Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients

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Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients

From the first time I started earning money online I've noticed I'm rather good at one thing, in particular, starting business relationships and maintaining them in the long run.
Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients
Starting from this idea I've begun evolving my services to the point where sometimes I no longer act as a freelancer but rather as an intermediary between two parties: the online influencer and the client in need of promotion.

How can you earn by doing this type of intermediary work you may ask?

Well the process is pretty simple:

Step One - Find the potential clients in need of promotion, backlinks, exposure, etc. This can be done having a website selling SEO services or publishing SEO based services on different marketplaces like SEOclerks. I start by delivering myself simple promotion services and getting to know the client better as well as his needs. In other order develop a business relationship.
This can work even better if you already have a list of potential clients that are always up for buying online promotion.

Step Two - Find and contact influencers in need of money. I usually search for small and medium blogs directly related to my client's niche, I analyze closely how popular the blogger is and how the owner is already monetizing that blog. My perfect candidates are people writing out of pure passion that haven't been bought by the system yet, those are generally very eager to earn an extra buck and they are quite happy when someone contacts them about publishing advertisement type article.

Step Three - Act like the middle man for both parties without telling them about each other while getting a certain commission (usually 10 to 20 percent) from both of them.

At the end of the day, both parties are happy with the result, as well as me for earning a commission from both of them. Now I'm not going to fully disclosure the process of finding influencers and hooking the clients, but I can assure you there are a lot of tools out there that can help you with this entire process.

So there you have it, a cool guide for making money online without actually providing SEO services yourself.


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I've done this plenty of times, but I don't take a 10% to 20% commission and let the client go with the service provider. I'll pitch the service as my own and increase the price by at least 100% Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients So if I can buy the service for $50, I'll sell it for at least $100. You'd be amazed at how well this works as long as you keep a quick response rate through your emails. I've even set up a website dedicated to this and I get a sale or two each week by paying a few bucks a month through adwords Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients

Some of the packages I'll add my own little twist to. Like I'll sell service A mixed with a different service, lets call it service B, and package them together. Service A will be the main tier, or first tier links, and I'll then purchase service B to be the second tier links. This makes it unique and my buyers love it because the service compliment each other.

A few people will say this is a shady method to make money online, but how many times do you think you have been "middle manned".... Probably more than you think Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients

Purchasing low and selling high is what makes the world go round, especially online Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients There are so many sellers on the marketplaces that are simply selling another users service. The thing with that is they are sometimes on the same platform! lol Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients I know this because I've seen it plenty of times when I'm trying to buy services for my own websites. I'll think of what kind of service I want and then I'll do a basic search. I'll then open all the ones I like in new tabs and go over them. I quickly find out that someone is a reseller because they don't even bother to change the service description lmao Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients They literally did a copy and paste job and are being the middle man of someone else on the same platform Building online relationships and outsourcing SEO clients

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LOL Oh I am sure I have been middle manned plenty of times. I am sure lots of the sellers I buy services from make use of other sellers here. I am perfectly happy with that as long as the service I receive in the end is absolutely top notch and that I have gotten value for my money.

Everyone needs to eat and the fact is that when it comes to backlinking and some other SEO tasks I am not that well equipped to do the job myself. I don't always have the time to search for new sellers, especially when I have found the sellers I like and that give me great service... if they know sellers I know nothing about and they outsource some of the work to them honestly, I have no issue with that. I would rather pay my trusted sellers to oversee the job than place loads of little orders all over the place anyway.

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I think being middle man and making money is not bad. But I guess the middle man must offer some reasonable offer. I have found that most of the outsourcing is low priced with middle man. So it's worth to see that clients directly go with the people who can offer better conversion. I think for that reason It's better to be reasonable when approaching SEO clients, and then have good outsourced workers who can pull off the work.

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This has always been the simple way of making money passively, all one need do is to be a third party or a get the job look for an expert,give out the job, the job is done and the money is paid and your commission is sure.

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This may be out of line but I just want to share the style of a friend. I had noticed that his posts in Facebook were getting a hundred “likes” and usually more than 10 comments. Some of those comments were hilarious that could only come from a close friend that’s why I was surprised to learn that those comments came from strangers. My friend has the propensity to be friendly in social media that his cyber friends treat him as personal friends already.

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