FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 13

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 13

Your first WSO (or other product)
If you've ever seen a WSO you liked or perhaps even bought, sometimes, you might even have thought for yourself... Could I make a successful WSO too?

You might have tried.. And failed. I know lots of people, who's done the same thing. I was one of them myself and I've made mistakes too..

A WSO is a "warrior special offer", and is a product or service you sell on

However, due to all my research and due to the fact that my mindset are on a different level now compared to how it used to be a few years back, I launched my very first WSO in late 2013. I had never done it before. I had no lists, no reputation. Nothing. I just thought for myself.. Would this be possible?

Long story short..

All in all, I had more than 100 unique sales and I earned more than $1,000. This wasn't my first money I made online.. But it was a satisfying feeling. I learned that I could sell products on other platforms too. I wasn't tied to SEOClerks or Fiverr. Not at all..

Anyhow, when you're having thoughts about creating a product, launching a WSO or not.. Spend some time and do some research.. When you've done that.. Do some more.. And a bit more after that.

• What are people looking for?
• What can you give people answers for?
• What can you teach others?
• What can you provide?

Can these people you're targeting afford to purchase your product? Will they?

To make this easy, read some of the threads within the "Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum" on View the first 10 or 15 threads or so. Look at the titles as those most often explains what people are looking for. Different threads and different people who's asking but it's more or less the same questions.. Can you see it?

When you've found a couple of threads that are similar.. Begin the research!

Start working on finding answers for their questions..

• google is your friend. Never underestimate google.

When you've gathered tons of answers for their questions & lots of additional information you think can be used, start writing!

You can even hire people to do these tasks for you, if you'd rather spend your time doing something else. There are many sites like,,, and you can use to grab all the content for your product.

If you're a good writer yourself and are looking for money. is actually a great option to start off with. However, your earnings won't be good enough for having this as your only income, so don't stay there. Move forward.

**Have no money to invest?
Take a look at successful WSOs or products for inspiration and try to do everything yourself. When it comes to sales copy designs and sales letters, you'll end up with tons of inspiration! Never, and I say NEVER copy and paste others work. That's going to hurt your business a lot. Plagiarism is not okay!

Products In 24 Hours
If you're tired of doing research, or not just fond of it.. There's a bit "sneakier" way to
get things done. I'm talking about PLR products. PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. You can edit them, sell them and claim ownership to the product.

Most PLR products comes with everything you need. Ebook, covers, articles. Even sales letters, so it's easy to start selling them. However, I do recommend that you alter the information within. Re-write the content. Use your own words.

Here's a few links for PLR stores.

First WSO And Earnings
Here below you can see my earnings from my first WSO. Fiverr Genie. I had no list, no experience, no reputation and I was a total novice.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 13

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 13

As you can see, I had 89 + 55 sales in total, (144 sales) and I earned $807 + $266 from these sales. That equates to $7,45 per sale. I offer warrior members this for free today and I've been doing so for quite some time.

Why do I offer this for free when I could have sold more copies?

I have two major reasons for it.. First of all, this was a "test run". I was just into it because I wanted to see for myself, if I was able to earn from doing what so many others where doing.. The second reason is because I could use this giveaway to build reputation for future launches. I always knew that sooner or later I'd be launching another product.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 13

A total of 117 people have thanked me for giving it away for free (on Warrior Forum alone). In reality, how many do you think actually downloaded it, without thanking me for it..?

Since I don't keep records of downloads I can't do more than just a guess, but how about using the rating percentage when I got orders on Fiverr, like I showed you above..?

I got approximately 1 feedback for every 2 sales. A little less. In case this would apply here it would be about 250 downloads in total. 250 downloads and more than 140 sales. That being said, I'm satisfied with the results.

Could I have done things differently? - That's obvious.

I could have built myself a list, for both sales and the giveaway. I could have used this list to promote my products or affiliate offers and I could have earned way more than the measly $1,000 I actually earned from my product.. But that was never my intention. The reason I did this, was to see if a total rookie could have some success doing this.. And I got results.

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Wow just wow. It looks like you've had some really great success on WF Andre! Have you duplicated this over and over but for other WSO's? Or does it take quite a lot to come up with new WSO's to sell on there? I've heard that a lot of the WSO's on there are rehashes of old WSO's. Is there a lot of truth in this? Like people are buying peoples WSO's on WF, then rewriting and repackaging them in different words. Some people have said they've purchased many WSO's on WF and some of them are basically telling to do the exact same thing but only in a differently worded way. Apparently there was a WSO doing the rounds that taught people how to do exactly that. That's crazy man!

But this is really inspiring mate. Is WF still good for this sort of thing? Are people still posting good WSO's on there? And by good I mean new stuff that nobody has ever seen before. Methods, tactics and tricks that nobody has seen before or heard about that are actually working. Because one thing I know about WF WSO's is that they are often very bloated and over exaggerated in the sales pages. Well some of them anyway, not yours! Yours is very legit, it doesn't promise the world like some do and is very clear cut about what it actually involves and the earnings they can actually make from it. I see you're still selling it too. That is awesome and really inspiring as said.

I really need to get my head into that a bit more as I think I have what it takes to create a good WSO. And after all, like you have said, all it really comes down to is research and research and research! That and a good WSO and some sheer determination eh! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 13

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I am a member of Warrior Forum, I've been there a few times but I haven't really gotten into it though. Maybe I should go and stalk you to see how it all works!

I've enjoyed this post Andre. What I got from it and what is actually really clear from all your posts from your eBook is that it is possible to make money online but you have to try new things, you need to play around and do your research and of course work your butt off.

Like you said in your previous post there are so many people with the Shiny Object Syndrome and in order to really make it you need to take off your rose tinted glasses and get stuck in with good old hard work!

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Cristian - I hated this forum so much, Andre! Never managed to get into that community, I found it so weirded! I mean, I was a member of a LOT of webmaster forums, for some of them, I was a paid poster for some I was there just because I loved the forum and enjoyed being part of the community.

But I never felt so insulted online like I did on warriorforum, I mean those guys just ripped every argument I posted or said, nothing was good enough for them and everyone had an agenda, maybe it was just me with this problem but damn, I never understood how people made money on that forum, thanks for sharing!

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A thousand dollars is already a fortune over here. Since I started freelancing, I was salivating with that amount of withdrawal and until now I am still dreaming of the time that I would have that money in my bank. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post that can serve as encouragement to newcomers in freelancing. Let’s admit that main objective of freelancing is to earn money.

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