What is Google Possum Update - Explanation

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What is Google Possum Update - Explanation

I just realized that in the past we talked a lot about Google Penguin and RankBrain updates but we never quite talked about Google Possum Update.

What is Google Possum Update?

It was a big Google update that happened in September this year that targeted local search engine results pages. Have you ever noticed the three-pack results in Google? It looks like this:
What is Google Possum Update - Explanation

Well, in essence, they had diversified these results and took spammy websites out of the picture which is a good thing because honest websites got better ranks.

After this update some of my websites I'm managing had stopped showing in Google three pack and the reason was because they didn't target exact cities in their My Business titles and didn't have the right categories, after some small changes I've witnessed them rank again.

What signals kind of ranking signals does Google Possum use?

If you want to rank for local based keywords make sure you have your exact address in your my Business account, Google will check that but also your link relationship with other sites, this is why local directories and businesses listing websites can help you a lot now, including getting links from local blogs and other businesses in your area.

The actual location of the user doing the search also matters, keep that in mind, local results will vary depending on where the user is located.

Have you heard about Google Possum? Is your business dependent on local search results?


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I have heard about Google Possum, although my 'business' or website isn't local it's international I have no issue with the update. My website isn't even in Google Maps because it doesn't have a local address. However, if I were to grow the website, and rent out an office space then I will most likely want it to be in Google maps.

I keep reading about how some website's position drastically changed, some stayed the same, and some dropped a lot. The relevancy in regards to businesses around me are now pretty accurate. It was harder in the summer to find actual businesses for my search keywords, but it seems now, that after the update, it is much more accurate than it was during the summer.

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I had no idea what possum was but i have seen this listing before. I did not think it was anything special until you pointed out that it was for business only. I love that Google is trying to help local businesses get more visibility on the search. Is it really easy to rank high on this search? I have never had a need to come up locally i never do business around here. I have been around doing marketing for six years and i have never done a local sale. Most of my business is done in CT, NY, and California. I also have many clients abroad in palaces like India, Europe, Canada, Africa, and MORE! It sounds good they they have gotten rid of the spam businesses because they are taking over the internet lol. Thank you for sharing this was an awesome topic.

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Thank you for all this information Cristian, I am going to find this incredibly useful for the website I am busy building right now. It is a classifieds website for a specific area, a very small area in my local community.

I am honestly so pleased to see that Google is now making things easier for honest and real websites to be found with Google search than ever before. It seemed that all the spammy and blackhat websites were ranking top, along with the online giants like Amazon for example.

Now as long as you create quality content and work hard you have a really good chance of ranking well if you follow the rules.

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Man this is a pretty awesome update. And while it's still a bit shaky right now with some genuine sites not showing in the three pack like that, that is usually only because those sites haven't optimized their titles properly. Your changes being proof of concept of that! I have noticed this for the past month or so for many local terms I've searched for. Mostly all the sites shown seemed highly relevant to me. Although that said, when I see them appear in the search results, I do sort of see that as ads because usually there are ads there anyway. And sometimes they even show along with ads as well depending on the search done and if there's anyone advertising for those keywords. And I still scroll down and dig a little deeper to make sure I can find what I'm looking for as quickly as possible but that's just me! What is Google Possum Update - Explanation

But this update will be good for, and reward those that have optimized their site for local results. For ages now there has been a lot of emphasis on doing just that. As well as building links and citations and the like from local directories and business listings. Even from local blogs but that has always always been one of the best types of links you can get anyway, a related link from a blog in the same niche, or even the same area as your blog/site/business operates from and people are finally starting to realize that and take action!

this is why local directories and businesses listing websites can help you a lot now, including getting links from local blogs and other businesses in your area

Yes indeed and in actual fact, that is good news for us as well. For freelancers or anyone that sells that as a service. I would imagine we will soon start seeing more services being sold on here for local directory submission, local blog commenting and link building etc soon. I have used several of those myself as well as the work I've done using that method and only see good results from it.

In fact, a smart seller would use this update as a way of influencing people into buying his/her service. ;)

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It looks like Google is fond of animals and I like their updates named with animals because it is easier to remember. This Google Possum update looks like it is all about keywords and that means stuffing is its haunt? I agree that honest websites should get a higher ranking because cheating is unethical and search engines should really find a way to flag the cheaters and perhaps even penalize them.

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