FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 10.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 10.

** A little side note about competition.
Yes, it might be hard to become successful quick if there's lots of competitors who's providing the same type of services as you, but competition and competitors are great.

First of all, as a seller, you can browse your competitors services. See their descriptions and try to find a connection between them having lots of orders in queue and others who doesn't. You'll probably see a handful of really successful sellers whilst you'll see hundreds of more "unlucky" ones, with less sales.

Do some research. Try to find that special thing that makes them successful. How do they present their services? What's their titles? Do they use any specific CTA (call-to-action)?

Do they offer more than others? Less? Do they provide better or higher quality?

Well, you name it. Focus on finding some sort of answer which is a FACT and not something you take for granted to start with..

Something like; "they've been a member for 1 year more than me". That's not THE specific reason. Pardon me for saying it, but that's just a lame excuse.

Of course they'll have had a higher chance to make more sales than you if they've been a member for so many more months or years..

You'll have to do more than that. Find something of value. Something you can take advantage of.. And when you do. Beat them!

Deliver more. Deliver better quality. Do everything you can do better than others. That's how winning is done. That's what's going to get you that breakthrough moment and that's what's gonna give you recurring customers. Recurring customers is vital for huge success.. And that's what we're aiming for here!

START BIG and when time comes, start providing less. Start with 2 for 1 sales.. Start with 5000 followers instead of 2000 etc. When you've been doing this for a while and you've started to gain clients, recurring ones, you can start providing less.

Start to deliver 2500 followers instead. 50% less but you'll still keep your clients because they're satisfied with your work. Be smart about it though. You can't start delivering 500 or 1000 followers. You still need to deliver at least the same amount as other sellers but preferably a bit more, to keep you on the winning-side so to speak.

Sending Traffic
Now that we’ve got our gig/service/product up and running, we’re going to drive some traffic to it. The organic traffic from Fiverr, SEOClerks or any other marketplace you choose, should definitely bring you some visitors, but we should also use other methods to increase our sales.

**Facebook Groups
There are tons of Facebook groups that are created specifically for Fiverr sellers to promote their gigs. Hence, you’re able to place your gigs in front of thousands of targeted eyeballs.

To find them, simply type related keywords such as “fiverr”, “gigs” or "services" and join the related groups. They typically accept members within 24 hours. The same goes for SEOClerks & Freelancer etc.

The way that we promote our gigs in forums for free is by using our signature links.

Here’s an example of a signature link: (My own from SEOClerks forum)


This line of text is includes a direct link to one of my services on SEOClerks. And on top of that, I've also included my affiliate id. Increased chance of gaining both sales and affiliates. Hard to beat that when it's totally free advertising.

More on this..

Be Active! It's the best advice I can give you. This will help you drive traffic to your page. Do not spam every thread and topic with links. Answer peoples questions and contribute. There's no shortcuts when building reputation. It takes time and effort.

Both Fiverr and SEOClerks Forums are great options. Especially the "Advertise Your SEOClerks Service" and the "Service Reviews" sections are great. Think about that when you deliver your work! Think about advertising.. Offer your clients something extra for a nice review within the forum for instance.

Create a website/blog
Websites or blogs around your business shows that you're credible. If you don't have the necessary skills to make one yourself, do hire someone who can set you up with a professional site. Would probably cost you somewhere between $100 and $300 depending on the features you want. In case your site will be made using wordpress (chances are high that it will be), you'll have outstanding themes, both free and for a few bucks a piece. See this as investment. You invest in yourself and your business. The more effort you put in building your audience, the more money you'll earn in the long run.

Comment on blogs/articles
Search for relevant niche websites that have a blog and post articles that are relevant to what you are selling. Most blogs allow you to include a link with your post and if the situation allows it, you could even mention in your comment that you provide a relevant service on __________.

**Services/gigs from people who'll tweet or share
If you're about to use a gig or service where someone will tweet your message for all their thousands of followers to see. Make sure these sellers doesn't provide followers themselves. If they are, then go away!

Since they'll most likely tweet your message to all of their own fake followers, which ends up with no results for you. If you decide on Facebook shares instead, think of it this way. Why would someone provide a service for a measly $1 or $2 if they promote your link to let's say, 6 million Facebook users..?

Because they make posts in SUPER-LARGE Facebook Groups with NO activity what so ever. Which means, no results for you.

With that being said, this could be an incredible resource if you find the right people. It's often cheap and can bring you tremendous results. To narrow it down a bit further, I'll even give you a few examples of these types of services. Just to show you what we're talking about here..

Here goes:

I will tweet your Message to my Real and Active followers
Tweet Your Message To 155k Verified Celebrity Friends, Fans And Followers

Note that I am not affiliated with these in any way and I haven't actually used these myself either. However, these are highly rated & often used by others who claims to get good results.

Remember what I explained above..?

None will give you that much exposure for your website, products or services for a measly buck or two. Not if it would actually work. It's pure insanity. I could easily sell the same service for a couple of thousand dollars each, if they worked.. Besides that, why would any internet marketer provide such services to begin with..? All of them would keep those incredible methods for themselves.

You, me and everyone else should understand this, but the fact is, that there's several thousand people out there who's not. Which is the reason for these kind of services to exist.

A short note though.. Even if these kind of services are a huge "hit and miss" and 99% of the times a huge miss, I'd still spend a buck or two just for the sake of it. You could actually have that 1% in your favor that specific time you try it..

To make things a bit fun, and to keep talking about the 1%. Imagine 1% of 12 million people.. That would bring you some CRAZY results.. That would be 120,000 people who bought your service/product or who signed up to your list..

Seriously though, don't fall for these types of things. Do some research and look at the sellers other services before even thinking about this.. Read the reviews, take a look at the actual accounts they will use to promote your links. Check their followers accounts.. If they look fake, just stay away.

**Free classified ads
Another way to send traffic to your links is to use free classified ads sites. Classified ads sites receives tons of traffic every single day, and you could potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not take advantage of these. This traffic is not at all targeted, but you may never know when someone will come across your site. As it's easy to setup this, I'd spend a few minutes on doing this. At least for starters. Some say it's a total waste and others claims it to be incredible.. Do as you wish.

Youtube is quite underestimated, believe it or not. We all know that youtube is great for increasing traffic. There's literally tons of people using youtube as one of their main sources of traffic. And their main income.

However, it's not that common that sellers on Fiverr or SEOClerks for instance, are using it the same way. Some for sure but most sellers doesn't utilize it.

Let's say you provide voice overs, logo designs or facebook promotion. It doesn't matter. Just upload your video. The exact one you're using for the specific service is fine but you can use another one too.

Might not be the best way to attract new customers but it wouldn't hurt to just upload a video, right?

Share the video with your friends on facebook or twitter. Use relevant hashtags. Spread the word & traffic will come. Ask your friends for help. Tell them to like and share the video and the facebook post. Or let them retweet and favorite the tweet on twitter.

With relevant hashtags and the "word-of-mouth" you'll get increased traffic without a doubt, even if it might not be targeted traffic to start with, it's definitely traffic you shouldn't stay away from. You should obviously enter your service or product url within the description on youtube.

Cross-Promote And Upsell
Much like how you can build a list by providing a .pdf or .txt within your deliveries. You can use that same trick to promote your website/portfolio every time you deliver an order. Include your logo, your colors, your website name and include a clickable link so they can easily visit your site. This is an extremely effective way of sending a link to your buyers without actually putting the link in your messages. Now you can easily scale things up, build lists and make extra sales.

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Oh I did a Youtube video for my blog post where I reviewed SeoClerks. I am getting a little bit of traffic from my Youtube video. If I look on Youtube search my video comes up on the 1st page for "Best SEO Services" but it is the last on page 1... I am sure it will gain in strength over time though!

I love all these ideas you have mentioned Andre, I totally agree with you that over time this will build up into a really great source of income!

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I'm loving this! Everything you have said in all of these so far is bang on the money! You basically tell it like it is without beating around the bush and I appreciate that. As would anyone that would have purchased this as an eBook too. It's that kind of straight talking that people appreciate when it comes to promoting their services on here, or on anywhere! And all of the suggested promotion methods here are well worth doing as well. The tweets thing is a bit touch-and-go, and you're right in that you need to find only those services that tweet to their mass followers. But you have to be careful and do a bit of research into this first if you can. Why? Because there are a lot of sellers out there that will tweet to their mass followers, but the only thing is, many of their followers are probably eggs. What are eggs? They are basically fake twitter accounts. And those fake accounts don't do anything for you. They don't retweet your tweets, they don't like them and they don't comment on them nor do they actually visit the link/site in that tweet. So if possible you have to ask if you can see the account they are tweeting from first. Then check out their recent tweets and see if they have much activity and engagement. If they are real followers the person has, their tweets will have some activity on them. And not just the first 20+ tweets either, but tweets from long ago. Also take a look through their followers as well, you'll be able to identify eggs pretty easily as usually they don't have bio pictures or many tweets and the like.

The other methods are spot on though, I can vouch for FB groups, they work if you are doing it consistently. The thing is with FB groups is they have insane amounts of people posting to them, so your posts can get quickly buried under many other posts. So you have to keep posting to them regularly, like everyday, morning and evening times work best when there are the most people online using them.

You know when it comes to Classified Ad posting, it's something I've never got into myself. Although you can indeed buy some great classified ad posting services on here by people who will do it for you. The main reason I haven't got into it is purely down to time. But if you search the site here for Classified Ads posting sorted by top rated services, you can find quite a lot for good prices to purchase and take advantage of.

And then of course there is Google+ communities, I do use them quite a lot and get a good response from them too. I find people on Google+ are much more active than anywhere else and my posts have a much better engagement / response rate too. Then there's forum posting like you said, again, you can buy that on here as well but it will be other people doing it and they may not be building up your reputation on those forums exactly how you would and it's a risk but it can still pay off in the long run. And of course! Video marketing! Anyone not using YouTube would be leaving money on the table for sure. And as these days it's so easy to get a quick professional video made up for you and you can buy YouTube promotion services on here for that to get them out there so to speak.

Really there's so many things you can do to promote your services. More today than there used to be.

You're only really limited by your own imagination. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 10.

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Damn Andre, that's a really big list of ways you can get traffic and in essence orders on your services. People need to understand this is a huge deal and a lot of work, but the results are worth it, keeping this sorts of campaign up for long periods of time can bring an huge influx of new orders that will only grow and grow in time, till the point where you won't need too much promotion because you'll be promoted by your own clients.

I believe some massive sellers here on SC but also on fiverr achieved that status. I can't image the amount of extra work they've put in into their own promotion besides delivering orders for clients.

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Competitors should not be viewed as enemies. I agree with that overview you offered, as in fact checking out what your competitors are offering can prove to be instructive. Be it for getting a general idea of the prevailing prices, or to see if they offering something better than you are, competitors should be monitored and analyzed, and in time you may find that they actually helped you improve yourself as a seller in various ways.

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If you lower your price or increase the quality, or add extras and bonus to your offer, you can outwith the competitors. You should find what competitors are doing, what are their strong points, what are their weakness. You need to emulate the strong points and discard the weakness.
Getting traffic to your listing is very important. You will have to use everything at your hands to generate traffic, Adwords or Facebook ads can be a starting point.

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It is very clear that marketing your business is heavy work. Although I agree with the joining to Facebook groups, I’d still say that it is not easy because you have to establish yourself first before you gain an audience. One freelancer friend had the experience of joining multiple Facebook groups that she thought would give her instant clients but it did not yield anything because she has no reputation yet and was treated as an over-eager newcomer in the group.

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