what does unpromotable account mean

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what does unpromotable account mean

anyone can explain what mean unpromotable in seoclerks and how to choose support that i need to contact?


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As far I understand unpromotable account does mean that your account got infraction and due to this you can't upgrade your seller level anymore so it will stay perpetually at level 1, and I believe this type of infraction is only applied to an account for serious offenses. If you need more details regarding this you should contact with support team. Good luck!

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I believe procoder is right, maybe, seeing that you are level 1 and have 129 positive reviews that might be the case, you should at least be level 3 if I'm not mistaken.

So maybe you have an infraction that doesn't permit your account to rise above level one as well as being " unpromotable" which probably mean you can't bump your services anymore.

Have you contacted support and they told you that your account is marked as unpromotable? I'm curious what was their official statement. I'll be very careful if I was you, if you really have an infraction set on your account, continuing what you were doing can lead to permanent account ban.

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Hi Sanfora. I am sorry I don't know what unpromotable account means. I have never seen anyone talking about it. Perhaps send an email to Good luck.

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