SEOClerks Affiliate Website. - What To Do For Starters?

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SEOClerks Affiliate Website. - What To Do For Starters?

Hey guys,
I thought I'd give it a try and ask my question here at the community discussion. - I'd love to hear your thoughts and I would love to get some ideas, tips and answers.

I've had a handful of sites and blogs earlier. Mostly wordpress ones. That being said, I'm interested in a SEOClerks clone, using my affiliate id. A complete clone and not some wordpress plugin or anything like that. 100% identical to SEOClerks is what I'm looking for. And the reason is obviously to get more affiliates.

What I need to know is this:

First of all, how much would I need to invest for something like this? - I don't talk about trying to get a bargain offer, but in general. What would be a decent and fair price for something like this?

Secondly, what is the best approach when I'm launching this?

My main business is brand building so that's nothing to discuss. I know how to advertise the site on various platforms, on social media and all that kind of stuff already. What I want to know is, from day 1. - Should I or do I need to hire someone to do SEO related things from day 1?

What would be a good option in terms of SEO? (You don't have to link to any specific seo services or something like that.)

I have more than 1,000 affiliates today and I want to bring at least 1,000 more during 2017. - And the best option would obviously be by having a site like this.


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I would be very careful in how cloned you make your website in comparison to Seoclerks. I think its fine to make affiliate websites i talked with the big guy a few months ago about this. The problem you may run into is the fact that your basically trying to make Seoclerks2 in order to trick people into buying from your affiliate site. You safest bet is to contact the powers at be if you plan on making an exact replica. I am also interested in some kind of affiliate site i just don't think i would have the time to promote it. I hope you are able to do what you want to do and that your successful at it. Let me know how it goes and keep the community updated on your success.

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Well you can setup a site that look similar to SEOClerks but not exactly like SEOClerks, I understand what you want but I agree with Jkeyz here that you will need to contact with the owner company to make sure that you've permission to do that, I don't know what requirements should met before doing that but the right thing is to contact them first. For example, I've integrated a simple feed on my website it's a simple script that get services from my affiliate url and shows them as they are here on SEOClerks, it's not that bad because I haven't promote it yet. Hope you'll find what you looking for. Good Luck! SEOClerks Affiliate Website. - What To Do For Starters?

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It would be awesome if you could that, if there was something you could buy that was basically a clone of exactly how SEOClerks works. Sort of like how ListingDock and or WordClerks or PixelClerks works. They're all basically using the same backend/database. But there is a lot that goes into it to make something like that work and of course, only Jordan and the team know what those things are. Maybe in the future, they might make something like available to us, something we could purchase that would give us our own SEOClerks like site. But if it wasn't tied into the main database they use, you would have to go about setting all that up for yourself. The payment gateways etc etc etc not to mention the whole system being level a level driven system and everything that goes with that.

There are a number of SEOClerks affiliate scripts you can buy. I recently purchased the one that Everett sells. SEOclerks Affiliate Script v.2. Although it's not available at the moment for some reason. It's not exactly a full she-bang SEOClerks clone. Far from it! It's just a site that lists most of the SEOClerks categories and those services in those categories. I've actually gotten a few affiliates from it and hardly promoted it much. Google seemed to pick my site up straight away and it gets a trickle of daily organic visitors which seem to convert quite well.

That's my micro service store. I still need to do some SEO on it and promote it a little but so far so good! I may go about promoting it like I would any new online business website. Start with social media and then go from there sort of thing. I'm currently testing Link Collider on it at the moment and waiting to see if that can bring some significant results to it. It just basically adds social signals to it but I'm yet to purchase some SEO services and the like for it. I plan to launch another site like this using same script and do the same again and again for different sites using different keywords and the like.

The sky is the limit as they say!

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I don't like the idea of making SC clones, don't get me wrong, it works and I think people that already doing it are great marketers but I generally don't see me doing something like this for getting affiliate sales.

On that note, I would go for content related stuff, find micro niches for people that look for very specific SEO services, for example, lets say I start a website with content directed to medical clinics that need SEO services for their website, I will build articles with helpful content but also link to the main SC website with an affiliate link, targeted affiliates are the best affiliates to have, they already look for SEO services, you just need to give them a push into the right direction.

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Yeah I know what you're saying and I'm the same. But once you dabble and experiment with one and see some results from it when you haven't really needed to do any of that work or ground work yourself, it gets addictive! You then launch another targeting some other keyword and another and another as it's so easy to do! Of course it's good to do what you say as well through content generation and content marketing, targeting long tail keywords in a certain niche such as the medical niche for example. You could launch micro-niche sites for that to target different long tail keywords in those niches, or do one site that targets all different niches too. Although your content would have to be really good for the medical niche as those types of people, surgeons, doctors etc aren't easy people to please and require the best of the best for their hospitals, clinics and patients! SEOClerks Affiliate Website. - What To Do For Starters?

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I do not think it is a good idea to be honest. I would use other ways to attract more affiliates. I am sure you know how to go about it well enough as you already have a 1000. But I would not go for a clone.

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