Google's Search Console will be going through system upgrades this month

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Google's Search Console will be going through system upgrades this month

Because of the system improvements, certain Google Search Console information may possibly end up being inaccurate or even straight out broken.

Google seems to have established that in fact, they are carrying out “system updates” to improve the Google Search Console. These types of system changes might influence the coverage throughout the user interface, therefore you might not end up being able to obtain precise data details coming from Google Search Console throughout this particular update.

Exactly when the update will take place is unknown, Google didn't state when the update will be completed, however rather is actually “on-going,” thanking us for our patience and saying it won't be long until everything is back to normal.

Also, Google said Search Analytics reports won't be impacted by these updates but other sections of Search Console may have problems for the next few weeks.

I remind you this update started on the first of November and may possibly last for the majority of the month.

Remember that numerous webmasters are optimistic that this particular update is actually Google’s attempt on introducing a full year of data throughout the Search Console, a specific feature Google stated may happen several years ago. But maybe I should stop dreaming and just wake up to reality.


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Cristian I am sure that the information given to me by Google Search Console is not correct and has not been for a long time. For my one website it tells me I only get 2 organic visitors a month which is not correct. I know I don't get a huge amount of daily organic traffic but it certainly is not 2 visitors a month.

I find this really annoying especially since when I go into Google Analytics I can only access the details for a few of the organic searches and the rest of them say that there is no information so I can't see what keywords my organic traffic is coming from.

Here's hoping that there is a massive improvement to come.

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So the data from Search Console in Search Analytics sections says you only got 2 clicks in the last 28 days? That's pretty out of the ordinary if you claim you Analytics shows you otherwise.
For me the Search Analytics has been pretty section has been pretty accurate and I managed to get a lot of information about organic keywords I'm ranking for that GA doesn't shows as you said.

I only hope all the Search Console bugs will be fixed by the end of this month!

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It is about time for Google to fix their inaccuracy on that service... I stopped using it for couple of months just because it's not accurate in compare to my Google Analytics and other stats.

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