Do you have any narcissist friends? Analyze their social profiles!

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Do you have any narcissist friends? Analyze their social profiles!

I'm sure most of you are annoyed when some of your friends post a little to much details on social media. The truth is if you have a social media profile you already are a little of a narcissist yourself and I don't blame you, the essence of social media is deeply narcissistic in nature and this is why online social media has been such a huge success.

But there are people that go over the top and those are the people that you may want to careful about, especially in real life, I know I do.

So here are a few things extream narcissists do on social media:

Their photos - they tend to put a lot of effort into their photos, they tend to wear expensive brand of clothing making the brand stand out as well as having luxury jewelry or other expensive accessories. Women tend to have very revealing photos about certain body parts and men may want you to take note regarding their social status by wearing only certain type of expensive clothes.

The number of friends on their social profiles - Really how has more than 200 people that they know personally? Few people I guess, but some narcissists have way more friends than that, they tend to add random people as friends just so they can have a larger "audience".

They post and talk a lot about themselves saying "I"; "my" and "me" a lot more than the average person.

They have a lot more "selfies" and they also edit those selfies to make sure they look their best as well as stand out from the rest. Posting selfies every day is a clear indication of narcissism.

They have huge numbers of travel related photos. What better wait to increase your perceived social status than to post loads of photos from your travels? This is a clear sigh of self-promotion and real narcissists won't lose this opportunity.

So, are you a narcissist on social media or do you have narcissistic friends?


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Yes and yes lol. No, I'm not big on social media. I keep my ego in check. I don't need to use social media sites to make me feel better about myself. I don't need to wear expensive labels and have the latest clothing and gear to somehow confirm and validate my identity and who I am. I don't need a lot of friends on my friends list and only really like to have friends who I've met and know in real life anyway. Although I do have several FB accounts. One is my actual main personal one and the other is like my alias one. The main personal one has my real friends and people I know or know through people. But the other does have a lot of friends on it I haven't even met lol.

But it's like anything in life. There's always flashy trashy people that feel the need to 'strut their stuff'. That talk about themselves more than anyone else and all the thing they do or are doing or plan to do and don't stop once to say "Hey, how was your day?", or "what have you been up to?" or "how about you?". You know? Self centered people that don't care about anyone else if it doesn't make them look good.

There's a lot of that on social media. I think social media can be a very hollow and shallow thing for a lot of people. It gives people the confidence to brag about themselves or even falsify their real personality in ways they wouldn't do in real life. But it's all just so superficial you know? It's just words and images on a screen. It doesn't really mean anything but at the same time, it tells a message about you too.

I only really use social media sites for advertising and finding clients with. Anything else is just pure vanity!

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Oh yes, I know some people who have these kinds of profiles on Facebook. They do their best to look their very best, and they want to be perfect in every photo they post. This includes their clothing and their hair and makeup, and also, subtle hints as to where they are when the photo was shot, such as a nice restaurant, or an important event, or something that shows that they are high and mighty and well off. I just cannot stand this, as well as those who want to post countless photos and checkins practically daily! It is downright silly.

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Me a narcissist on social media? Hah! Nope, not even close. I try to keep a low profile on social media, and only add people I know personally. No, I will not add my friends friends on Facebook, or even my _insert relation here_ boyfriend/girlfriend on facebook. I think I have about 60 friends on Facebook? I have noticed that my friend count went from 80 to 60 in a short time period. Perhaps since I do not use Facebook they are defriending me *tear drop* and I could care less.

I'm sick of people who post more than 3 posts a day, if you are posting more than 3 times per day you need to reevaluate your life, or get a hobby. You should not be on Facebook more than 20 minutes, either. I know people who spend their entire day on Facebook, go to sleep, wake up and start over.

I use to be on Facebook religiously. I use to sign in as soon as I woke up, use to post like 50 million posts, collect all the friends I could even find, and try to be better than anyone else on the games.. lol I have found that social media is a WASTE of TIME. If you want to talk to your friends, please call them, invite them over to your house, or go out to dinner with them. Social media has became a cancer amongst the social structures of our world.. and if you're a narcissist, then I hope you can get the help you need.. no one cares about your 50 million selfies!! Get over yourself. LOL.

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OMG don't get me started on selfies. I can't stand it when someone just sits and posts photos of themselves all day. I can't understand it.

When I follow someone and my feed just gets flooded with loads of selfies I am out of there so fast. That is what the block option is for LOL

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You and me both. I also hate breakfast and training/exercise photos. - That's actually the main reason I stopped using Facebook. - I can't stand the thought of Facebook being an open diary.

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LOL yeah I hardly use Facebook for personal stuff anymore, I just find it so annoying and awful. But as a blogger I have to use it for my business otherwise I would be letting money and traffic fall through my fingers!

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I have a very good example for your description on the selfie photos. My husband has the habit of posting intriguing photos. He sometimes would go up a tree or maybe dress up in coat and tie with no pants. But I understand that it’s all for the fun of it. He has many followers and his posts usually get a lot of comments aside from the more than a hundred likes. Take note that he has less than a thousand friends and he doesn’t accept new friends anymore for reason that he might not be able to attend to all the posts. Anyway, I don’t see him as narcissistic. Just plain mischievous with his selfies.

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I have a lot of narcissist friends on facebook. I was so tired of seeing their selfie and my feed being cluttered that I had to unfollow them. I can tolerate personal pictures and posts as long as it is kept to the minimum, for instance, once a day. If the person posts selfie or status more than once a day, I cannot tolerate this.

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