When to give up? - A true freelancer's worst nightmare. - Reality kicks in.

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When to give up? - A true freelancer's worst nightmare. - Reality kicks in.

When to give up? - A true freelancer

With motivational speeches like this:

And many many others.. We live in a world where people give up easily and others tell us to keep on fighting. Keep working hard.. And to stay true to ourselves.

The thing is, that there's also hundreds of things that says the opposite.

It's also easier to give up when you've been struggling for weeks, months or even years.. It's an easy solution. It's the easy way out.

That being said, if and when you decide to give up, nothing is really solved. You just avoid the actual problem and you take a detour to avoid the time you spend struggling.
  • Seriously though, does it even matter?

We have, A, a person who has been struggling online with his freelancing career for months. Perhaps even years. And we have, B, a person who "won the lottery" and hit the jackpot with the very first thing they did online..

Person A is a fighter and person B is someone who got literally everything you want and need on a silver platter.. - And the scary part is that Person B, is usually the one who'll tell person A to never give up..

Nevertheless, at some point, you'll just have to give up, or am I wrong?

I mean, you've been doing literally everything you can and everything others have told you to do. You've tried everything you can think of, you've spent countless hours researching, learning and you literally hit your head into a brick wall day in and day out. - And despite all that.. You still keep fighting. You fight for what you believe in and for what you want..

At some point, you'll just have to give up.. But when is that time? - When do you decide to quit? - At what point do you just drop everything and turn your back to what you love? - How can you take that decision and when is the right time to do it?


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Quitting is not an option for me not now not ever! When i have the feeling of giving up or slowing down i always think of why i work so hard in the first place. My kids will always be my motivation, when that ask me for something i cannot but it motivates me. Sure times can get hard and its hard to cope with certain situations. Thats life, and i always make sure that no matter what i always just keep pushing. When is a good time to quit? For me the answer will always be never failing is not an option for me. I have an awesome support team and anyone who works for themselves needs to have this. I am lucky enough to have a family that supports me and will travel to the end of the Earth with me. I make almost every dream possible because of them.

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That's truly amazing jkeyz. I don't have that kind of support myself. And even though this topic isn't about me in particular, I've used some parts of my situation within the content. I just "spiced it up" a bit. My mom supports me, but she's also old fashioned, and she doesn't approve my choice of career. My father was probably my biggest support, but he too, was old fashioned, and even if he could see some potential "with the internet", he wouldn't approve the choice of career either. However, he did see potential in me, and he was always supportive no matter what... Unfortunately, he passed away four years ago.

Then, we have my girlfriend. We've been together for almost 5 years now. She's old fashioned and doesn't like my choice of career either. Not for a single bit. She wants me to have a 9-5 job and she questions my choice of work several times per month. Especially during the "tough months" so to speak, when it's hard to stay afloat.. And now, we'll go separate ways. Obviously not due to the choice of my career, but it's like a splinter under the fingernail. And it has been like that for several years.

The thing is, that I've seen similar things and quite similar things multiple times before.. And it's hard to put yourself in that scenario.. And now I'm here.

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Oh Andre I am so sorry to hear of your relationship troubles, that always just makes things so much harder in life, especially when it is such a long relationship like 5 years.

You know support is really important. Having someone believing in you can make all the difference doesn't it?

You know if your relationship is not working and if it has been difficult for a long time, yes a break up is hard, but very often when you heal you will see a new light.

If you cannot be supportive of each other in good times and in bad how can you expect to make it long term? Life is not all sunshine and roses. You need to be in a relationship that draws closer when things get tough.

Just a thought or two from someone that has been in the most trying relationships but not happily married to a very supportive and loving partner.

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I love this topic Andre and I have two things I want to share with you on this.

Be like a dog with a bone, never ever let go.

If something is not working, change it.

If you combine those two things you will find your way, I am sure of it. By following all your posts I think I know what is going on for you. The people that work hard and don't give up WILL succeed. That is a fact. However if you are hitting your head against a brick wall trying to do one thing and it is not coming right then change it a bit and try some more.

Does that make sense? So if freelancing is not working out for you then start your freelancing blog and start sharing about what you have achieved, what you struggled with, what you downright failed at.

I have to share something with you right? I am a buyer here. I am a blogger. However by taking part in these discussions and just by blogging I have so many people that contact me and ask me to help them get started.

Seriously, have a look at my services. I have one order going at the moment for $195 to sort out the SEO on someone's website. I have a Skype meeting this morning with someone that contacted me on Facebook yesterday and asked me to help him with the blog he started...

Never give up entirely, never ever. But if something isn't working just change how you are doing things.

Like I said I am more than happy to help you along the way sharing what I have learned blogging.

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Thank you Lynne. I appreciate it.
Like I stated in the reply for jkeyz response, this topic is not about me in specific. But I've used some parts of my situation in it. - I guess I'm stuck. Literally.

I have options and I've been looking at various projects, but none of them seems to please anyone but myself. And it's hard to work that way. I want and need the support of my friends, my (former) girlfriend and my family, but I can't really get the support I need, as none of them like the choice of my career. Sure, they all want me to be successful in life, but none of them like the thought of me working as a freelancer in general, so it makes everything twice as hard. For each hour I spend online, twice as much time has to be spent to defend myself and my choice. - And that reality sucks.

If I only had made it further I guess I wouldn't have the same problems. Not in life, and not online as a freelancer either.. - And due to all of this, I made this topic as I'd love to hear people's thoughts about it.

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Answer: When you aren't making any money (or enough) out of it and it seriously gets in the way of actual "living".
Sure I am all for "don't give up and follow your dream" type of attitude but at one point you just need to revalue everything and change plans. I like motivational speeches but not many of them teach you one important thing: HAVE A SECOND PLAN for everything!

I always had a safety net in everything I did along the years, I was never willing to fail completely, I always had a backup plan and maybe a third or even a fourth.
I'm not scared of failing, I'm scared about not having a plan once I fail.

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Thank you Cristian. You have a really good point. But, is it actually that simple? - I mean, you can't just turn your back on someone who's in need of help right? - You can't just sit there and watch the love of your life walking away etc. You keep fighting and fighting and you fight even more.. But eventually, you'll notice that no matter what you do, it just doesn't work.. At all.

But even when you've realized that.. How can you just take the decision and actually do it? - Actually walk away?

I don't know about you, but I personally find this to be extremely difficult. Both in business and in life.

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After reading the various posts, I think that it may be better if you consider finding a part time job at least, so as to have a steady source of income each month. You can keep up your freelancing as a second part time job so to speak, so that together they should offer you basically a full time income. I think you know what I mean. In that way you can still keep doing what you like when it comes to freelancing, but at the same time you can feel more reassured with the income you manage to generate.

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Thank you EliteWriter. I appreciate it. I will pull the plug on most of my freelancing related things, and I will go back to that terrible "9 to 5 job" in 2017. - However, I'm not done online! - I will go back to full time freelancing again!

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In the last few months, I have been thinking about giving up freelancing. Some of the reasons why I want to discontinue freelancing are:
No enough jobs
No stable income source
no social security
I even applied for a job and joined the company. However, I had to give up job because I had differences with the boss.

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When it is time to quit then I have to quit. Freelancing is not an easy job and if it is already encroaching on my comfort and convenience then I probably need to think about it. To be honest, I am not really comfortable now although I admit that I'm enjoying my online work. For me, it is not much of the money.

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Well in as much as we should be go-getters, strive to succeed and do everything within our powers to succeed against all odds, reality still set in and that we should just let go.I think if our bodies are not in sync with a job or the job is too tedious or whatever we are not enjoying doing, then its time to let it go.We would be glad we let it be afterall.

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