FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

Getting Started With SEOClerks

Creating an account on SEOClerks is just as easy as it is on Fiverr or any other membership site you've joined.

( Sign Up with SEOClerks – LINK)

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

Posting services is a straightforward process here too. However, it's not like Fiverr when it comes to rankings or anything like that at all. You create your service and "BAM!" it's alive. However, instead of using keywords in titles, descriptions or using videos to rank your service higher, you use another feature called: "service bump" to get more exposure.

Tons of people are not even aware of it and tons of people just ignores it. These sellers will probably not succeed. These are vital if you're looking for more clients.

SEOClerks Features

• Bump your services

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

Now you know what the bump feature is and what it does.. Bumps are vital for success and since you already understand exactly what it does, you're actually ahead. If you look at SEOClerks forum you'll see multiple threads asking about bumps, what they are, what you do with them and why you should use them.. And also how to use them. These are mostly from people who's either new to SEOClerks or people who's struggling to get orders.. The truth is, there's actually several top rated sellers on SEOClerks who doesn't use bumps to their full potential.. Which basically means that they're leaving money on the table!

As the Contributor I am, I've actually made a tutorial about the bump feature on
SEOClerks Forum. You can find my tutorial here.

• Highlight your services

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

When browsing the marketplace you will find services that are highlighted in yellow. Just like these two in the above screenshot.

Highlighted services tends to get more attention and when you reach user level 5 you can request this feature for free. Any user can purchase this feature. The highlight feature costs $19 and your service will be highlighted for 31 days. You should already see a huge difference between Fiverr and SEOClerks by now.. SEOClerks provides MUCH MORE features so it is easier to make sales.. If you use all of SEOClerks "tools" properly that is.. Especially for new sellers.

• Permanently feature your service.

Here's another awesome feature for sellers. Your service will always be on the first page and at the top. There's a total of 20 spots so your service will be shown among the first 20 service listings for 31 days. This feature has a pricetag of $375.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

• Category feature

Your service will be at the top of the specific category you choose. This is like the permanent feature but this is for categories alone. Your service will be featured
for 31 days and this feature costs $50.

Please note that bumps, free or paid, will never put your service above a featured one. Your service will be shown below featured ones but you'll still get lots of exposure using them, so do it!

Besides these features you'll obviously enter keywords when you create your service so using great and correct keywords makes it easier to find your service when searching. You'll also choose the category so make sure you put your service into the most proper one. A logo design service for instance, shouldn't be listed in the "Traffic" category..

By implementing everything you've learned so far you'll be on a true & real "shortcut" path to success. Just remember that everything stated above regarding Fiverr, how to handle your clients and orders, what to do and what not to do, goes with SEOClerks or any other marketplace too!

And with all this said, we'll move along to the next chapter..

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Bumping, highlighting and featuring your services on SEOClerks is an excellent way to get those services more views and thus, more sales. The bump feature is an excellent feature as it gives EVERYONE a chance to get their service seen by people regardless to what your user or seller level is. Even if you're only starting out on SEOClerks as a seller for the first time. By bumping your service every day, you can be sure that it's going to be listed at the top of the respected category you've listed it in.

And if your service looks good, has a good sales description, good title, fairly priced etc, there is no reason why someone wont buy that service if it is a service that is in high demand. Actually the bump feature is a very good feature and you can use it to the best of your ability. You can experiment with bumps and bump at different times of the day to see which works best for you.

What you should do is note down how many views your service has then bump it at say 9AM. Then look at how many views it got by the end of the day. Then try bumping it at say 12 noon and seeing how many views it got and then later in the day and seeing. Eventually what you'll find is that there will be a "sweet time" or "optimum" time that you can bump your particular service for it to get the most sales.

And the good thing about bumps is, provided you do all the things everyday that can earn you bumps, you can often end up with more bumps than you need. I think I have 250 bumps right now. I think that's the max you can have. But I went through a period where I was not using any bumps or bumping any service. So they stacked up. Now I may bump 5 of my services every day or every other day. But by that time, I've earned more than 5 bumps just doing those things that you need to do to actually earn them.

So bumps are a great thing and if you do those things you need to do to earn them, you'll never really run out of them and can use them everyday to bump your service, every day. And if your service is bumped everyday and people always see it everyday. You will likely get sales for that service. Usually I always end up with at least 1 sale when I bump my services. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7.

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Thanks Andre. I have only ever made use of the free bumps for my services but the difference is that I am not actually a seller here. Well I do have a few services listed but I only added those because people actually requested them!

I have an eBook for sale on about my drug addiction so I use all my free bumps there. I am quite enjoying that website.. for anyone that doesn't know ListingDock is also owned by Ionicware so you already have an account and you can promote products there too! Free bumps earned on SeoClerks by doing things like adding community discussion threads can also be used there and vice versa which is way awesome.

I will consider using a paid promotion for my eBook there at some stage FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 7. Thanks for the explanation Andre, I have noticed the paid boosts but now I know what they really entail.

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The permanently feature service can make you a ton of money! You just have to make sure your services is good enough and you can deliver everything fast enough to turn out a profit as well as covering your initial investment of paying for the feature service.

I bought the feature service a couple of times when it was cheaper and SC had a lot less traffic, but the last time I think it was around 250 bucks when I bought it and I was able to recover that money in about 1 week, the next 3 weeks were just pure profit and I actually made a lot of money at the end of they day, used to get about 5 orders daily.

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It is important for new users to be aware of the different promotional methods they can use to make their services stand out a bit more. This can really help them to make sales, and to improve their reputation and level as time goes by. This post certainly elaborates well on the bumps, highlights and the feature services, and this will be helpful for those who have no idea about them, or never tried them out. Personally I only tried out bumps, and they were effective enough. While the service was on the first page, I generally managed to get a sale, and sometimes even more.

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I am on SEOClerk since a couple of months, I have few listings on SEOclerk. However, I was not aware of bump feature. I was always surprised to see some listings always featured on the front page, however, I did not know these listing appeared on the front page because they have paid bumps. I will try this.
There are many sellers who are selling the same services and if I don't promote my service, how would I survive.

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I understand that the bump is very important for the seller because being on the top of the heap can get your offer more chances of a buyer. I have been seeing services about being bumped as if there is a way to get your offer on top of the list. Now you have specified that there is a paid service for the bump that I think is a good way of earning money for the site.

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