What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

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What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

I've heard many different things about this and I've read several different answers too.. And even though I somehow feel that I know the answer, I still want to make sure that I actually do understand it..

From how I understand things, SERP is:
Google's search engine results based on a certain keyword?
Meanwhile PageRank (PR) is a scale from 1-10 your website will get from Google?

Feel free to enlighten me with whatever you've got! What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

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This is pretty simple actually What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

SERP - Search Engine Results Pages
PR - Page Rank

SERPs are what people want higher rankings in, in order to funnel traffic to their websites and make more money What is the difference between SERP and PageRank? Getting to the coveted #1 position for a difficult keyword is what everyone is targeting because it's tough to do. To get a high search engine ranking you will need to do the proper on page optimization techniques that focus on titles, descriptions, header tags, alt tags, keyword density, fresh content, optimizing that fresh content, and various other things. You'll also need to focus on off page optimization which deals with adding quality content to third party websites which will then link back to your own website. You'll also have to build various backlinks on multiple different platforms to show link diversity and hopefully increase your rankings over time What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

Doing the proper on page optimization and off page optimization will increase your rankings in the SERPs. People target high rankings in the SERPs by doing everything mentioned above, but it's not an over night type of thing. Increasing your rankings takes time and depending on the keywords, could take years What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

PR or Page Rank was a metric set up by Google which values a website between N/A and then 1 to 10. It use to be a huge factor in how someone would rank their website. The higher your PR was, the higher your rankings would be and how quick the rankings could increase. With a high PR you could post some quality optimized content and it would get ranked pretty quick even without doing off page optimization to it, but those times have passed and now you have to be diligent on your marketing and keep it up in order to take over your competition.

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Andre yes SERP is basically your rankings for keywords as I understand it. Like Razzy has said SERP stands for Search Engine Ranking Position.

Page rank as I understand it was referring to the actual strength of a page and Razzy explained that well too. From what I understand Page Rank is now a thing of the past, Google is not using Page Rank anymore so it is obsolete. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Oh yes SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and PR (PageRank) are two very different things. Hey did you know that Page Rank is named after the guy that created it? His name is.. wait for it.... Larry Page. Or "Lawrence "Larry" Page". He's the the chief executive officer of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc. He invented PageRank (PR). But did you also know that his invention wasn't ever supposed to be used as a permanent solution to ranking websites in the SERP's?

Some other facts about Page Rank I know of are

  • The PR algorithm patent isn't owned by Google. It's actually owned by Stanford University.
  • There was 2 PageRanks. The first was that little green bar you'd see and the 2nd another one inside which only Google can see.
  • PageRank is just one of the 200+ signals that can affect how your website is crawled, ranked and indexed.
  • Google PageRank is not Dead: Google still use it for internal reasons. Although RankBrain is a large replacement for it.

Anyone know any more PR facts? Or myths? What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?

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I believe the old Page Rank is pretty much dead and buried whatever Google relying on rank websites is based on ranking signals as Mike already stated.
There are various other tools to gain an idea of how well a website does from an SEO perspective, I use Moz metrics of Page authority and Domain authority scores as a replacement of Page Rank.

As far as SEPRs goes, well they are just that, result pages, the direct effect of Google ranking signals put into action by the algorithm.

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As per the explanation in the comments above, SERP is the search engine results page that is called the search result in layman’s terms. When you make a search of a dog breed, for example, the search engine will give you a list containing links to sites that are relevant to your search key which is dog breed. The Page Rank is the ranking that your site gets from the algorithm of Google. The Page Rank is an indicator that is for Google’s exclusive use to make its job easier in the evaluation of the site for the SERP.

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