Will website design companies be out of business by 2025?

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Will website design companies be out of business by 2025?

I was looking through a few of my websites and I was thinking "Wow, these all look pretty awesome. I would have had to pay thousands per design if I hired a design company to do these." And then I was thinking that web design companies might be taking a bigger hit each year since website builders and premium themes are just getting more and more popular as time goes on.

How many times have you paid a website designer to actually put together a custom design for you? If you're like me, you probably don't do it very often because there are cheaper routes to take that have the same, if not better results.

The last time I hired a designer, or team of them, to do a website for me was probably 10 years ago. I pretty much got taken advantage of and dropped $2,000 on a horrible design that could have been done in a day, but took 2 months. I could have very easily went to a website builder and done the same thing on my own and it would have been free. I could have actually paid for any upgrades to the free builder and it would have been 10 time cheaper than what I was charged Will website design companies be out of business by 2025?

I'm also a big fan of wordpress themes, which you already know if you have been following some of my previous posts over the last 6 months Will website design companies be out of business by 2025? I have about 20 websites now that all have premium wordpress themes that I customized for my niche. And I saved the themes so I can use them whenever I want for new websites lol Will website design companies be out of business by 2025?

Before I ramble off, do you think that it's possible for web design companies to be obsolete by 2025 or do you think there will still be a place for them?

I personally think they will be obsolete since all these free website builders are now advertising on TV and all the search engines. I've yet to see a private design company advertise on TV and that may be the thing that is going to kill them in the long run. Sure it cost a lot more to advertise on TV, but you're getting the newer website owners to migrate over to you, the ones that don't know any better lol. Get all the new users in and make a buck off of them before they know what's good and you can rinse/repeat that until the end of time.

I personally hate website builders because everything always looks too cookie cutter and templated.

What do you think?
Will web design companies start struggling soon or do you think they will thrive over the years?

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This is a good questions. Personally, I think no, web design companies won't be out of business in the future. Firstly, even though web builders are getting popular these days, the website created from web builders looks unprofessional and doesn't really have that unique feeling because you will probably end up getting 1000 websites that look similar. Web builders also have limited features and if you want more advanced features, then you will need a web design company. I understand where you are coming from but with more and more competition in the market, you will need features, for example, you will need a website that has a store integrated into it or a subscription system which requires custom coding. I think the web design industry will get tougher but I doubt they will be out of business. However, to stay competitive, they will probably need to improve their scope and offer more than what they are currently offering.

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This is very interesting because the adoption of drag and drop website creation is on the rise. Writing code is not easy and i know because i have done so many classes and self teach courses to try and learn it. You can spend hours or even days writing code for even a basic website without a template to start. Hiring a coder is really expensive some charge upwards to $120 an hour. Drag and Drop website companies are the future of basic web design. So many companies are popping up with alternatives to this. Do i think data base work and detailed PHP stuff will be replaced? No i don't think so, but the average website with basic needs are so simple that companies like are making it super easy for end users to make a website. I think the industry will steadily decline as the need for coders goes down. You will see more industrial type of coders start to pop up doing only heavy duty websites.

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I don't believe that web development companies will be completely obsolete, simply because so many people will still want a custom somethign or other done for them. So for example I am launching my new website soon but I cannot find a plugin for the exact thing that I need so I need someone to build it for me.

I am also needing a custom feature built soon for my mommy blog.

Yes I agree that building a website is becoming easier every day, so many people will be taking that route and this will have an effect on web development companies for sure. However in this day and age it is all about being creative and up to date. I believe that a web development company can stay up to date with the latest developments and continue to provide services that are very much in demand.

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The thing is about those drag n' drop website builders which I never used to like is, they leave such messy code! I guess that side of it might have improved a bit more today. I don't know because I haven't used them much for myself or for others. I've used several of those Web 2.0 site ones like Wix for example. But from what I remember of that and other website builder sites is that since the different parts are basically slapped together. It wont past W3C validation. This is bad bad SEO and website design. One of the first things any good web developer will do is make sure that their website or website theme is W3C validated. It's well considered that Google looks at whether your site is W3C validated or not. And from what I remember, none of these website builders used to ever pass W3C validation.

That's just one side of it and most people that use them don't know about that and don't generally care when you tell them as long as it looks good to them and it's easy to change stuff on it lol. The funnier thing is, these website builder sites know about this but they don't tell their users that. They provide ways to "SEO" their free website but often charge extra if you want to do something fairly advanced like add meta descriptions etc which sucks. Not all do that but some do.

But hey look, 2025, that's another 10 years away yet and a lot can happen in a decade. If you remember a while back I was asking about whether or not A.I. could replace freelancers and SEO's altogether? And there was that post about that web design A.I. if you remember it? Well I do think that by then A.I will have improved so much so that it will be able to create nice looking, functional and modern websites on the fly based on a theme of a few keywords that you give to it. So if you wanted an e-commerce store on fly fishing. You put in a couple words like fly fishing and then it makes you a site that is based on fly fishing using everything it knows about web design and development and hey presto, after 5 minutes you have a fully functioning, fully response, future proof website and e-com store that passed W3C validation.

Well I think that is only a matter of time and is inevitable and when it does, it will certainly put a lot of web devs out of business. And some of these free website builders as well. But who knows what could happen? Anything could pop up and turn the whole game upside down. Will website design companies be out of business by 2025?

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I have tried using weebly, but I did not like this website builder. This was back in 2013. The website builder must have changed substantially by now. I have friends who are using free version of weebly as well as the premium version. From my observation, I guess weebly sites are pretty basic. I have not tried other website builders like wix or simplesite, so I cannot say anything about these sites.
These days no body goes to the class that teaches how to use internet. However. back in 2000, in Nepal, I actually attended a class on how to use email and internet. In 10 years building website will be as simple as opening an email account.

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Well.. This is a tricky question. Sure, website designers in general might not be needed in the same way due to all the website builders you've mentioned, but think of it this way..

People hire others because of two things. The first thing is that they don't know how to do it. The second is that they don't have enough time to do it. So even if you're a website designer in 2025, you could potentially just use a wordpress theme or a website builder and provide the results your clients are looking for.. Right?

I know I'd do it, if I was good at design, coding or websites in general Will website design companies be out of business by 2025?

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I think the website designing companies will be out of business in the long run. When I launched my blog in 2015, I did not know anything. I read DIY articles and watched videos and designed my websites. I also attended various courses on Udemy to enhance my skills. Now, I not only design my websites, but also work as a designer to my clients.
There are many free tools to design your website, and the time will come when everyone will do it by themselves.

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If you remember the early days of website design when Dreamweaver was the toast of the town, many said that website designers will be out of job because the software is easy to use and, in fact, I had learned the basics. But in the years that followed, website designers continued to grow in numbers. Take note that website design is not just the architecture but there is art that is involved. In other words, web designers have the artistic touch that we don’t have to even if the tools for creating the design is easy to learn, I would still say that we need the website designers in the future.

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