New Guest Posting and Affiliate Marketing Relationship

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New Guest Posting and Affiliate Marketing Relationship

Oh my gosh what a huge thank you to Andre for his awesome suggestion recently about forming relationships with sellers to write articles for me and then publishing them with my affiliate link to that seller here.

I created a WTT and I believe I am about to start an amazing mutually beneficial relationship with a seller here. I am feeling so positive and enthusiastic about this.

The thing is that we are all here to make money, and the more creative we get and the more we work together the more money everyone can make.

Andre that idea was pure brilliance, thank you!


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In all honesty Lynne. I gave you the idea but you made it happen and you polished the idea into something great. That's on you. New Guest Posting and Affiliate Marketing Relationship

I'm glad you liked the idea, but furthermore, I'm glad and satisfied to see that you developed it and added your own twist to it. - That's how internet marketing are supposed to work and that's why you'll become a successful freelancer.

Think outside the box, add your own twist, be unique and be you. - That's the best advice I could ever give to someone.

I wish you the best of luck! New Guest Posting and Affiliate Marketing Relationship

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Thanks Andre New Guest Posting and Affiliate Marketing Relationship In all honesty I can only dance to my own tune and maybe that is why I love online marketing so much! I can literally do anything I want, the sky is the limit.

The only thing that could stand in my way is lack of creativity or no will to try... luckily I don't have any of those problems.

This is one thing I just love about this community discussion, there are always so many new things to learn and such great new ideas. Members are bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing freely with each other to help, motivate and support.

I just love it when I see such an awesome idea handed to me on a platter that I can take up and implement. It truly is wonderful, so thank you!

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Any luck with the WTT you've posted Lynne? I would love to read about an update on this maybe I'll do something similar myself because the idea seems to be worth it, you only need to find the right people and that's the real problem I think, never had any success with actual trading online services, everyone seems to want more than they are willing to give and they have a different perspectives on weighing out the benefits of such a transaction and end up asking more than I'm willing to give myself.

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Yes Cristian, I have been chatting to one seller that is quite keen but we haven't really gotten anywhere with it yet because we were both so busy next week.

And yes I know what you mean, besides most people that responded don't even understand what I was asking for and don't seem to understand the meaning of trade LOL.

I will update you all on how this works out for me, and for the seller. I will ask for feedback. I was thinking of creating special links for these posts so we can both see how it is working out and where the sales are coming in. The nice thing is that I will be able to see my side what affiliates are buying which services.

I know what you mean, it is not easy to find a true give and take relationship. I find most people want to take without giving much in return. I had to give this a go though, I am always up to try something new.

For me if I just find one person that I can have a great two way relationship that works well I am happy. I can always build on this in the future if it works.

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That's a great idea on how to get more sellers to see through what you really want to sell to them. I mean partnering with most of the sellers will make you understand what they really want from you.

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