Is Youtube Blocking Affiliate Links from Youtube Comments?

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Is Youtube Blocking Affiliate Links from Youtube Comments?

Chetaseo asked a question a few days ago about whether SeoClerks links are being blocked on Youtube and I have now seen something interesting which I wanted to share with you all.

Firstly Youtube is NOT blocking SeoClerks links or affiliate links because the first thing I did when I saw that discussion is check my Youtube video where I promote SeoClerks with my affiliate link and everything is fine.

However today I wanted to reply to a comment someone left on one of my Youtube videos and include an affiliate link to Clixsense and it was being blocked!

I checked my Clixsense video with my affiliate link and all was fine.

This leads me to believe that Youtube is now blocking all affiliate links in Youtube comments but not in your own video descriptions.

This is actually quite nice in my opinion because I am so tired of having to delete comments on my videos when people leave their own affiliate links! It will clean up a lot of the spam on Youtube thats for sure!

It will mean that if I create a video promoting something that my hard work doesn't get leaked out to other people just throwing their links on my videos.

There is a way around this little change. Create your own videos and your own blog posts and you can leave those links in comments. It appears that Youtube is only blocking affiliate links in comments, but not all links.

What have you heard and experienced?


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I just tried to post a comment with my SC affiliate url and it worked without any problem. I tried with some other urls and yes some of them were not allowed to post. However, I don't think that Youtube is blocking these links for no reason. It's an automated system that will flag your link as spam if you're posting it everywhere, since they're blocked it means that someone has spammed a lot of videos with these urls. It's all about spamming, and blocking original domains it's not that is going to prevent spammers from spamming.

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Oh thanks Procoder. I just found it strange because I was able to post my SeoClerks affiliate link previously in comments and I was also able to post my Clixsense affiliate link in comments too.

Today I have been unable to comment with any affiliate links and this is in replies to people on my own videos, not other people's videos. I don't really comment much on other videos and I have never left an affiliate link on anyone else's videos.

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yes, i think they are blocking it in comments but allowing it to be displayed in video description.Truly this is not a good sign at all for seoclerks site. My biggest fear is that twitter doesnt go and block the link also as it will be very disastrous if they do so.

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Maybe this is a sign to do your own Youtube video about SeoClerks and then you can add your affiliate link in the description. Then you can use the link to your video for comments?

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Of course, they will block everything affiliate related that is being spammed non-stop on YouTube and truth be told its only fair in my opinion!

I'm glad SC is not yet banned, hope it will remain that way in the future, sometimes people make real promotions between each other, not just bots spamming Youtube comment section so maybe SC can benefit from the real ones.

Cool thing about the video description, maybe I should make a video about something SEO related targeting future SC clients and earn some affiliate money.

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Hi Cristian, yes I agree with you because I get seriously irritated when I take the time and effort to create my own Youtube videos promoting my offers, plus I spend the time to properly SEO and rank my videos... and then they get swamped by other people's affiliate links! GGRRRR

So I feel this is a good move by Youtube to cut down on spam. Yes I suggest you do a Youtube video promoting SeoClerks, then you can link to your video if you want to comment somewhere on Youtube!

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