How to Price my ebook

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How to Price my ebook

Yes I know, I’ve already priced my ebook and sold 6 copies on ListingDock but I am starting to second guess my price.

I did discuss the price with a few online marketers that I really respect but now I am starting to think that I got it all wrong.

The thing is that my number one goal for my addiction niche, that I wrote this ebook for, is NOT actually to make money. My number one goal is to try and save lives.

Yes if I can make some money at the same time then that is of course quite nice.

If I drop my price I will probably make more sales. I would much rather sell 3 ebooks at $5 each than sell 1 ebook at $15. This means that more people are reading my story and perhaps more people will understand addiction better.

If I can sell three times the amount of ebooks it means I have a better chance of reaching my most important goal.

The next reason I am second guessing my ebook price is that I am wanting to list it on other marketplaces and to do this I need to drop my price to be in line with the pricing on those websites. I have added my ebook to Smashwords and they only allow pricing from $0.99 to $9.99 per ebook and all the ebooks for the higher values are much longer ebooks.

If I price my ebook there at $9.99 I believe I will be out of the game, so instead I priced it at $3.99 so it fits in with their pricing.

Now if someone buys the ebook there and then sees it listed at ListingDock for $15 I am sure they will be peeved.

Then I wonder what will happen if I drop the price on ListingDock and the people that have already bought it for $15 see it listed for less than a third of the price?

Maybe I worry too much about these things?

Do you have any suggestions on how to price my ebook?


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How to price your eBook. How to price it indeed! Well, you are free to price it at any price you want. From $1 to $1000+. But like you've pointed out, over price it and you wont get many sales. Under price it and you might somehow devalue it. And after all, an eBook is just basically content. Although that content can help the buyer/reader to somehow do something or better and improve their life in some way. So that has to be priced at a fair and reasonable price. But really, how can you put a price on improving and bettering someone's life? Well in fact, people pay very good money just for that. Whether it's hiring a life-coach or a Yoga instructor. Namaste! How to Price my ebook

So really, you have to price your eBook according to the value you put on it, the time and work you spent working on, the amount of content that's within it (based on what you'd might usually charge for that much content) and based on the value, you believe, it could have in someone else's life that was to buy it and read it and put the information inside it into practice in their own life.

As a rule of thumb guide, if it's just a fairly short eBook of around 5-10 pages. And you didn't spend more than a week working on it. Then you could expect to sell that from $5-25 and those types of eBooks usually do sell for that much. But for eBooks that have many more pages, from 50-100+ and you spent a long time working on it. Then you could price that at around $50+ or more. Depending on how much you value the information inside it and your time, blood, sweat and tears that went into actually writing and creating it.

Really this kind of thing is a hit and miss and takes some practice to get that right price and just a matter of experimenting. Use the above as a general sort of guide of valuing up a price. Start high though at first and then drop the price later or offer a discount if they've already purchased one of your other eBooks before.. How to Price my ebook

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Thanks for your input Mike, I've decided to play around a bit and I've put my ebook on sale for $5 on all the Ionicware sites for the next 2 weeks just to see what happens and I've let my subscribers know that How to Price my ebook

My website traffic is also growing big time which means lots of people will be clicking through from my website in the next two weeks too.

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It's your creation you can do whatever you want with it but I do think is fair play to have the same price all over the internet, people tend to search for titles, author as well as description when buying ebooks so you won't want LD buyer to find the same book at a much cheaper prince somewhere else.

I think you need to keep it accessible, 15 bucks is not a lot but I would round it up, like 20 or 10, whatever you think goes better. Oh and yeah, nobody will get upset over $0.01 so $9.99 won't be a problem for Smashwords.

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Yes that is what I believe too, it won't be right to have such a huge price difference for the same book all over the web How to Price my ebook

I've put it on sale here on all Ionicware sites for 2 weeks and made the price the same on Smashwords for now so I will see what happens How to Price my ebook

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Hey Lynne!

$3,99. Really? - That's what I would probably sell "review copies" for, if I where you.. But I still think it's a bit too cheap. A review copy is basically the exact same product as you would sell for the "full price" but you'll state something like this:

*Review Copies includes everything.
Please leave your honest review after purchasing the review copy.

We both know it, that most people would probably buy it and "forget" to leave a review, but that will still generate sales for you.. And even if 6 or 7 out of 10 "forget" to leave their review, 3 or 4 will do it, and that brings you both reviews and money.

So on ListingDock for instance, you could literally just add another service, where you state that it's a review copy of your product. I've actually had success doing this, and some of my previous clients have bought both, just because they felt they got a bargain deal on the review copy. By doing that, your previous client won't be "as mad" as they could be and it's actually a very common thing to offer review copies.

I understand that your "main reason" is to help others and that you might want to increase the volume of sales.. But don't underestimate yourself and don't provide "the world" for nickels and dimes. Think of it this way.. You spent about 3 weeks writing this. Don't you deserve some "real"profits too? - Anyone who can afford a $4 eBook can afford a $10 too. And a $15 one if they're really interested.

You don't want your ebook to become a "second choice" for your clients. And you don't want your product to become an ebook they buy just because it's a bargain. You want your ebook to be a good deal for anyone who genuinely interested.

With all that being said, I would not offer your ebook for $15 on LD and $3,99 on another place. Things like that looks odd and that might eventually hurt you and your business. Just by adding the simple words "review copies" could function as a safety net.

Best Regards,

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Hi Andre, thank you so much for your feedback, it is truly appreciated. Yes I totally agree with you that underselling myself is just silly, I commented on your post recently about that!

I'm just second guessing myself, I do this a lot! Maybe I will play around a little and offer sales on my ebook first and just monitor my success.

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I know what you mean Lynne, I do that often too. Especially if I've had some success and generated multiple sales quickly and they've stopped for a few days.. That's when the real thinking begins. I've probably been where you are right now, or at least in a similar situation and the best advice I can give you is to take it slow, ride out the storm so to speak and let things evolve in it's own pace.

Take a deep breath. Monitor your sales. Offer a discount for starters perhaps, before you decide to lower the price.

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Getting to know what other sellers of ebooks price theirs is a tip on how to go about it. It is not easy to do, but find ut or send a spy to check how their pricing method works.

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