China holds the Key to Bitcoins Value

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China holds the Key to Bitcoins Value

When it comes to digital currencies Bitcoin is certainly the most important of them all. Bitcoin is widely accepted in many countries and many large companies accept this currency. What holds a major key to Bitcoins price? The simple answer is China and today i will explain why its China, and why them controlling the trading and mining also play a major role. Will governments try to control Bitcoin and other currencies?

The Chinese government is going to crack down on the amount of Bitcoin that is being traded to foreign countries from within China. They have had a law that has banned Bitcoin being traded outside of the country Why does this matter so much to the price? China holds over 93% of the trading volume and as we know trade volume brings higher prices. When China threatens any kind of ban traders panic and holders dump Bitcoin causing the price to drop.

China also owns 70% or more of the mining that happens worldwide. If China decided to control Bitcoin it would spell devastation for the market and for Crypto as a industry. What do i think will happen? I think China understands the value of Bitcoin and wants to keep the industry within China to help the economy thrive. Who knows for sure but we will find out in the coming days.

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It's true that the world's largest bitcoin miners are all located in china, and from what I've heard the reason why they're trying to ban bitcoin there is because chinese investors are investing in bitcoin as yuan price has fallen with 3% against dollar. It makes sense I think because as much as they invest in bitcoins as more the value of yuan will continue to fall, so blocking bitcoin investments it seems to be the only solution for them.

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You are partially rite about that Procoder. Its actually not a ban and this law has been in place for many years already. Basically the law states that people in China cannot send Bitcoin abroad to other countries. I truly believe that this is because the Chinese government see the value in BTC and they don't want the resource leaving the country. This law is nothing new and the rumor was that the Chinese was going to start cracking down. After all the research i have done i was able to find out that the Chinese government has not yet confirmed this rumor. I Also believe that the Government is China has invested money into mining and also holding onto the digital gold. If indeed this was true if if their was a ban put into place the price of Bitcoin would have fallen to below $300 a coin. The price of the Yuan falls and Bitcoin goes up because people are buying it that is correct. They are not the only ones having trouble also Bolivar is falling and soon the US dollar will fall.

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So what does this mean exactly Jkeyz2? That if China succeeds in controlling Bitcoin the value will drop significantly? But if they don't control it then the price will increase significantly?

Does this mean that the value of Bitcoin is possibly on the brink of either shooting through the roof or falling through the floor?

Which way do you believe it will go?

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I think china is planning to troll the ICOs. And they are holding out on such type of the exchanges. Considering they are communist country. It's kind of odd to see them not being part of the ICO in many places. So we just have to learn to adjust with those type of the things. And hoping that bitcoin can be good enough on that changes. I personally find it harder to see how the china is going to react on other coins.

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It looks like the law of supply and demand is taking over the value of Bitcoin. If China is indeed the largest market for Bitcoin and that they have the largest number of miners then it is a given that China can control the value of Bitcoin. In any economy, it is the big group that dominates the game hence with Bitcoins I guess China is the boss. Please correct me if I'm wrong on my assumption. I am basing my comment on the discussions that I had read in forums.

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