Facebook Advertising - Manual or Automatic bid?

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Facebook Advertising - Manual or Automatic bid?

So recently I tried out FaceBook advertising for my websites and while I have been using FaceBook for a long time, this was my first time advertising there. At first, I decided to pay a small amount of money to test it out and used £10 for 2 days advertising (£5 per day limit) and put automatic bid on. For those of you who never used FaceBook advertising, this means, Facebook chooses your CPC that provides the optimal results for your ads. I got 17 clicks for £10 and it came out to be £0.58 per click which I thought was quite expensive. I then decided to try it again with manual bid and put in a CPC bid of £0.2. I have been running this for a few days now and I thought that I still get around the same impressions but a much lower CTR. I have only around 10 clicks over two days.

My question is, which one would you recommend and why? Manual bid allows you to keep your costs low but may not be as effective as automatic bid.


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I've used only manual bid so far because the product that I was advertising was a local product and not fully released, so let's say it was mostly for testing purpose. I haven't tried automatic bid yet but I'm thinking to do it with my next product. I think both manual and automatic bid are very effective but it depends on the product that you're advertising, and of course on your budget too.

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Oh wow, MasterA I've always used automatic bid and I wasn't even aware that I could set a manual bid. *slaps forehead*

And I've been using Facebook advertising for 5 years and quite a lot lol. I have found that my cost per click or conversion is quite low and very good value for money, so yeah I'll vote for automatic bid here LOL.

But now that you have made me aware of that I am quite keen to try out the manual bid, thanks for bringing that option to my attention!

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I've never really used Facebook advertising, a few times both nothing more than that. I went with the manual bid as I was looking for as many clicks as possible and nothing besides that. However, I do believe that automatic bids will give you better clicks so to speak, but it will most likely also be much more expensive so I guess you'll need quite a large budget to see decent results. A few dollars here and there won't bring you any good results, and I've heard stories about people wasting like $300 or even $500 per week, without results.

That's probably why I've never been interested either. I have too much other things going on so I just can't allow myself to start learning everything about Facebook advertising too. Baby steps! Facebook Advertising - Manual or Automatic bid?

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After trying out both manual and automatic bid, I managed to get 4 times more impressions and 3 times more clicks with manual bid for the same price. I think automatic bid is just overpriced and manual bid is the way to go.

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Go with the manual, at least this is what my collages from Facebook Ads are doing, the optimization of your bidding is very important when you are on a strict budget and you want to make the best from it.
Read a couple of Facebook ads tutorials on how to increase your impressions and TEST, test like never before, because without proper testing you won't make the fullest out of your ads and I don't think there is a business out there not wanting to target only potential clients resulting into the highest ROI out of their ads.

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For someone that can run ads without the help of certain experts on Facebook ads, I would suggest that the person starts with the manual ads and see how far the sales returns go before thinking of revisiting the options.

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