Dash coin rally but why the sudden increase?

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Dash coin rally but why the sudden increase?

Dash has been killing the market this week in a good way. If you follow the crypto world you will understand why this is so exciting. Last week the price if DASH was about 8.75 8.90 now its over 9.80 a coin. In the crypto currency works that is a HUGE increase and its making investors go crazy. But why the sudden increase? Well to understand that we have to understand why DASH is different from Bitcoin.

DASH give 45% to miners and 45% for major holders usually users holding over 1000 coins. DASH has also recently been accepted onto the "wall of Coins" which is a huge step for any crypto currency. What is wall of coins? It is a P2P exchange for BTC that features 0 transaction fees higher security and more privacy.

What will be the future of DASH? The rally seems to be strong and set for a long increase. I do not recommend buying it at this time until the price levels out and finds support. As i can see in this chart below it is still in mid rally and investing now could still be profitable but very risky. The arrow shows where i believe it has found resistants and the line shows a sharp increase. Only time will tell but i don't think we will see to much more increase.

Dash coin rally but why the sudden increase?

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Jkeyz2 another brilliant post educating us about cryptocurrency! This is the first I hear about Dash. Just out of interest what website are you using to monitor all the values of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash?

Are there any other cryptocurrencies and are there any more worth following or investing in? I am sure that this is going to be a massive force to be reckoned with in the future.

The time to invest in this online currency is probably about now so that we are one of the first in.

Please keep all these posts coming. While I still don't understand cryptocurrency 100% I am learning something new every day and I am enjoying it!

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I am currently using two different websites and also Both of these sites are really easy to use and require little to no verification so you can trade with confidence and confidentiality. I have many reasons behind wanting to keep my business private most of it is because i owe so much debt i cant let them take what little my family has. Being able to trade and save money in crypto currency instead of the bank has given me a peace of mind and sound security. I literally have no money in Fiat all of it is in Crypto currencies. When it comes to investment opportunities you have many currencies to choose from. I watch and recommend you watch Ethereum, Peercoin, Dash, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Both websites i mentioned earlier have great charts for all of these crypto currencies.

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Dash seems to be going very much consistent these days. Though I'd say bitcoin and ether have the best backing. And another thing is that ether seems to be getting a lot of traction. I'd surely mine ether if possible. And considering that many ICO these days are going for the ether investment. I am sure that this can change the way things are working.

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This is another crypto currency that is not on my list. Pardon my ignorance but this it the first time that I’ve heard of Dash as a pseudo currency like the Bitcoin. Do you really think that this crypto currency will last in stride with the more popular ones? Fromw hat I heard, the Ethereum is experiencing growing pains with the value that is continually diving. What happens when holders of the Ethereum would divest their holdings?

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