Infographics. Considered spam or not if you post in various forums?

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Infographics. Considered spam or not if you post in various forums?

Hey everyone,
I have tons of experience from literally hundreds of different forums online. Both internet marketing related ones but also in several other niches. - We all know that it's hard to advertise on forums without warnings or ending up with a "fancy reward" from the ban-hammer..

Forums often have strict rules and you need to follow them, otherwise you won't have a chance. - That being said, I've never really worked with infographics before..

So what I'm asking now is, would infographics also be considered to be "spam" if you went on multiple forums and posted your infographic?

Would they treat infographics the same way as the treat regular replies with links?

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I actually just did a big marketing campaign, and still doing it, for a website of mine and I posted all infographics as the initial thread Infographics. Considered spam or not if you post in various forums?

I had my designer vary the infographics slightly to be customized for each forum, but they weren't that different. I changed a little big of the background color and added the forum logo to the top of each infographic. After I got them I went to the forum and did the initial posts, if required, before I posted my sales threads. Some forums ask you to post 20, 35, or 50+ times before you can post a sales thread. Other forums even ask you to be a paid member in order to post, but luckily I've got paid memberships for the bigger forums Infographics. Considered spam or not if you post in various forums?

Posting infographics can be seen as spamming if you're doing it in the wrong sections because it can be seen as trying to avoid paying for a forum thread submission. Some of the bigger forums, like the ones I'm a paying member of, still require you to pay for a forum thread. It's not much, like $20 to $30 a year, but it's just a way to filter out the cheap skates and increase the quality of the forums marketplace at the same time. I don't usually mind paying for these types of forum posts because the amount of traffic on the forums will easily pay for the listing fee because of the sales that come in.

I would recommend reading the terms of service of each forum you want to post on and make sure you're not breaking any rules. Each forum will have slightly different rules so make sure you're not breaking any of them. One forum may offer free advertising as long as you have XX quality posts while others require you to be a member for at least a year and have a premium account.

Play it safe and read before you post, then find the right section to post in. If you're not sure, you can always email their support desk and get an exact answer. And if you get banned for posting where you were told, you can refer back to the email and show them that's where you were told to put it. Be safe and cover your own ass Infographics. Considered spam or not if you post in various forums?

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Thanks Razzy that is a great answer to a question I was myself wondering about. I am wanting to start making use of forums to market but I know it is going to take me a very long time before I will be able to post a link and I know I am going to have to tread very carefully!

I have seen loads of infographics on forums so I wanted to know how to go about this, your answer has resolved all that for me.

I think I mentioned to you that I found this all very funny... I mean like almost everyone on all these forums are just trying to self promote... but it has to be earned first that's all and everyone has to do it in a way that it doesn't look like they are self promoting, it must look like they are "helping" and "adding value".

Honestly it is quite amusing isn't it?

I will get myself there, to a point where I can post links and infographics but really it is going to take me a long time when I only manage to post like once a month to a forum LOL.

Razzy that is something that I was interested in asking by the way. Lots of these forums have a paid membership, do you feel they are worth it and does that usually entitle you to get away with marketing more?

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Thank you Razzy! - So, it's basically the same rules so to speak, both for plain text and if you're using infographics. I thought it would be the same actually but I had to ask as I knew someone like you would reply to this thread and tell me if I was wrong or not. Infographics. Considered spam or not if you post in various forums?

Have you had any luck so far with your infographics? - As far as I understand it, you're only focusing on webmaster & internet marketing forums right?

Have there been any critics yet? - I mean in your threads or does most people seem to like the thought of infographics when you're in fact advertising?

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I presume that most forum owners, admins or moderators will have no idea where the infographic came from, it most surely look at it as duplicate content also posted on other forums, although the chance of getting banned is smaller than all text promotion you still gonna risk a lot if you do it immediately after registering on that forum.

Here is a tip, try making the infographic customize to that specific forum your posting on. But the domain of the forum in the title of the infographic, make it unique in a way that the forum community will see it as part of the forum and brand.

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From what I understand, an infographic is a caricature of sketch or even a formal drawing. In short, it is an image made for a specific purpose like the street signs where the no crossing sign has a drawing of the pedestrian lane and a red image of a human. But if your infographic is your original, I don’t think it can be an issue of spamming. I know that many will agree when we say an original cannot be a cause for spamming when posted only once and even if it is posted in different sites. However, some forum owners want an exclusive posting which means original or not, you should not post it in many others forums and sites.

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