Trying hard to get those affiliate sales

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Trying hard to get those affiliate sales

Marketing is something i have been doing a long time. Direct marketing, B2B marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more! I just wanted to explain my plan and some of the things i have tried to get my affiliate sales up and going strong. Affiliate marketing and sales has been a challenge for me in the past months. I see many people making a good amount of money monthly and im happy for them. The question is what is the best way to go about this?

Here are some of the things i have done to increase my affiliate sales:

  1. I started to give my link to all my friends and family.
  2. I promoted my link on social media.
  3. I gathered a list of people who i know use Fiverr and Seoclerks and emailed them my link
  4. I messaged my followers on Seoclerks giving them incentive to spread my link
  5. I made banner ads on various websites with my link

I have done alot to get this thing going and im all out of ideas. I know some people have forwarding links to help get sign ups and sales. This seems very difficult and time consuming for me. Do you guys have any other ideas that would be simple? Something that would not require alot of time? Would any of you be willing to help me out with this for a small fee? Im interested in anyone who can help me.

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Here is a trick I figured out some time ago when it comes to promoting my affiliate link on other websites:

1. Go to popular forums that are still active and have an engaged community.
2. Search for topics or special sections that are related to your niche and affiliate website
3. Look for popular members that are active but not moderators or admins
4. Start a conversation with them referring the topics and conversations from point 2 - offer them free information regarding certain subjects as well as your opinion, make sure to also slip in your affiliate link in that content.

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Hey jkeyz, nice to hear that you are so serious about affiliating with Seoclerks. One thing i would suggest which worked best for me is crating your own affiliate store website. You can visit my store for fully automated affiliate WordPress theme if you wish, or search marketplace for some other.

So in some point you will be driving traffic to your own website where you can sell other things too, but interested buyers would easy become your affiliates. Do a bit of SEO and SMM and let it work for you ;)

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How do i create a affiliate website and how much time does it take to manage? This is really interesting because i will be able to drive people to this site and get a % of the sales? If you can help me with this i would be really grateful!

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Another great option is the buy and sell sections on various forums. I know I know, most of them have strict rules about affiliate links but some forums still accept affiliate links. Sure, you might have to use "dying" forums or forums that doesn't have thousands of active members but hey, you'll still be able to post your affiliate id, so why not?

For instance, let's say you visit Forum A. Someone in the buy/sell section asks for a good supplier of Twitter followers. What you do, is that you basically find a good supplier on SEOClerks and insert your affiliate id and share it with that specific person in that forum thread. The best part of it, is that the person who created the thread will most likely take a look at it, and your affiliate link will still be there for others to see too. I did this in the past and I got decent results from it. However, I wasn't too active while doing it, but at least I got a handful affiliates for doing it.

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Jkeyz I create Youtube videos for all my affiliate offers, not just SeoClerks, so I basically just do a video telling everyone about the website or product. I then embed that video into my website post which gives the same information.

I put my affiliate link above the fold of the video description and I add my link to my website post in the description too.

I have had a few affiliate sales on different things directly through my Youtube videos which is really cool.

Having a website to promote your affiliate offers really increases your reach by a long shot, plus lots of affiliate links are not allowed in certain places. FB is clamping down on certain affiliate links, including SeoClerks! Plus now Youtube is clamping down on different affiliate links in Youtube comments... but you can add your website link!

You can also write an ebook like you have said you wanted to do one for Bitcoin right? Well you can add affiliate links into your ebook too. I wouldn't go too wild with that though, but it is a great way to gain more traffic to your affiliate link.

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You guys all have great ideas and im going to start implementing them as soon as possible. Thank you for all of your time and comments!

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I have found most of my affiliate links being nuked. And that makes it harder for me to even get to a sale. Though lot of people do click on the content inside status or eBook. But my experience is not that good. So all that we can do in such context is that we just make sure to promote the offers in the right place. So trying hard is not that easy if done in the wrong places. You have to find better places to promote.

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