Building a website based on a single ad spot, or building a website and then looking for ad spots?

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Building a website based on a single ad spot, or building a website and then looking for ad spots?

Recently I've been looking over some advertising sections for a few of my websites and trying to find the perfect advertising spots to bring in the traffic and sales. When I was doing this, the gears in my head started moving and I got to thinking how people get ideas for what kind of websites they want to make.

Do you choose your next, or first, website based on what you want to do? Or do you choose your topic/niche based on the advertising opportunities which will bring in money?

Now when someone asks me how to start making money online I always tell them to begin blogging about something they like and monetize their pages. This is because they will be able to hammer out content pretty easily and they won't get burnt out too quick. They can learn about content optimization in a day and apply that to all of their articles and posts to help bring in traffic from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

I'm telling them to write about something they already like doing and know a lot about, but I myself have started websites that I know nothing about simple because I know of some good advertising opportunities where I can get an ad placed for pretty cheap and turn a profit within the first or second month. I'm much more advanced than the beginner and I can get a website up pretty quick and then get the ads going, but for the newer webmaster that's not always the case.

So I was thinking, do you pick your next website based on profits or do you pick it based on what you're more comfortable writing about and marketing?

I personally do both. I have some websites that I can write for days about because I'm extremely knowledgeable in the niche. Other websites I have up and running are only spur of the moment decisions because I found a good ad space lol Building a website based on a single ad spot, or building a website and then looking for ad spots?

So what do you guys and girls do?

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This is an interesting question because I didn't really think about this. What I normally do is build a website based on profits but I actually don't take into account advertising slots available. I normally look at the market and potential unique features that I can offer to set us apart from our potential competitors. I will then look into advertising slots later once everything is set up. I don't really like blogs either because even if you are going to write about something you like, it isn't likely that you will succeed and it requires too much time to write new articles. I think this is the very standard thing that people do and the market is too saturated so I normally prefer to do something different, something that people are not doing. This questions has however, made me think a bit more about using advertising slots to decide on the niche which is very interesting.

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Yeah, it's like reverse engineering a niche and profit potential if you can put together a good advertising campaign prior to setting up the website. I know I've wasted time on websites to only watch them under perform, so now I look at every angle before going ahead with a new design Building a website based on a single ad spot, or building a website and then looking for ad spots?

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Great topic Razzy and oh so relevant. I currently have 3 websites and those are all based on things that I love and that interest me. I am so with you that it is a great way to start making money online and to use to learn everything you need to know.

Churning out great content on a regular basis is quite frankly not easy and this is a skill that can be improved over time, but yes best learned when it is easy to create content.

I am now busy with my first website that I believe there is a demand for and I am quite excited about it. It is not something that I have done before so I am going to be winging it a little bit but I am so confident that it will do well.

But to answer your question, no I have never looked for an opportunity that will make me money and go with that simply for the money side of it. Hopefully one day I will work up to that!

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Whenever I create a website, the only thing on my mind is: money. I never create a website to find a solution for "What can I do to fix this problem". Usually I have an idea in my head, and I go from there. There has been a lot of ideas that did not pan out, probably more failed ideas then successful ones.

Failed Websites of my not so great past:

  • URL shortener similar to Remember the short url hype when twitter was just starting to get big? Yeah, I created a website to shorten URLs, and I placed Adsense on it. It failed.
  • Marketplace similar Codecanyon. Not like codecanyon, but similar if you get that (won't state what it was for as I'm still thinking about going with it)
  • Social Networking website. I created a social networking website to see if I could be successful. It failed. Not many users were active, mostly spam accounts only.
  • Advertising website similar to cpalead. I'm assuming it failed because i barely worked on it, i put it on the back burner as it were.

Yep, lots of wasted time, mostly involving coding the script to run the website. I never kept the code for the sites either, I just deleted the entire thing. I guess at that point I didn't want no one to access the code and thought the only way to stop that would be to delete it. Sometimes I wish I still had the codes because I would probably end up selling it.

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For me its a combination of everything, on the one hand, I try my best to choose a familiar subject and have knowledge about and I'm capable of producing quality content on.
On the other hand, I always ask myself "ok, so how would I monetize this website?" - Monetization is very important in my opinion if you won't make any money you won't have the incentive to go forward with your website and the project will just die long before it reaches an adult stage.

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I do both. But these days I am being very cautious off how the ad spot works. I don't know if working with the website all the time leads to proper results. I have found that some of the time it can be bad to even promote website in wrong places. As some users hate ads they block it. And you have to then check for the other revenue sources.

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This is my personal opinion and not a suggestion nor advice. When it comes to niche, nothing can beat something that is your passion. I have experienced blogging just because the niche was my passion. If not for that then maybe I will just be an aspiring writer until now. Who would think that I could write good articles that even landed on a major magazine? That’s all because I was writing about my passion.

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