Buying cheap SEO services doesn't always mean it's a low value service.

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Buying cheap SEO services doesn't always mean it's a low value service.

I always love browsing around online and seeing people post something like this on a person complaining about a service... "Well, you get what you pay for!"

This isn't exactly true because I've bought plenty of cheap services that should cost at least 5 times what they are being sold for. Am I going to tell the service provider that they can make a lot more for the service they're providing? Probably not lol. But just because a service is cheap, doesn't mean it's necessarily bad.

I'm actually buying around 10 $5.00 services each month from one seller because it should be $50. The service is done manually and over the course of 30 days. Doing it manually means that they are getting my links on websites that software usually can't access due to captchas and other security measures to make sure you're human. I also like that it's done manually over 30 days because that's basically a drip feed of my links and if I order 10 of these and aim them at 10 different pages of my site, it boosts everything muahahahaha!

Some services are priced pretty low due to the simple fact that the seller is in a county that they can offer the service so cheap but still profit a lot. A good example of this would be if a seller is from India or the Philippines. These two countries have an excellent exchange rate for sellers because you can buy a ton of stuff for just $5.00 USD. If you had $5.00 in the US you could get half of a value meal at McDonalds, but if you had $5.00 USD in India you could buy a small house lol Buying cheap SEO services doesn well, not really. But $5.00 in India goes a lot further than it does in the US.

If you're worried about a cheap service here on SeoClerks, just look at the previous buyers reviews and judge them that way. You can also see their approval rating and get an idea of how well their services are. If it's a new seller and the service seems too good to be true, take a chance on them and sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised Buying cheap SEO services doesn I started purchasing from a new seller last year and his service was $10. Now he's an X3 level member and his service is now $40 Buying cheap SEO services doesn I think someone told him it was worth more than what he was selling it for lmao.

Well, that's my overview on why you shouldn't always ignore cheap services. They're not always a low value service Buying cheap SEO services doesn

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This is so true i agree with this for sure. The competition is so heavy not only here on Seoclerks but all over the internet that the prices are being driven down. The same service you purchased last year is now half the price but the seller and service have not changed. Being forced to compete can make you look cheap or no good because your dropping your prices so much it seems a little weird. Clients could also be upset with you if they paid more for this service and then all of a sudden its half price. I have had clients tell me that i over charged them on purpose and now that i slashed the price they want a refund. I wish i could raise my prices and be successful like the seller you mentioned but the simple fact is the more i raise my prices the less sales i get. Because i refuse to compete in the current Yotuube and Soundcloud market my sales have dropped about 1200 a month. Always trying to make it up lol so when i see cheap services ill give them a chance in the hopes to save money. Awesome topic on cheap service awareness thank you for sharing!

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Oh I totally agree with you that there must be some absolute bargains available here at SeoClerks and it is well worth taking a little trip around the market place every now and then to see what little gems you can scoop up!

I recently found a really awesome and cheap service for promoting Youtube videos which is a great option to take as soon as I have published my Youtube videos. It is just $2 although I would prefer using my favourite Youtube promotion seller but the service I love for that is $39 and I just don't always have the spare cash, especially since the exchange rate is only in my favour when I am earning USD. If I am spending USD then it becomes seriously painful!

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Hey Razzy, maybe share some of these customers with the SC community discussions! I would love to try those services on my websites!
Furthermore, I believe you are right even cheap SEO services can make a difference, especially on the long run, I tested this myself, cheap services offering cheap backlinks very poor quality, but because my websites was brand new it actually made a difference and I've noticed some of my keywords going up in ranks.

Point is, if you have the budget, a lot of cheap services bought from the right sellers can do a lot more good than expensive services bought just from one decent SEO seller.

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Help! I am trying to get started using out sourced seo for 2 websites. Seo clerks is interesting but I cannot seem to find the shallow end of the pool.

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Cheap services do not mean low quality service. An experienced service provider will usually ask more money, where as a newbie will do the same service for a fraction. The newbie wants to build his portfolio, therefore, he will work for a small price. Newbie does not mean not having relevant skills. Newbie is someone who does not have experience. Experience is important, however, more than experience, knowledge, and skills are more important.

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I agree that a service does not depend on the price. There are laborers that I had met in offline work that provide excellent service at a lower price than the prevailing standard. In the online world, I guess that’s also the reality. I know of many writers who are willing to do the job for a cheaper cost mainly because they need to earn. I have to admit that I’m also in that league. When I am offered with a decent job that is lower in pay, I will accept it if it is worth my time.

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