FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

SEOClerks Affiliate Program
SEOClerks affiliate program allows you to earn 10% of all your affiliates purchases. I have 1000+ affiliates on SEOClerks today, which is less than a few other sellers on SEOClerks, but I still have them and they are slowly but steadily still growing even though I haven't done anything at all since last late 2014 for bringing them in.. I believe I'm top 10 at least, (more on that later). Here's some numbers.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

As you can see in the above screenshot. I got 5 new affiliates on September 12th. I've hidden their usernames and the urls they come from but you can still see both the total orders and the sales amount. In August, I got 3 new affiliates and the list goes on.. There's 9 people in this list above and none of them have purchased anything.. yet.

So, let's take a look at some other numbers..

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

Remember what I said above? - I earn 10% on each order. For life. 100% Passive.
With this said and shown. The affiliate program can be a very lucrative income stream.

  • Duration: Forever
  • Commission: 10% of every sale, for life.
  • Limitations: None.

More information here:
While we're at it. I'll show you the screenshot from my SEOClerks account again.
(The one I showed you in the forewords .pdf)

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

So, there you have it again, my account. More than $23,750 withdrawn & 1,087 affiliates. (At the time I took the screenshot.)

The story continues with some more in-depth information regarding my venture on SEOClerks..

Affiliates And The Route Of Getting Them

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

As you can see in the above screenshot I finished at second place in SEOClerks 2nd contest. Remember what I wrote in the introduction file..?

I found and joined SEOClerks during their 2nd affiliate contest! (Well, that's not the whole truth. I actually found & joined SEOClerks about a year earlier but I never used it until a year later. During the 2nd affiliate contest.)

During the time I started I had no idea what I could or should do.. I wasn't even aware of the fact that I had a shot at the prize money.. That being said, I also came 4th in the third affiliate contest as you can see below.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

Conclusion. I had more sales and more affiliates but less total amount in sales compared to the 2nd contest. I put in effort during the time between the both contests so I did things differently due to the fact that I learned more.. I found ways to get affiliates a bit easier. Which is the reason I gained more.. Affiliates are a bit "hit and miss" so to speak, as you'll never know if they will start spending lots of money or not but having affiliates can be a fantastic passive income. For life.

I was quite successful in both contests as shown above, even though I was incompetent in affiliates and how to get them when I started..

Here's what I did, as a total rookie. A total newcomer who'd never done anything like this at all.. Ever.

I knew that Yahoo Answers was a place where people asked questions and others gave answers.. So I thought to myself.. Can I be one of them answering some of all these questions..?

For starters, I bought a couple of Yahoo Answer accounts straight from SEOClerks WTB section. (want to buy).

I purchased level 2 accounts so I could post links, which I did in relevant topics.

Questions like, "Where can I get twitter followers?"

I simply posted a reply with something like. "Have you tried SEOClerks (with my affilite id)? It's unbeatable. 1000 followers for $2." And BAM!

People started to sign up using my link. Sure, I wouldn't say this is the best way of gaining affiliates because I had like 5 or 6 Yahoo accounts banned because of advertising and using affiliate links.. but still..

I bought 3 accounts for $5 (6 accounts for $10) and I gained a couple of hundred affiliates right off the bat so I'm satisfied, especially since I'm still earning commission for every order they make, for life. The hard part is to gain active affiliates. The ones who'll spend money each day..

This whole Yahoo Answer thing was something I came up with myself. Listen, I understand that this might be something that several others have done or are still doing, perhaps you're doing it yourself too?

What I mean by coming up with this myself, is that no one told me to do it. I'd never heard of it before and suddenly came up with the idea in my head..

"One of the best experiences"

From a total, utterly noob without affiliates.. To becoming a Level X5 user with more than 1000 affiliates.. For me, it's one of the best experiences I've had online because it wasn't until I started using SEOClerks I started to make the real bucks.

SEOClerks gave me the opportunities and I saw them. I saw the potential. I stood on something "groundbreaking". They had (and still have) the tools. The one thing I had to find out, was how to use them properly.. And that's a huge learning curve. I'm here to hand you all the necessary tools, give you advice and tips, so you'll be able to take a huge shortcut!

34 Affiliates in 13 days
To shed even more light on this, I'll show you what I did on 10th of December to gain 34 new Affiliates in total until 23rd December..

SEOClerks offer their affiliates the ability to create $5 coupons, which they can give away to new SEOClerks users.. I've used this option a couple of times but it's extremely time consuming due to alot of scammers. People's who signs up as your affiliate multiple times using several accounts and requests $5 coupon with all their accounts etc.. The free $5 coupon are a ONE time use only and ONLY for new SEOClerks users, but not everyone seems to understand that..

Any how, what I did on 10th December, was one simply forum post. I won't disclose that exact post since I did this as an experiment for this product. However, the method is very simple yet extremely effective.

First of all, you'll need to find the right place for your post. Blackhat forums are often very useful resources for this, as most of them allows affiliate links & advertising.

They do also love FREE stuff, which is the main reason for them to be "blackhatters".

You simply state something like:
"SEOClerks is the Largest SEO Marketplace on the Planet with affordable Services for as low as $1. You can get FIVE of these for FREE, if you sign up using my Affiliate Link. (New Users Only)."

**Note: Buy & Sell Sections in various Forums are often VERY good options to gain Affiliates too. Just promote the service they're looking for with a link. And obviously, include your affiliate id.

Below is a screenshot of the results I got, from one simply forum post..

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

As you can see most of these affiliates haven't bought anything yet.. There's two reasons for that. The first one, is that they've actually redeemed a coupon before, with another account.. Which makes this offer unavailable. They won't be able to redeem their codes once they try. The other reason, might be because they haven't found "that" specific service they're looking for.

However, there's 3 affiliates within this list who's purchased services for more than their free $5 they got, ( $9, $10 and $16 ). With that being said, these 3 people might be "the ones" you're always looking for.. Those rare golden eggs.

As stated a few times earlier you earn 10% on your affiliates. You EVEN earn 10% from the FREE $5 you give away! That's what I call outstanding.

People who's interested in creating these coupons needs to contact SEOClerks support and tell them how they're planning to use them. How they'll bring users to the marketplace etc. Just be honest and tell them about your approach.

We'll move on towards the next chapter..

Click Here For [ Part 10. ]


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Yes! Talking about affiliates now. My favorite part of SEOClerks! And why is that? Well because it means it's basically FREE money for me! Money that I don't have to do diddly squat to earn! I love selling services and doing and providing a great service to people and getting positive feedback/ratings and recommendations from people. When it's a job well done, I feel like I've "earned" that. And when it comes to affiliates, I have kind of "earned" that as well. Because if it wasn't for me putting my links out there in the first place, or doing whatever it is I done to earn that affiliate, I simply wouldn't have got that affiliate in the first place!

That said, I really need to step up my affiliate driving campaign on here. I have several SEOClerks sites that I use to get them with. And I'm starting to do other things as well. But there are just so many different things you can do, methods you can apply to get them with. Whether it's posting on Yahoo! Answers or using Quora Q&A site. To tons and tons of different ways to get affiliates for SEOClerks.

As you may know, a little while back I posted 50+ Verified Ways to Share and Distribute Your Affiliate Links Services Products or Offers. And that's only 50 ways. There are many many many more ways and things you can do to get affiliates with. Sooo many things..

The $5 discount code is a great incentive for new buyers. Actually, they can get $10 by verfying their address here as well. So they get the $5 cash coupon code, then another $5 when they verify their address. That's $10 of FREE spending cash! You tell me what other micro service marketplace does that!? NO WHERE THAT'S WHERE EXCEPT SEOClerks! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

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That's 50 awesome ways Mike and I'm glad you mentioned it in this topic too. Every one should be aware of that topic. At least all the people who's looking for ways to share their affiliate links. - Hopefully I'll be able to use most of these ways (and hopefully others too) shortly, as long as everything I've planned works out smoothly.

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Oh yes, I am able to create $5 coupons too and I have started with affiliate marketing for SeoClerks. I have 16 affiliates so far and they have purchased a total of $191 already which is way cool. I have found this to be a really great affiliate program.

Not only can I get affiliate sales when people buy services from other people, but I also used my own affiliate link to promote my own services which means that I get that 10% back on my own services!

I really like the fact that this is a lifetime affiliate program, not like other affiliate programs like Amazon where it is a bit hit and miss... they have to buy immediately using your affiliate link and if that customer goes back tomorrow and spends $5000 you get nothing!

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I remember one of the contests! If I'm not mistaken I came up in 8th place on the second one (or first one, don't remember exactly). Either way, I agree it was a cool experience.
I also did Yahoo Answers type promotions to get my affiliates but I also remember promoting SC a lot on digital point forum. Haven't made any affiliate sales since then because I started to get banned on YA and I just quit.
Haven't tried doing the exact same thing on Quora but I guess similar results can be achieved.

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That's awesome! I guess you was hitting it too hard on YA then. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9. Was you answering every question with a link? They don't like it when people do that! And yeah Quora is a great equivalent or alternative to YA for this reason. It's the same on there these days though, if every answer you post has a link in it, the mods see that as self promotion more than they do contributing and answering people and they get clicky clicky on you! lol FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

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No, most of the times was something like answer with a link followed by 2-3 answers without the link, although it was clear that I put a lot more effort into those answers that had a link.

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That was very inspirational. I truly wish i can improve on affiliates. However it takes time and effort to get them right? Unfortunately i lack the time and the knowhow of how to best go about it too. I know it is greatly beneficial not only from a monetary point of view, but also since it is what is keeping me from improving my level FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 9.

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Let's say it like this. It most likely will take tons of time and effort to get affiliates but it really doesn't have to be like that. You could potentially just work for an hour or two and get thousands of affiliates from doing that. Not instantly, but with time. - Everything depends on how you do it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to work to get more affiliates for a long period of time due to the lack of time, but hopefully I'll be able to start shortly again! - I have something special in mind and as long as it works out good, then I'll re-focus and spend most of my time on bringing affiliates!

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When it comes to generating leads, I am always a failure. I cannot convince people to join the certain program under me even if the program is very beneficial. Having affiliates will continue to earn for you for a long time even if you don't do anything. However, the main question is how do you convince people to join under you. The only way you can do this is by sharing your success. If you are successful, you can tell people that they can be successful if they join this program.

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It looks like your affiliates in SEOclerk are doing good. I have been reading about affiliate marketing particularly the Amazon affiliate program that I am always tempted to register. But whenever I would realize that I have no spare time for that then my effort might just be wasted because you need to invest a lot of time and effort in affiliate marketing otherwise you will just earn coins if you are lucky and worse you don’t earn anything.

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