FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

SEOClerks And Building Reputation
I'm a Level X5 user on SEOClerks.. I became a Level X5 user because I "stood out" of the crowd. Quite easily to be honest. Sure, a bit luck always helps but mainly, it was because I was determined.

Since then, my earnings obviously increased, but other things followed with that..
People relies on me. They contact me regarding the marketplace itself, they seek help and answers.. I seems like I have some sort of "super power".

Here's the BEST part of it!
I always do my best to help people. I always have and always will. I strive to make people comfortable. Both as clients but also as individuals. And.. What am I doing by doing that ... ? -I build reputation, trust and relationships!

That's the reason I have what I have today. I couldn't allow myself to stay inside "the box" thinking, so I went outside and looked at things from a different perspective. A different angle. Hopefully, you will do that too, after you've learned what I'm here to offer.. I believe you will and I believe you can!

SEOClerks forum is a great way to build reputation. Their FAQ section too. This will also help you to get attention from SEOClerks staff, which eventually could lead to that special Level X user level. SEOClerks forum is flooded with questions regarding sales, orders, cancellations & much more, so study and learn what SEOClerks is all about & how it works and you'll be able to contribute in the forum with ease.

• SEOClerks user levels

I won't go into all of this in detail. You can find all the information here:

However, since everything from user level 4 to X5 is outstanding to reach, I'll give you a few more tips on how to do it..

• Level 4

The requirements are easy to understand but perhaps not as easy to fulfill. Take a quick look at the outstanding benefits.

You earn 1% extra on all sales. You can send a status update with email every 3 days and withdraw your funds more often. Let me explain what status updates is all about..

• Status update with email

When browsing users profiles you can choose to follow them. "BarryinSiam" has followed almost 2,000 people and have more than 1,100 followers. When he creates a new status he can then choose to email that status to his followers..

More than 1,100 people gets an email notification as soon as he makes a new status..
Just imagine what you can do with that incredible free advertising.. Launching a new service? About to offer discounts..? That's entirely up to you!

This is AMAZING. Period.

• Level 5

Once again, easy requirements to understand but harder to fulfill. As you can see you need 150 more orders/purchases compared to Level 4 and you need 100 unique affiliate sales instead of 50. You'll also need 2% higher ratings and less response
time. However, the benefits for level 5 are insane.
2% extra on all sales. Status update with email every 2 days and also free highlight feature!! With this said, you should be able to understand how the user levels works.. And you should see that the benefits are incredible! Right..?

I will show you one more.. The Level X.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

Like I previously stated. I'm a Level X5 user. It's the highest level you can reach on SEOClerks and I made it.. How I did it? - Since all Level X users are manually selected by SEOClerks, there's no way I can tell you WHY, as I don't know the EXACT reason I got handpicked..

However, I do have some "insight" at least, and I know a few things you should do, to increase your chances.. And I know what I did in the past.. First of all, the requirements already states:

• Should have social pages representing you here
• Must get noticed by Staff.
A social page would be a Facebook Fan page for instance. It's easy to set up and by doing just a tiny bit of advertising, you'll start gaining fans. Ask your family and/or friends to like the page for starters. Fans will come with time..

Must get noticed by Staff then..
First of all, do NOT create threads within the forum asking for Level X. Do NOT send tickets to the support asking for it either.. This will ONLY delay or even minimize your chances radically. If you spend some time within the forum you'll see several people doing this.. Most of them are user level 1 or 2. Why they do it, is for them to answer.

However, you will NOT do it.

What you should and could do:

• Provide high quality services.
• Deliver your services in time.
• Cancel orders instead of getting negative feedbacks.
• Refund clients instead of getting negative feedbacks.
• Contribute in the Forum.
(Share your knowledge, create tutorials, be active.)
• Answer questions within their FAQ section.

And also, be polite & think of this as business. Treat it like business. Respect your business and honor your clients. I know that these are fairly vague tips.. But they are crucial. Believe me. I haven't seen anyone being promoted to Level X without doing this. Most people seems to believe it's all about sales and ratings which is false. There's several sellers on SEOClerks who's having 1,000+ positive feedbacks who's still a user level 3 or 4.. Level X are something unique, which is the best part of it. With these guidelines you'll be able to reach it as long as you do the necessary steps, and if you add some extras to it..

I'm now a Moderator of SEOClerks Forum!
As already explained, I'm an active member of SEOClerks forum. I contribute and I strive to help people and answer questions in the best possible way I can.. And because of that, I'm now a Moderator. Here's some proof of how I became one..

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

The reason I blurred some out is because that has nothing to do with being a moderator. As you can see, The Community Admin states herself that I already do moderator duties and that I should become one. This is not a request from me.
It's a statement from her. The reason is because I'm active as I've already explained several times, but I also do one more thing on top of this. I report each and every post or thread I find that's against the rules, threads and posts where people are flaming each other and calling each other names etc. Threads and posts that's out of line so to speak. I've been reporting such threads and posts for a couple of months now and I got a private message from the Community Admin. That's quite awesome, right?

Some of you might think..
• Why become a moderator and spend lots of time helping people and contribute in the
forum when you can spend that time doing other things instead? (Focus on sales or whatever)

For me, the reason is simple. First of all, I've always been into helping others. Whenever I can, I'd love to help. That's just how I am as a person. In a business-type scenario, it's great. Being active and posting lots of replies makes people see my signature link. That's outstanding advertising and helps to gain sales. Secondly, people can clearly see that each and every of my posts is helpful and I solve peoples problems. For free. That's a great way to build reputation and relations.

Next, we'll dive into something totally different..

Click Here For [ Part 9. ]


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Very nice and high quality post that will help newbies. Just one advice from me, isn't it better to cut off the Fiverr part as it might only drive people in the wrong direction and using the wrong website.

The most of the high-qualy sellers here on SEOClerks have quit working on Fiverr and that's not because of no reason, but because here, on SEOClerks, we have amazing support, amazing features and opportunity to make real money & clients.

Fiverr is a website that sides with the buyers, so there are a lot of scammers around and here it's a complete different story and admins are fair with everyone, buyers, sellers and affiliates. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

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It's so awesome that you're sharing all of this Andre! That your level status hasn't "gone to your head" sort of thing and you're not using it for your own reasons only and are sharing this along with your steps that you took to get to that level with people. That my friend, is exactly the reason you was cherry picked from the start! You know when you just know about a person? That is the same feeling that staff would have had about you in their deciding factor to upgrade you to a Level X5 user on here. You could have just went with that and used it as leverage to increase sales on here. But you've gone about differently, you've used it as an incentive to share what you've done and how you got there and helping other people to reach that same status as well which in turn, will make sellers on here better sellers and in turn, make SEOClerks a much better place just for it!

It just goes to show that personality goes a long way today. You can start off as a nobody, as a level 1 user, but through perseverance and determination. Through paying it forward and being an all round awesome person, all the time, that gets noticed and pays back. It's true what they say you know when they say "what goes around comes around". That you get out what you put in. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

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Thank you Mike, I appreciate your kind words. Well, I could've done things differently, I could have done nothing to help others and all that but that's not in my nature. I like to help others in every way I can and I don't mind doing so. One of the best feelings I've got from freelancing is when one of my previous customers could start working full time because of the help he got from me. And obviously due to all the effort he put in. - That was truly awesome!

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Andre I think that is WHY you stood out from the crowd. There are givers and there are takers. The way I see it though is that if you are a giver you will naturally receive. This is why you would have found it so easy to make Level X status here.

I agree with you though, it is not a good practice to ask to be Level X and I think you are spot on, those sellers most likely won't ever make it.

It is the people that ask "how can I achieve that status" that have a much better chance. I think maybe a lot of people think that is quite a similar question but it is not at all.

One is asking to be given something without giving anything, the other is asking how it can be earned. Two completely different things.

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I totally agree with you Lynne! - In fact, I never asked about Level X. Not even a single time. I knew the requirements and honestly speaking, I wasn't working towards Level X. I got the upgrade notification and it was an amazing experience, but it was never something I took for granted or even aimed towards from the start. - I just did my thing and suddenly, out of nowhere I got promoted. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

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Hey Steven!
I do agree that SEOClerks are way better than Fiverr, and I don't do business on Fiverr myself these days. 5 other parts, the last 5 parts of the FiverrClerks topics, will be published tomorrow and the 15 different parts are my entire ebook. - I thought I'd share the entire ebook here on SEOClerks, as I want people to get inspiration, motivation and I want people to read a full story from an X5 member on SEOClerks. The 15 parts contains my "journey" so to speak. Everything from a "Fiverr Zero" to a "SEOClerks Hero", which basically means, from a novice who just started online and everything I've done to reach X5 on SEOClerks. - A bit of a cheesy name but I think it was quite an awesome name for the book. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

As this is the community discussion of SEOClerks, I thought it was only fair to include Fiverr and other marketplaces too, as it wouldn't have been my full story in case I left those things out. - However, I do understand your point and I thought about this for a long time before I finally decided to share the whole shebang. This is not about SEOClerks or Fiverr in particular. This is about my whole journey as a Freelancer.

I'm certain of the fact that others, like you and me already know, will understand that SEOClerks is the best option for all of us.

Best Regards,

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Good from your side you decided to share the whole thing. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.
And thank you for explaining, i hope we also reach Level X5 soon! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 8.

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I know everyone here on SC ultimately desires the Level X, you can reach level 5 with enough determination by selling your services and buy bringing in affiliate sales, but level X is a hard one to come by.

From my experience, all you can do is stay part of the SC community, contribute a lot on the Community Discussions with real content, don't just post stuff in the hope someone will notice you because you'll probably get noticed but not promoted to level X.
You need to have an honest contribution, you actually need to LOVE being here and getting involved in the community as well as making money by selling you services, also make your customers happy!

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Increasing your User level on Seoclerks matters a lot. There are various benefits to be gained as you move from one level to the next. I am at Level 3, and I am pleased with it, even though it would be awesome if I were to get a higher level. Yet, it is mainly attributed to getting affiliate sales, and I have not managed to devote much time or attention to this. So unfortunately unless I do this I guess I am going to be stuck at Level 3. I understand the reasoning behind the requirements related to affiliate, but since it requires time and effort it is not something that is possible for everyone. I for one cannot dedicate much time on it as my time is so limited, and I need to keep up with the orders I get.

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Even though I am yet to find success on Fiverr or SEOClerks, I was on Upwork and I earned good money through Upwork. Since I have worked with clients from various countries and cultures, I understand certain things, for example
the work you deliver should always be of high quality, you cannot lower the quality just because you are receiving small amount since you have agreed to do the work for X amount, you will have to deliver your best.
Delievering your work on time is also very important. If you cannot do in the stipulated time you should say so before yo start your work.

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Personality in the online world is made by the reputation that we leave in other sites. This reminds me when a forum admin gave me a very low rating that I complained about it, several freelancers stood up for me. They said that they know me by my posts in other forums that I was not the person that was described by the admin. This is not to brag but I just want to cite an example that if you are doing an honest work then that is building a good reputation that will be beneficial to you later on.

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From Zero to Hero. I love it! I must say my experience at this site has been great. I wouldn't say that I'm a hero. LOL. But I will say that site has made me believe in myself and my own KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities).

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