What are the Top 5 Backlinks you like to build first on a new website?

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What are the Top 5 Backlinks you like to build first on a new website?

Hello all. Today I'd like to ask you a question about link building. I'd like to know what peoples first 5 backlinks they like to build to their new website is? What are the first 5 types of backlinks you build to your new website after you launch it?

What are the Top 5 Backlinks you like to build first on a new website?

I know after I launch a new website and it's more or less 'good to go' then I usually start with social media first. So I'll create a Facebook page and a group, a Twitter account, Instagram, Google+/YouTube, Pinterest page etc. I'll usually check on the availability of those as part of my keyword and branding research before I even register my domain using sites like Knowem which makes it easy to see which social media sites are available for your brand name or keywords. And I find myself doing that repeatedly for new domains and websites, blogs and things I launch.

So for me, I the first platform I use is social media as you usually get a link from each of those pages and profiles to your site in some way or another. Example: with Facebook you can post links to your site like your sites posts, pages etc. Twitter gives you the tweet link and one on your profile like IG. Google+ lets you create a link with a keyword as part of your author and lets you post your sites posts etc too. So they all give backlink although no all of them are dofollow they are still all high authority links and if you want your new business to actually get known about and become a success, it pays to reach out onto as many social media sites as you can anyway.

After I've created tons of social media profiles and established them a little with posts and followers and kick started them. I'll start on forums next and using forum marketing. I already have some accounts on some old webmaster type forums so I can create a new post advertising or just talking about / sharing my new site/blog whatever. Usually I'll take advantage of the reviews section of forums and ask people to review my site. I get a contextual anchor text link to my site on a big forum and get some free reviews on my site that can be helpful to me too. These can last for years too!

Next I'll probably start looking for forums that are in my niche or the niche of the site I have launched. These aren't too hard to find depending on the niche and if you use some tricks you can find the best most highest authority forums first and tap into them and post on them some good stuff and you'll get a link in your profile and even in your sig so you if you post in threads with good valuable posts that gets you a link from a related site to you and can bring you traffic from your sig space too.

Okay so that's social media and related forums. The next types of links I like to build are high authority, niche targeted blogs by posting amazing comments in peoples blog posts that are related to my site. That way I manage to get some links from related blogs and also find people who I can network with and strike up deals with like guest posting opportunities which brings me to my next first favorite thing to do.

Guest posting. Going about the whole thing. It's really not that hard. You just have to find those blogs you would like to get a link on somehow and then contact the owners and present a guest posting opportunity to them. You could write the content and all they have to do is publish it and keep the link to your site. Since it's free other than your link, most webmasters and bloggers go for this. This can have a lot of benefits if the guest post is of high quality and looks very natural and anyone not at least making a small amount of effort to get guest posting opportunities is either dead lazy or ignorant lol.

So that's 3 platforms so far. My next first favorite backlinks to build are high authority web 2.0 links. I sometimes even do these 2ndly because they are social media sites essentially but there are those web 2.0 blogs that you can have like Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Weebly, Webs, Wix, Soup etc etc that are very high authority sites. The good thing about them is that by adding lots of content to them and getting links from them, they not only rank high on their own without much SEO so you can target and rank long tail keywords with them pretty easily but these will be considered related site links as well.

Okay so that's 4 types of links to build. There are many more! But one of the other types of links I like to build first are simply are business listing links. I'm talking about business profiles on high authority business sites and social bookmarking sites like FourSquare, About, Yelp or SU, Reddit etc etc.

So in order of which I go with first
  1. Social Media
  2. Related Forums
  3. Blog Commenting
  4. Guest Posting
  5. Business Listing Profiles

What are your top first 5 favorite backlinks to build and why?




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Wow, thank you very much for the interesting topic Mike, I appreciate it! - As a total SEO novice this is pure gold. I hope many others will contribute to this thread with their thoughts and ideas too. That would be awesome!

As my main business is brand building and I use social media and forums mainly, that would also be some sort of backlinks, right? - I mean, I don't provide backlinks or any form of seo in my service, as I do brand building "differently" compared to how some others might do it. But as I often are using direct links, clickable ones that is, that should be a form of backlink right? - And in that aspect, wouldn't that be some sort of SEO too then?

In case it is, and from my understand it should be, I'm literally selling backlinks too, included in my brand building service. - That's kind of neat actually. I never really thought of it like that before.

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Oh this is great Mike, as you know I am about to start working on my next website and each time I launch a new website I have learned so much more than the previous websites... which is really exciting.

This post is being bookmarked so I can refer back to it again early next year.

To answer your question, I have also always started off with social media. I didn't really do it from a backlink point of view but more because for me social media marketing is a huge part of my strategy for gaining traffic and building up a reputation for my new website.

I have done some guest posting for each website too which has been helpful, plus I have also done the business listings.

I haven't really gotten into web 2.0 links or forum marketing but I have purchased these types of services.

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Thanks for this great advice Mike! I will bare this in mind when creating my next website.

I haven't actually done any guest posting before but I will try this for my next project and hopefully it will have some success. I also bookmarked this page for future reference.

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That's a really good list Mike! Perfect, way to start any general link building campaign, though I would no call social media profile links as real weight "backlinks".

I also start with social media websites but I make everything Google a priority. Next, I'll start building " business listing profiles" next followed by some guest posting or lots of advertorials.
I don't go doing blog commenting or forum posting every day, at least not for any client because this is very time-consuming. I usually do it for myself and top priority type clients.

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Although not in your order of priority, I have followed all of these backlinking tips except Number 4. I have NOT published as a Guest Blogger, however, I have accepted posts by others at my blogs. On my blogs I put a link to a page inviting Guest Bloggers with the instructions on the type of content I'm looking for and how they should submit it. This year (2017), only person responded and submitted posts for my consideration. I was very pleased. She did several posts but there were two that really impressed me. One was about Hollywood legend and glamour icon, the late Marilyn Monroe, and the other post was 5 exotic spices used in world cuisine. I did not know avocado leaves were used in Mexican cuisine.

The thing I find frustrating about Number 3 is taking the time to prepare a comment and then my comments disappear! Then when I contact the blog publisher to let them know I submitted a comment wondering why my comments did not appear, often they don't respond back. So when providing comments, I have a self-enforced rule. I know some blog publishers like to approve comments first, but If I comment and don't see my public comments within a reasonable period of time, I don't come back. I really like the blogs that use plugins for Disqus or Comments Luv or the Google+ or Facebook comments module. Since I have a WordPress account profile, it's also easy to provide comments at WP blogs.

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Great minds think alike. LOL
After I launch my website, I also create facebook pages and begin to build audience. I have created a twitter account for one of my websites, however, I have not done this for each of my website. I am also on numerous social media sites, however, I am yet to create accounts for each of my websites.
I am also on numerous forums and I begin to post my website links on these forums. I also start blog commenting and leave my link.

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I guess it is the guest posting that is the most potent in the list of 5 that you mentioned especially if the blog is very popular that has a command of thousands or maybe a million followers. Think of the audience that you will have. However guest posting is not viable at times and it will only be a reality if you have the proper connection to popular bloggers because famous people has the tendency to avoid talking to strangers.

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