Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

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Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

I have noticed that apart from seoclerks, Other sites similar to it like wordclerks, pixelclerks, lisitngdock, codeclerks etc have bee created as well. even one of our service gig that i just created was added to one of such sites by the admin staff.
Please i want to know the REAL Motives behind all these for i am somehow confused as to what the seoclerks is up to.


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Setting up multiple platforms that target specific services is one of the best ways to attack dozens of keywords that you couldn't really go after in a competitive sense with just one platform.

By making multiple platforms like this you can have your homepages targeting the specific keywords and pulling in traffic to the actual homepage and not a subpage where people may be confused and click away. When people go to SeoClerks they instantly know it's about SEO, same with pixelclerks being for graphics and design, codeclerks being for people to sell code, wordclerks for selling content, and so on.

This way you can set up a diverse marketing campaign and funnel in traffic from all over the search engines.

An additional thing that would tie everything together for optimum results would to be to link to all of the websites just under the top navigation bar. Ionicware could add small logos of each of its platforms and link to them directly. By doing this you will optimize your click throughs and internal advertising. I know that all these websites are linked in the footer, but would you buy an ad in the footer of a website? Nope! the reason for that is because not many people will scroll down to see what is in the footer. 95% of the time the person scrolling through the site will find something they like and click to a subpage. I'm sure there are plenty of big members here on SeoClerks that have never seen the footer lmao Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

Setting up these sister sites to SeoClerks is a way to expand your platform exponentially. People will come in to WordClerks who may have never heard of SeoClerks, PixelClerks, CodeClerks, etc. but now they will because of the multiple platform interlinking Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

To put it in a very basic response.... Ionicware is targeting more keywords to bring in traffic so everyone can make more money.

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Hmm well good question Chetaseo and thanks for posting it! I'm not sure what you are confused about. But so I would like to answer your question to the best of my ability and knowledge to clear up your confusion! Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

Of course, obviously the main motive for Ionicware creating those new sites is that they are extra ways for Ionicware to make money. I mean, why does anyone create a new site or blog or even service on here for? Of course, they are very cool sites! Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites And they serve a more dedicated purpose other than SEOClerks does. So while SEOClerks is mainly for listing/selling and buying SEO/SMO services and the like. And the other sites have services that you can sell here too. Such as writing services, graphic design services, those other sites are much more dedicated for those types of services. Here is a breakdown of the kinds of services you can buy/sell on those sites.

For the buying and selling of pixel based services, that includes things like Animation services, Banner Ads, Book Covers, Business Cards/Stationery, Cartoons, Comics/Manga, Digital Painting, Flyers & Posters, Infographics, Logo Design, Photography/Photographs, Social Graphics/Covers/Logos/Memes, T-Shirts, Website Design & Graphics. As you can see, PixelClerks is a marketplace that is dedicated to buying and selling those particular types of services. For more details on each of these categories, check out What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?

WordClerks is a marketplace for buying and selling content services. That includes things like Articles, Blog Reviews, Case Studies, Data Entry, eBook, Email & Newsletters, Forum Posting, Legal, Presentation/Speech writing, Press Releases, Product & Book Reviews, Resumes, Social Posts & Management, Transcription, Translation, Whitepaper/Guide (creation) and the like. So as you can see, while you can probably list and sell and buy those types of things on SEOClerks, WordClerks is much more dedicated to those types of services. Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

I'm yet to write a category breakdown for WordClerks the same as I did for PixelClerks but will do soon. Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

Listing Dock is more for the buying and selling of real physical, tangible products. Like arts and craft stuff. Or for just selling anything really! Some of those things include and are covered by Art/Design, Zombie Art, Audio, Books, Business, Computer Software, Cosmetics, Crafts, Recycled Crafts, Food, Gaming, Gift/Birthday Cards, Handmade Jewelry, Health, Home/Garden, Legal, Life Hacks, Marketing, Personalized Messages, Postcards, Research, Retail, Seasonal, Social Media, Traffic, Translation, Video & Writing.

Code Clerks has been around longer than PixelClerks or WordClerks and as long as ListingDock itself. It's much more dedicated to the buying and selling of code related services and software and the like. You can use it to hire a coder for a task you have or need doing, and for finding amazing scripts for sale or even for selling your scripts and things like that.

Oh and can't forget as well! The point of including that here is because it's an example of one of Ioniware's "projects". All of these sites are Ioniware's projects and have all been made simply because they can and they will serve a purpose. They are all very awesome sites and will go a long way. Both for buyers and sellers. That means people like you and I, to get on those sites and list our other services that we can provide on them which means more money and earnings for me and for you! Real meaning of other seoclerks clone sites

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Thanks Idealmike this was detailed enough, just people create different sites is to capture people that have different needs and looking for sites that they can be satisfy with.

I never really knew about the different projects on here, at least from this thread I have learned about what goes on in this different places.

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Well Mike explained that all perfectly. I love the idea of having different websites each specializing in their things. I am sure that over time each website is going to get as busy and exciting as SeoClerks is now. I am loving ListingDock myself and I have added my eBook for sale there and it is doing well. I am making sales. Even though it doesn't quite fit with SeoClerks I listed it here but I haven't made any sales as yet here.

I think specializing into each category will result in more targeted traffic and more sales for everyone which means that everyone wins!

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All the previous answers in this topic have already covered everything. They've answered what the "real motives" are to create multiple sites and in-depth details about the specific marketplaces have also been shared. That being said, how cool is it, that you create a service on SEOClerks and suddenly, out of nowhere, you make a sale on ListingDock which you've never really bothered with before? - Due to the interlinking, you'll be able to use all the marketplaces simultaneously, which basically will increase your chances of getting sales and making more money. Without doing anything besides what you've done until now in terms of advertising etc. - It's awesome!

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I learnt about the latest additions a few days ago as before I was aware of ListingDock and SuperiorThan. I was mainly interested in WordClerks of course as i am a writer, and I was thrilled to see that this was going to be just for writing services. I hope in time it will become more and more popular. I think it is a really good idea to have these specialised sites as they focus on specific services and are more likely to attract specific sellers and interested buyers in their respective categories. In time this is going to be cool, as I am sure we will see the grow.

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Yes i think this was a nice topic to give people an understanding of why these other sites exist. Most of these websites are actually not new at all, and they have been around a long time. Like Mike explained each site has its own specific purpose but the over all goal is to bring more clients to Ionicware. Our team here works around the clock to try and make the sites better and to bring more clients here for the sellers to make more money. Sellers can use these sites to focus on the strengths that they have without getting buried on Seoclerks amongst many other types of services. I am very glad that we where able to help you answer the question you had. Thanks for posting this and Have Nice Day.

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This was a good question. Although when I clicked through, I had something else in mind. I found the related discussion. I wanted to know more about the "mirror sites" (that's what I call them). Sites like seolads and seocheckout.

That was addressed in this discussion if anybody is interested.
How to make a replica website as like SEOclerks?

I was wondering if it was smart for me to do that with my affiliate marketing websites and blogs so that I can earn more commissions from sales? Any opinions, thoughts, etc.?

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