SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted!

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SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted!

Hello all. Do you like Pinterest? Do you use Pinterest for personal or business reasons or as a freelancer or affiliate for SEOClerks?

SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted!
Then I'm reaching out to you all here and offering an exclusive invite to my SEOClerks board on Pinterest. I've had this board for a while now and haven't really done much with it. I was just looking at it today and thinking how I should pin more stuff to it and promote those pins on my other big community boards I'm a collaborator of. If you look on my profile you'll see I'm a collaborator of around 350 community boards.
SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted!
Since it's for SEOClerks that could include my own services and started discussions on here. Or other peoples (your) services and discussions and stuff or just about anything else SEO or SEOClerks related that you want to pin there.

I intend to do a lot of promotion of this board and hopefully get a lot of collaborators on it and growing it bigger and bigger in time so you'll get some promotion from it and it will be worth pinning things to like your services and anything #SEO or #SEOClerks related.

But Pinterest boards are much more fun when there are more than one person pinning in it! And by nature they are collaborative. So I'm basically just looking to see if anyone wants to be invited to this board to pin their own stuff to it? You can pin anything you like SEOClerks related, your own services, other peoples services (with affiliate link). Your started discussions or other peoples discussions from the Community here.

If you're interested in becoming a collaborator of this board, please just say here and I'll message you to get your Pinterest username or email address to send the invites too. Or just send me a message giving me your Pinterest username or email address.

Make sure to follow my account as well!

Anyway, the offer is there if you want it.

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Hi Mike, oh hell yeah! I am certainly interested in joining your Pinterest Board as a collaborator! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

I can't understand why I am the only one sitting here chomping at the bit to join? I just followed you so you should get me there, anyway you know who I am and how to find me LOL

Thanks Mike, I look forward to seeing how I can utilize this opportunity... oh wait, first thing I will add my SeoClerks review, YAY!

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This sounds cool Mike, I'll make sure to join this when I start to use Pinterest again. I used it previously, like a year ago or something like that, but I haven't used it since then. It's crazy though, because I've heard so many great things about Pinterest, but I think I stopped using it because I didn't actually like it. I can't say why either but it wasn't "my type of thing", sort of.. - But hey, it's a great way of gaining exposure and advertise your business etc, so I should definitely start using it again.. I don't want to be the one who's "missing out" on things like this.

Thanks for the opportunity, I'll pass at this time, but I'll make sure to join all of you in the nearest future!

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Thanks Lynne you're welcome! The more the merrier! You know it makes sense! SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted! The thing is you're a bright woman, but not everyone knows about how about Pinterest can be a real powerhouse of traffic and a boom to your enterprise. And it's actually the most highest converting traffic of all social media sites as well.

It's a fact that Pinterest users spend much more per purchase and overall compared to other social media sites. And if you can tap into that somehow with a captivating image or photo, meme or whatever! Then you're already half way there! New pins on Pinterest can spread like a virus throughout all of Pinterest and popular pins can end up syndicated on other social media sites, blogs and forums etc quickly as well which is where most of the traffic comes from.

So yeah, it's just educating people to that and showing them the light! It's amazing but if you keep really chipping away at Pinterest the traffic can be insane and is so very addictive it just makes you pin more and more and more! lol

Literally this was me the day I first discovered Pinterest...
SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted!
But yeah, it can be really useful and makes a lot of people good money by studying it and pinning hot stuff! SEOClerks on Pinterest: Collaborators Wanted!

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