What name and url should I use for my blog?

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What name and url should I use for my blog?

Hey guys,
Recently I talked about starting my own blog or not. And the response was great!

In case you missed that topic, you can find it here.

However, I most likely will start a blog, and I will probably write about freelancing. So I need to come up with a good name for it. And obviously a good blog url too.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Should I go with my real name? - andrestrand that is. My username: hitmeasap or should I go with something else instead?

I would appreciate any input I can get. Feel free to reply with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Everything is welcome! What name and url should I use for my blog?

Best Regards,


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Well, look at some of the biggest SEO blogs. They are usually made up of the persons name. Or if not, a company name. A brand name, a name that people can identify with and relate to. A name that says "hey I'm an expert in my niche".

But probably, the best thing to do before you settle on a domain name, is to do research first. So research Google at all the other blogs and sites that are in the niche your blog is going to be in. Look through them for ideas and inspiration to see what they're blogging about, and to get ideas for blog posts you can blog about too.

You'll need to have a goal or a plan of some sort in mind. Like, what are you blogging for? Is it just because you like writing and want to share what you know with the world? Or is there some other ulterior purpose behind it such as wanting to make money? I guess that's obvious! But not always. Just ask yourself, what is it you want to own and run a blog for, what reasons and purposes are there for it.

Asking yourself this and knowing the answers will inspire you more to go about it. It will help you to come up with the right domain name as well. Regarding that sounds like one of those point exchange sites like or something. But you can never judge a book by its cover and if you can create a good blog with great blog posts there's no reason why it wont be a good domain name.

Good luck to you on this and all the best to you Andre!

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Thank you Mike, I appreciate your input as always. - I never really thought about "" that way before but you made your point loud and clear. - It actually does sound like that. The reason I had thoughts of using that, is because it's me. It's who I am and it's my brand name. - And I also personally believe it's quite easy to remember something like that. As it sounds a bit "odd" in my own opinion. What name and url should I use for my blog?

Anyhow, you made a great point so I'll definitely remember that! - And spend more than one thought on it before I decide.

When it comes to why I want to blog and the goals and plan with it.. Well, I obviously want to earn money and blogs seems to be a superb option, but I'm also a "giver", which basically means that I share things for free on a regular basis, but instead of doing that on various internet marketing forums and on other blogs etc. or on Social media. - Why not share it on something you own yourself?

So that's the main reason for doing this. And about the goal and plan. I do have a plan, and I also have help from Lynne who'll help me in the initial phase. The goal is not set in stone, but the long term goal would obviously be to have a successful blog I earned money from, and to spend just a few hours of work per week.

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Depends a lot, do you want this blog to reflect you as a person? Or do you want to publish strictly informative content but not under a "brand name"?
hitmeasap sound cool enough so you may want to use this, even though it doesn't speak to me much about freelancing, rather online marketing in general. If you are aiming towards a personal brand type of blog, sure, go ahead with andrestrand even though people may not understand it at first, at first glance they might not know there are two words in there, maybe go with something more generic and English orientated.

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Thank you Cristian, I appreciate your reply. I've had several thoughts about this actually, and to be honest with you, I still can't come up with the best solution. But I'll probably go with hitmeasap or something other than andrestrand at least. I've noticed tons of great marketers using their own names, but they do this for personal reasons, as they promote themselves as the person they are, and not as the "username they are" so to speak.. So I'll probably go with a username or something that reflects freelancing in a decent way.

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You say you will be writing about freelancing. However, having your name as the domain of your website does not help. No body will search your name online and expect to find articles on freelancing. The domain name should have the niche of your website as the primary keyword. earn through freelancing dot com can be better domain than having andrestrand dort com or hitmeasap dot com as your domain name. Unless you are celebrity sort no body is going to look for your name on search engines.

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