I was level 2 now i am level 1

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I was level 2 now i am level 1

hi, i am member of seoclrek since a long time, i admit that i am not very active here in offering services due to my other jobs, but i recently noticed that i am level 1 again, earlier i was at level 2,, i really dont know what went wrong, and how do i reach there again.


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Hello neteater,
As Lynne already stated, your response time is probably the biggest problem here. You need a response time of 72 hours or less to be level 2 and you have 16 days, so it's obviously a very big issue here, and most likely the reason you've lost your level 2 status.

That being said, you also mentioned that you aren't "very active", and that could also be a problem. Within the user levels you'll see that you need to login at least 1 time per 14 days.

I would also recommend that you read my previous topic:
How To Decrease Response Time?

So, decrease your response time and login at least once per 14 days and you'll shortly get your level 2 status back!

Best Regards,

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thanks i will be spending more time here, its not all about money but something related to reliability.

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If you use the site as a tiny way to earn money in your spare time, be sure to at least check the site daily to make sure you reply to active orders, and this way your account won't be demoted back to level 1 again. You could do what I do and install a email notifier app, if you use Gmail, there is an app for that. Check out Gmail Notifier if you use Google mail. Also, reply to your orders, if you can, as soon as they come.. and your response time will be in minutes not days..

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I believe you do need to be quite active to maintain your membership level. One thing I have just picked up is that your response time is 16 days - this needs to be 72 hours or less for you to be Level 2.

Here are all the requirements and benefits for each user level.

I'm sure if you just spend a bit of time and effort on your account here you can build yourself back up to a level 2 or higher in no time.

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