Why is it so easy for YOU to make money?

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Why is it so easy for YOU to make money?

Why is it that some people have asked me "Why is it so easy for you to make money?" or "how come you make sales so easily"... or "how come you manage to get traffic"

I get a little bit confused when people ask me this. What is a measure of success?

Yes I make a full time income working online. I blog, I do affiliate marketing and I get as creative as I can to make money online.

My most recent success was writing an eBook and selling 4 copies in the first week on

I just wonder what people consider "easy" because to me it wasn't actually easy at all.

It took me 3 weeks of intense hard work and focus to write that eBook. The preparation for publishing, getting my marketing together and then publishing it and marketing it took close on another week.

And when I work... I WORK.

Yes I sold 4 eBooks but that was a month of solid hard work that I put in before I made any money.

I have made a total of about $50 from sales of that eBook.... and that is what I have seen so far for a full months worth of work.

It may appear that things come easy, but the truth is that hard work, blood, sweat and tears is what goes into making money online.

So don't look at someone that made a sale one hour after listing a service and think oh wow, that person was lucky, or maybe they make money easily...

Good things come to those that work and don't give up.

I am not now going to sit on my bum and wait for money to keep coming in.

I am going to continue to promote my eBook to get more sales and I am going to spend another month working till crazy hours writing my next eBook.

Forget about chasing these make money easy schemes and work for what you want!


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I agree with you Lynne and i have the same questions being asked to me sometimes. I tell people to please not compare themselves to me and that everyone has to work hard to achieve what they want in life. I guess we make it look easy to people from the outside looking in but as you mentioned they don't see what goes on behind the scenes. Some people actually think that we had over night success as well. I put in time effort and long hours to make my Seoclerks what it is today. That is not the only thing its been 3 years and i still push harder daily to do more and make more. I am so happy to hear that your Ebook is doing well is that not such a sense of accomplishment? I also laugh when people ask me to help them be as successful as i am. Do they realize that nobody helped us and we had to do it ourselves? Then when you say sure ill help you for $1000 bucks they get all bent out of shape and say its not worth it. Good Job and thank for sharing!

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LOL Jkeyz2 yes I know exactly what you mean.

Yes I sold 4 copies of my eBook but I had to write it first right? It is not easy writing an eBook and it takes some considerable time and effort. Plus the marketing and everything else.

People see the end result, they see me all excited because I made $50 and then say I did it easily? No ways LOL

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From the outside every successful person seems to handle everything in an easy way, people have no idea what happens behind the curtains.
Most of my friend are still in denial when it comes to me making money online, for a long time they didn't actually believe me for some reason, know its just something the avoid talking about, I guess they feel pretty insecure about everything online business, it's a big mistery for them, even though none asked me to teach them or get them a head start.

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Yes it does appear that way doesn't it? When I look at a successful person I don't see any of the struggles that person face, I just see the success and all the accomplishments.

However I always make sure not to make assumptions, because I know from my own experience that success is not easy to achieve.

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I have always known that nothing good comes easy.whenever any one succeed in a thing I applause the person because nothing good comes easy.

Behind that smiles of accomplishment lies years of hardwork and stress.making money is work itself.

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Nice Lynne! I totally agree with you, it's not that easy to make money online, specially if we're talking to make living by it. I've learned many new things since that day when I got my very first buck online, and I have to say that was the best thing happened to my life. When it comes to freelancing most of my friends know that I work online, but they really don't understand what exactly I do, and what's interesting is that they see it as something very easy to achieve since I'm working from home. It's true I'm my own boss, but I've been working hard for this day.

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Exactly Procoder and when people hear freelancer I bet they think you spend 90% of your time sitting on a tropical island and the other 10% working.

The way I see it is that freelancers and people that work for themselves work much harder than people that are employed in a full time job.

Yes we can decide what time we start work and when we finish. We can also decide where we work... so we do have some freedom in that way.

But ask any freelancer how many hours a day they work, how many days a week and how many weeks a year....

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This was a nice read Lynne, thanks for sharing! - I've been hearing things like this to.. All too often.

What people doesn't seem to realize is the hard work you put in before anything happens. In your case, you've earned $50 which is awesome of course, but if you look at things from another angle, this isn't "too awesome". Let me explain what I mean.

In this specific scenario you've actually worked for 30 days. More or less Full time. You made $50. That's $1,6 per day. Doesn't sound AMAZING right? (50 / 30 = 1,6).

That being said, this is still wonderful!
From those 30 days, you've now made $50 but that's not the real kicker here. The kicker is that you've created a passive income!

Ebooks are digital and once you've created one, it's kind of "set and forget" when you create your service listing.
You sold 4 copies the first week. How about the second week, the third and the forth? - You can literally get hundreds of sales from the date you start to sell it. Perhaps even thousands of sales. - That's why you work so hard. And that's why you are successful!

Would you prefer to work 30 days for $1,6 per day or would you rather work 30 days without getting paid, and afterwards be able to get paid something for life? - The answer is obvious for most people but even so, most people don't seem to understand the true reason behind such a question. - You've nailed it Lynne and I wish you all the best!

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Andre that is exactly what I am trying to get across. There are so many people trying to make money quickly and it just does not happen that way. You have to slog away for months or even years to start making some money online.

And yes I am after the passive income here big time. I am working my butt off so that one day I won't have to work nearly as hard. So that one day I can sit on my butt for a week or two and do nothing but still have income coming in from my eBook sales.

This takes time and hard work but it is doable.

None of my goals are set for today. My goals are set for the future and I want to make sure that in the future I can rest more.

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Easy? To make money? Yeah it's easy to make money if you work for the Royal Mint or the Federal Reserve! XD It's easy to make money if and only if you manage to tap into something that turns out to be profitable for you. But you still need to do the leg work first. You still need to put in the hours to make that happen. That can involve hours and days, weeks, even months of research, trialing and experimenting. And so, that doesn't happen overnight! Blogging is one way to make money, but what do blogs need? They need content and oodles of it. They need SEO and SMO, marketing and promotion. To do that isn't easy. Even when you pay for it. And it takes time. Especially these days when Google is so fussy about which sites ranks high and why. And anyone that makes a full time income online, works full time and that isn't easy to do. Especially if you're bringing up a family! Why is it so easy for YOU to make money?

But generally, any method of making money isn't easy to make happen. If it was, everyone would be doing it and nobody would be searching for ways to make money. There are a lot of ploys out there and traps people fall into. Empty promises, hyped up schemes and the like. But the only thing that really works are the things you work hard on. When you put yourself whole heartedly into something. When you use up blood, sweat and tears and devote much of your time and hard work to before you start seeing results.

That said, it's not hard to make money on SEOClerks. If you are able to list a service for sale that is in high demand. And you make that service appealing. And obviously not just one service either, as there are literally hundreds of in demand services out there that people need today and if you can find a way of providing it, whether you have to do the work yourself, or outsource it, that can be a way to make money. But there will always be some level of work required on your behalf to actually provide that service.

I think that sort of gets my message and feelings across about it! Why is it so easy for YOU to make money?

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Exactly Mike! It kinda gets my goat when people look at my few successes and assume that they just tumbled into my lap from the sky!

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I do not think that it is that easy to make money as a freelancer considering that freelancing involves spending your time and energy working online for clients and even doing all you could to ensure you deliver the best services to them. So, the money made by freelancers are not that easy.

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I am always encouraged whenever I would read such a testimonial that earning money online is easy or not difficult. For me, it is not easy because my main line is paid forum posting and the earnings are in coins. I have to spend maybe 4 hours to earn $5. This gives me the idea that I should somehow diversify to increase my income.

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In December, I published three books, however, I was able to sell only one book. It took me over a month to write these ebooks, but I earned only $2 as a royalty. I am expecting sales will pick up, but it may never pick up. In December, I also wrote two ebooks for clients and earned $240 from two ebooks. Writing for clients is an easy way to make money, however, in order to benefit, you need many contracts. Making money is not easy.

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