What is the biggest mistake you've made working online?

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What is the biggest mistake you've made working online?

We've all had tough times and sometimes it's because we made a dumb decision and it bit us in the ass. I know I have made some mistakes in the past and it has cost me a lot of money, I've even cried at some of the mistakes I made. But that didn't hold me down because I'm not that type of person What is the biggest mistake you I've learned from my mistakes and I use them as stepping stones to success What is the biggest mistake you

So since I'm asking what you're biggest mistake was while working online, I may as well talk about mine What is the biggest mistake you I'll actually post a couple lol.

A big mistake I made was starting up a clothing company with a few friends who didn't have a marketing or design background. One of the guys was my current business partner and knew what he was doing, but the other 2 were just friends with an idea. I invested some cash into the company so we could get incorporated and get some product in order to make some initial sales after all the designs were done. But quickly I started seeing a pattern in on of the friends actions that was not good for business. We all were equal share holders, so our business titles didn't matter. But the "CEO" decided he could use the company card to take out girls to sushi dinners in downtown Chicago. And if any of you have been downtown for sushi, you know that's a $250 bill at the end of the night lol What is the biggest mistake you And not only was he paying for this on the company card, he was using my investment to pay for this. I was a bit pissed off at this point and we cut off every card just so he couldn't go to the other friend and "borrow" his card. We now had 4 dead business debit cards which were worthless. We quickly dissolved the company and I haven't talked to the one "friend" since lol.

My other big mistake is when I was purchasing a website off of a big buying and selling platform. I bought the website for about half of what I had in my account at the time, which you shuould never do. And quickly after I purchased the website and we got everything transferred, I realized that the person was selling the website because the scripts that made the system so awesome were going to be worthless in a few weeks. I purchased a backlink checker website that ran on yahoo system that was discontinued. Yahoo made an announcement that the system would be discontinued, and the person who owned the website knew they were going to be dead in the water when this happened. So they sold it. None of the comments warned buyers that this was going to happen, so I'm not sure how it slipped through the cracks.

Well, those are 2 of my biggest mistakes working online.

What is your biggest mistake?

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This is a good one indeed. I would have to say the biggest mistake i have ever made was buying Ethereum at the wrong time. I purchased it over 10 bucks and almost lost a ton of money but was able to get out with a minor loss. Now ETH is close to 9 and it seems like its going to keep falling. The other mistake i make all the time is not using screen shots on my orders. This does not happen very often but sometimes i will get a buyer that claims i did not do the work when i did and because i have no proof i cant do anything about it. When it comes to working for yourself and exploring new ways to make money, you will always make mistakes. I think its apart of the growing process for sure when it comes to freelance. Thank you for sharing this is a great topic.

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Razzy I've made loads of mistakes since I started working online and some of them have cost me dearly, but like you have stated in your post the beauty of making a mistake is that you can pick yourself up and learn from it. Well hopefully you can if you don't take your business out completely!

I think my biggest mistakes were that I didn't know how easily I could have built my own website with a theme. I paid a web developer to build me an e-commerce store. Then a few years later I paid a massive amount of money to make my website even fancier and better when I should have just spent my time and energy learning about online marketing and SEO.

Yes my website was pretty and I had a very beautiful logo that cost a bomb... but really that wasn't what I needed at all.

Then my next big mistake was getting a full time employee. I have now learned that so many things can be automated! Anyway I treated her well and she turned out to be a bad decision in the end. On the bright side a huge part of her job was managing my social networks and now I have found a social media software that can do most of what she did and it costs me under $10 a month. Quit funny in a scary way when I think what I was paying her!

I'm not going to beat myself up for any of the mistakes I've made, it is not about the mistake really, it is what I have done with it that really counts and there I have always come out tops. I don't regret anything because I have learned such valuable lessons.

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I've always wanted to get big enough that I couldn't automate everything and I actually needed employees. But like someone once told me "Anything can be coded" and that means if you think outside the box a bit, you can code an employee What is the biggest mistake you Well, kind of lmao What is the biggest mistake you

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Razzy when you figure out how to "code an employee" I would like to order a few and staff up!

Until then I am not so sure I want to employ anyone What is the biggest mistake you

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Thanks for sharing your stories Raz that's a great insight into something that you've done that I think is good to share for people to read and hear so they can possibly avoid making those same mistakes them selves. That really sucks though about your clothing brand you wanted to launch that that guy took advantage of it like that. What was he at doing that? I bet he was telling everyone he had a gold card and was some successful fashionista or something while taking people out for sushi! LOL some people have got some audacity!

What about if you was ever to meet him? Didn't he care? lol Did he think that you wouldn't notice $250 bills for sushi and calamari? Oh well, good you canceled it quickly. His loss at the end of the day as he could have lost out big time on that. It was because of him that you didn't get that business launched properly then right? Mate I would sue that guy and report him to the police or something or Judge Judy or something!! lol Oh well, you live and you learn and well, you can either let that mean that never happens or use it to make sure it does!

I haven't really made a lot of mistakes online in business that much. I've only ever really dabbled in online website businesses and the like. It's only really been in the last few years that I've learned a lot more about business and what it takes to launch one and make it successful. I think they say that 20% of new businesses fail within the first year and 50% don't make it until the 3rd year. And that basically, half of all UK startups fail within 5 years. That's quite shocking statistics and puts a lot of people off from going into business.

However I think one of the biggest mistakes persay that I've ever really made was selling off some sites I had in the mobile phone recycling industry when that kicked off big time about 5+ years ago. I was dominating #1 spots for several high volume keywords and outranking sites like Mazuma and Envirofone and the like. I was earning good money from them just as an affiliate but got made a good offer on them and ended up getting out early and taking their offer. The offer was good and I think I made a right move because that was just before all the massive Google Algo updates and it knocked them off the top spots and now those big boys take them lol. I sometimes wish I'd have stayed within that industry and started my own official mobile phone recycling services as there was big profits being made by them and still are today but only really so much for the really big guys in the game today.

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Hmm.. I don't even want to think about this..

My biggest mistake was probably when I gave away money to a friend. The idea was that we would split the revenue for a project we where about to launch.. And I used my money to invest in our business. - Instead of doing what my friend was supposed to do, he ran away like a little bit**. With my money. - I haven't heard from him since that day.

Other mistakes, equally stupid, would be other investments I've been involved in. Where I've literally just tossed my money into something I had no clue about.. So all in all, my biggest mistake is probably the fact that I am impulsive. Both in life and business.

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My biggest mistake is not launching my own blog and website soon. I began writing on the internet in 2010. If I had created my blogs back then I would have been earning good money from my blogs. However, I spend a lot of time in writing sites. I did earn well, but when the sites shut down, I lost income source.

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I made so many mistakes but most are trivial and not really worth remembering. But one mistake that I remember is by posting on a board that was supposed to be for the public users and not for paid content providers. The admin or owner hit me with a killer rating that my earnings drastically went down because the earnings of a paid content provider is based on the rating. That is one lesson that I will never forget and until now it pains me to think that I was hit with that killer rating due to an honest mistake.

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