Blogging for fun and making money

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Blogging for fun and making money

So many times I've been asked how to make money online and my response always begins with "You should start blogging about something you like, it doesn't matter what it is, just be knowledgeable about the topic." Then I always get the response "Well I don't know how to get started" and I say "neither did I when I was younger, but I made it work. And when I started out I didn't have anyone telling me what and what not to do, but you have me to ask questions."

After we get talking a bit, I'll always go over that this does take time. Setting up a well designed blog is easy and takes about a week if you don't know what you're doing. If I set it up, I'll get it done in an afternoon while watching TV lol Blogging for fun and making money Their minds are pretty blown at this point because they always thought, like most do, that a website or blog costs $1,000's of dollars to start up and get going.

After I get their blog set up and running properly I show them how to start posting. I'll also show them the basics of on page optimization so that they can get the hang of optimizing their titles and the bodies of the content. I'll also put Yoast on their blog so that they can get a dummied down version of SEO lol. Yoast is great, don't get me wrong, but the way it's displayed is basically SEO for dummies Blogging for fun and making money

Now where does the money come in? That's pretty simple, but it takes time because the blog or website needs traffic (duh!). But before the traffic is coming in, the pages need to be monitized. I usually show them how to add adsense to their blog pages so that when someone comes in they are seeing the ads as well as the content at the same time. After they have a few dozen posts up and running I'll help them out with a small SEO campaign to get them ranked for some keywords that get 500 searches a month or less, basically the low hanging fruit Blogging for fun and making money Now if the website is already pulling in some traffic from the low hanging fruit type keywords, I'll focus on something else so they can get more traffic streams.

Blogging + Optimization + Monitization = Money

Now some niches will take longer to get ranked for due to the amount of competition. But if you can get seen as an authority in your niche, you'll be getting emails from companies wanting you to come talk to their employees, advertising opportunities from people wanting to place static banners on your pages, and you could also get some consulting gigs Blogging for fun and making money

This does require dedication, not 40 hours a week, but maybe 5 to 10. If you can post once a day that would be best, but 2 to 4 times a week will work. You'll also need to keep your content fresh and unique. No duplicate content! LOL Blogging for fun and making money

Well, that's a basic breakdown of how you can have fun blogging and make money Blogging for fun and making money

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I have a blog for my artist and i would like to monetize them. I use blogger to create them and its pretty easy to set up ad sense. The problem im running into is that they dont think i have enough content on it so monetize. Do you have a alternative ad company that will pay our per impression, click, sale, Etc? I have been trying to figure this our for months and i never have alot of time to do research. You think you would be up for the challenge? I could pay you a % of what the blog makes and give you some money upfront to get it going for me. What do you think? You have a really good knowledgebase on ads and blogs you would probably be a good asset. If your willing to help please inbox me im always available. Thank You!

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I need to get back into blogging again. I've had so many blogs in the past but I've usually grown bored of working on them or been side-tracked by other things. By other blogs that I'm running that I've ended up flipping them to either raise some funds to work on other projects or just to free up my time to work on those other blog projects. I went through a mad flipping phaze and flipped most of my sites and blogs. Some of those blogs are still up now. Some are bigger than before, but some are just the same because the new owner didn't work on them and take them to the next level. Despite all my advice and tips on how to do that which is a mystery I'll never fully understand but there you are.

Considering it's so easy to get into, once you've got a nice domain name. It's just really a matter of blogging on it, adding some nice researched posts on it, and then building links to it and then watching it climb up the ranks. Plus it's not hard to build traffic to it as well. There's just so many traffic generation methods you can do to build traffic to your blog today, ways you can network and stuff. Sure it wont happen overnight. But that's the fun thing about it you know? You can just work on them as and when you have the time and enjoy doing it. Obviously the most fun part of it all is when that blog starts earning you money. Then you can start taking it seriously. But the best thing is, you can do the same thing again for another blog, maybe in another niche. After all, we all have different interests.

Just try not to flip your blogs before they reach their full potential! Blogging for fun and making money

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Very interesting post. I agree that many people want to start making money online, but have no idea where to start, and in most cases they never even think about starting off with blogging. Blogging holds a lot of potential, and as long as one tries to be dedicated to it by posting good content on a regular basis, monetization will come in its own good time. It takes effort, and regularity and commitment, but it is both enjoyable and interesting. And of course, you can make money from it as you go along which is great.

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And in a nutshell that is what I do Blogging for fun and making money

I love blogging, I love the lifestyle and I love the fact that I can do whatever I want when I want in whatever way I want.

It feels free and amazing to be able to just write about things in my life and things I am passionate about and make money from it. I am going to stick with this, it makes life so much more fun and I can take my work with me where I go too.

Not just that, but I can incorporate my family life into my work. My kids often help me with projects for my mommy blog!

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Making money out of blogs was used to be much easier, I remember back when Page Rank was still a think it was easy to reach PR4 by doing link building on directories, blog commenting or just doing link exchanges with other blogs.
Once you've reached PR3 or higher, the traffic actually didn't matter that much, selling monthly side-wide backlinks was very easy and profitable, we made a lot of money with this method back then.

Now things had changed a lot, you need to have important target traffic or a lot of traffic to make a living out blogs.

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Well you can still get to PR4 and get that rank by doing those same things. It's just that you wont know what the PR will be. But if you are getting good rankings from it all then you would know it's still working. It's true though that you could sell links if you could show that you had a PR3+ site and I used to sell a lot of links that way also. After the PR switch off though it was just about using other ways to convince people to make link sells with like your PA and DA, moz and Alexa rank and traffic stats of course. Traffic stats can be faked though so everybody takes them with a pinch of salt but if you can show it through Analytics access that you have that organic traffic and what you're ranking for things it's still possible to sell links that way with your blog today. Blogging for fun and making money

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If you take your work as fun activity, it will be easier. If you begin to think about money from day one, you might be disappointed and end up frustrated. You should start blogging as a fun activity and never think how much you will earn from day one. As you continue blogging for some time and manage to pull good traffic, then you can think about making money. Blogging will make you money, however, it takes a long time to make money through blogging. If you are lookng for upfront payment or instant money, you should try freelancing instead. If you are ok with long term investment, blogging is for you. You invest your time on blogging and one day you will be rewarded.

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Blogging and enjoying it starts with passion.I have realize that no matter how you put out for a friend or a family about blogging,if they do not have passion for it,it will be a wasted effort on your path.

The money rolls in when we are able to fix our blog properly,some persons need to see the money immediately.The best bet is to do other freelancing jobs that would would give you fast money while developing your blog,that way you would not be frustrated out so early.

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Blogging is a fun activity. I love writing about my favorite topics. I equally enjoy it when the visitors to my blog praise me and request me to write more. This is motivating and encourages me to work harder. When I first started blogging it was very difficult for me. I had to undertake so much research and hire someone to help me. Had I known about SEOclerks earlier things would have been easier for me.

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I had experienced earning money from blogging. It was really exciting because when I was invited to submit blogs, I never thought that I would be paid. But after having several articles published as a co-blogger, I was really surprised to receive a token for my blogs. It was a very enjoyable experience because I was writing about my passion and it’s like not working at all albeit I felt like I was just having fun with those articles because the information that I was sharing were mostly from the stock pile on my head.

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