removed that from my website and tried publishing guest post services on some online marketplaces... I published them here too but I have not made a sale here yet, but on other marketplace the orders and enquiries are coming in.

Yes I will raise the price for sure! But before I do I want to get a good few reviews on my services, I want to get a load of good content on my website and I want to level up by making lots of sales... once that happens I will raise the price a little bit over time.

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I don't think that is strange. Well these guest posters could earn backlink by doing a guest post on your website. However, why should they write for free? Perhaps their own website was ranked better than yours, in that case backlinking to your website would not be very profitable. Or may be they had better traffic than yours and they did not need your website backlink.

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It is actually cool that you can make money out of people paying to write contents for your websites. This is a great way to make money as well as a platform for those writes to come to the limelight in the sense that they can use the links to their posts on your website to market their writing skills to prospective clients.

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I also find it strange that when the guest posting was for free, no good posts came. My take on that is quality posters didn’t bother since they are here to earn. So when you indicated a fee, there they go rushing to your site. To be honest, I would also take that opportunity if ever because paid posting is my main line and I would be glad to post especially when the pay is good.

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If your monetizing guests posts then that's great. All I get is inquiries about paid guest posts and I haven't encountered willing to pay me money so that they can post on my site.

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