Pyramid Linking (tiered links) and how they can help.

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Pyramid Linking (tiered links) and how they can help.

A lot of people out there are always wondering how backlinking is done and how it works. Well I'm here to go over what Pyramid Links or Tiered Linking is and how it can help.

If you know the very basics of SEO you then know how to do proper on page optimization and how to build a backlink on a website that is not yours. You may not know everything, but you're on your way to ranking your websites Pyramid Linking (tiered links) and how they can help. Pyramid links are a great way to help boost those tier 1 links that you place all over. What these do is boost your tier 1 links so that they are pushed higher in the SERPs and in turn help boost your own website higher to pull in traffic from the search engines.

What you'll want to do is build some high quality links in your first tier so that the best of the best is pointing at your pages and not some low quality profile links. These high quality links will come from authority websites like forbes, huffingtonpost, cnn, etc. You don't need to have links to that standard, because those ones don't come cheap. You can do your research and find some good links to post on like forums, blogs and other 3rd party websites. These tend to be free, but you may need to build up your profile before you can post a live link.

After you get your tier 1 links, you can now move onto tier 2 and tier 3 links. These links usually aren't as good, but will help your tier 1 links get boosted a bit. And remember, a boost to your tier 1 will usually boost your main website Pyramid Linking (tiered links) and how they can help. You can hire service providers here on SeoClerks who allow unlimited URLs and they can build links to all of the links you've already placed. I like to do a slow roll campaign and hire the service providers that will do the links over the course of 30 days just so it looks a bit more natural.

After a couple months of this, if you stay on task, you can begin to rank for some difficult keywords and pull in loads of traffic Pyramid Linking (tiered links) and how they can help. I've done this plenty of times and I was ranked for low competition keywords within a week, medium competition keywords within a month, and difficult keywords within a few months Pyramid Linking (tiered links) and how they can help.

So what do you guys and girls think of pyramid linking or tiered linking structures?

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I sometimes do it to some of my clients who are opened minded enough to try stuff like this. Link pyramids are way better than link wheels where the chance you get panelized is higher. If you do you link pyramid just right there is little to no chance you get hit by Google.

The hardest part is getting those tier one backlinks. I usually just buy "paid articles" from high authority websites, much faster if you have a budget. Along with proper SEO on-page optimization and good content I've managed to pull some really good results this year with this method.

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I think I have read several discussions that pyramid linking is banned by Google. Correct me if I’m wrong in my understanding because Google seems to have many policies regarding SEO methods that we should be aware if it is a black hat or gray hat. Maybe I will just play it safe and build ordinary links in popular sites that I can find. My choice is always the commenting on a very popular blog.

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