FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5.

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5.

Why Most Sellers Quit Shortly After Starting
Most sellers give up shortly after starting because they lack the patience and perseverance to stick with it. Here’s the honest truth… your odds of landing ten, twenty, or thirty gigs a day right out of the gate are slim to none. Just like you can’t expect to make hundreds from a new blog in the first thirty days, you can’t expect to be a top-seller on Fiverr in the same amount of time. But a majority of would-be sellers can’t grasp this truth.

Most new sellers join Fiverr, create a gig or two, wait a week, make only one or two sales, and then give up. They draw a false conclusion that it’s impossible to make money with Fiverr, ultimately moving on to the next “magic bullet” tactic. Thankfully, I didn’t give up so easily... And you won't do that either!

91 orders in 30 days – My first success
I had 91 orders processed for my service, totaling $455 in gross sales and $364 in net profit (Fiverr gets paid a commission of $1 for each gig sold). Now, this is before I paid my outsourcer (but more on that in just a bit). Not only that, but I also had a conversion rate of 13.1%, which is on the higher side of conversion rates for gigs on Fiverr.

The truth is, I didn't sell anything that wasn’t being offered on Fiverr already but I did a few key things that set me apart from the unsuccessful ones…

You ready to find out what those things are? Alright, let’s do it!
This new gig ended up earning me over $182 in net profit in only 30 days – all as a part-time side job. That might not sound like much, but here’s the kicker…

Instead of busting my butt for a littler over one dollar per hour, I earned $120 per hour while doing only a fraction of the work. And all of this has been done with a gig that was only 2 months old (still considered a baby in Fiverr-world).

Here is exactly how I did it.

**Choosing a Gig Niche
One thing that really stuck out to me during my research of the top-selling gigs on Fiverr was that service-related gigs for social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were very popular.

Marketers like you and I are always willing to pay to boost their exposure to potential clients. And one of the ways they do this is through social “likes”. Likes on social networking sites are like currency for marketers. The more you have, the “richer” you are. And for $5, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to add, oh I don’t know, 5,000 likes to their page?

This niche was where I could increase my exposure on Fiverr and my net profits the most efficiently – which meant this was the gig I wanted to target. I ultimately decided on Instagram as my social networking site of choice. Would this have worked on the other social networking sites? Definitely!

**So, this is Fiverr we're talking about. How about doing this on other marketplaces? Would it work? Of course it would!

It's not the SERVICE we're talking about here.. It's the strategy. What I did and what YOU can do too! ANYTHING can be sold.

Next, I decided on the number of likes I wanted to offer my customers. The number I settled on was 5,000. Now that I had my gig chosen, next on the list was to find a provider to handle my orders.

**As most of us know already, outsourcing is the Key To Optimal Fiverr Success I knew going into this that I wanted to spend as little time as possible working on each gig. If I gained enough exposure, then I could outsource the job to someone who was more proficient at adding 5,000 Instagram likes than I was.

Because I’ll admit it, I don't know a thing about generating mass quantities of likes on social networking sites. In that sense, I acted as a middleman – making it my personal responsibility to make sure my customers received their likes from the most trustworthy source I could find.

**Additional Tips
Always be courteous with potential outsourcers. Whenever you’re corresponding with outsourcers, make it a point to be friendly. Use their name if you can. Make sure you tell them “thank you”. And, tell them how great you think their service is.

Remember, flattery can get you far in life. But of course, be sincere about it.
Tell them it’s a new service. Some outsourcers will ask how many orders you plan on making. Be upfront and honest with them. Let them know that this is a new service you’re offering and you’re not exactly sure how many orders you’ll be making. A good estimate to give them would be around 10 orders per week in the early stages. What’s awesome about approaching it this way is that most outsourcers will go ahead and give you the bulk discount upon hearing this.

**And WHY outsource?
The entire process of completing the gig order took me one minute, tops. Here it is in just 3 simple steps:

• A customer on Fiverr placed an order for my Instagram Likes gig. I got notified and accepted the order. (time – 15-30 seconds)

• The client provided me with the image URLS and I copied those. (time – 10 seconds)

• I contacted my outsourcer and placed my order for 5,000 likes (for only $2 in this example). I pasted the image URLs I copied into the order form. DONE! (time – 15 seconds)

That’s it! Simple, right?
Doing the above three steps netted me $2 per gig ($5 minus $1 for Fiverr and $2 for my outsourcer).

That technically equates to $120 per hour!

Could you leave it at that and call it a day? Sure, you could. But you’d be missing out on a great opportunity to increase your exposure and your conversion rate at the same time. In the next section, I’ll share with you what I did to take advantage of that opportunity.

Provide Great Customer Service
There is one key component to being successful on Fiverr or any other marketplace that is overlooked more than any other. And I believe it’s a deciding factor for who makes good money versus who makes no money. That component is delivering excellent customer service. If you treat your customers the right way – high quality services, quick response times, and good communication – they will leave positive feedback. But do the opposite – low quality services, slow response times, and bad communication – and you’re practically driving a nail in the coffin of your career.

This is what I’ve been doing with my customers, and it’s been paying off big for me both on Fiverr, SEOClerks and on a whole lot of other projects.

Ask yourself this question…
If you were ordering a service, who would you prefer – the seller with a response time of 3 hours or a seller with a response time of 9 days?

**Reply To Feedback
For every 2 orders I received for my gig, I received approximately 1 positive feedback. That's 50% feedback! And do you know what I did after I received all of those feedbacks? - I replied to every single one of them.

I believe this helped me out in a few ways:

• It showed both my customers and potential customers that I was very active with my gig.

• It made my gig look more professional – and professionalism on Fiverr (and other marketplaces) goes a very, VERY long way.

• It increased my number of customers – word of mouth is one of the best referrals you can receive. And when a potential customer read my positive feedback and the responses, it made him all the more likely to purchase my gig.

Dealing With Negative Feedback
Receiving negative feedback for a product or service is an unfortunate circumstance of being a seller. You can do everything right, but you’re bound to come across that one customer that is just never satisfied.

The best way to handle negative feedback?

Always keep your cool, express why you’re not in the wrong, and be very descriptive with your response. Much like I did on Fiverr when I got my very first negative feedback. The buyer wrote: "BEYOND SLOW!!! NEVER AGAIN!!"

I responded with this:

“Beyond Slow? I delivered all the likes as per your request and I delivered all of them in time. (It took me 48 hours to complete your order) I’ve clearly stated with the description: 3 Days maximum. So I delivered 24 hours BEFORE deadline. You ruined my rating for nothing.”

Here is my logic for this response:
• I effectively eliminated the impact of the key complaint (that I was too slow) by questioning it in the very beginning.

• Next, I explained that I delivered everything as the customer requested.

• What’s more is that I delivered it BEFORE my 3 day deadline – which is why I made the point to express the exact time it took me to deliver (48 hours) – that way, future customers seeing this would know that I delivered on time.

• And then, I reiterated what is already on my gig listing – that I have a maximum 3-day delivery time – once again, proof that I delivered on time.

Could I have flown off the hinges here? Yep! Did I? Nope. Why not? - Because it
wasn’t worth risking my reputation on Fiverr over one unfair, disgruntled customer.

All of my current and future clients could see this exchange at any time. If I were to be disrespectful in any way and cause a scene over this rating, it could potentially cost me far more customers in the future. If you get a negative feedback every now-and-then, don’t let it get you down. Keep your cool and keep delivering quality services on time and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Click Here For [ Part 6. ]


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Responding to customers, whether they leave good or bad reviews, is always a great way to build up your page.

I like how you put out that fire pretty quick. I do the same when talking to my clients, but it's usually via email and no one sees it besides me and the client. People don't really understand fully that when you're responding to a bad review either on fiverr, seoclerks, or any other marketplace that you're going to be putting your words out there in the public eye. And the public eye is very judgdy lol FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5. You'll want to respond in a professional way and show the buyer how they were wrong, but you can't insult them. When he responded that you were to slow and you said that the service was delivered in 48 hours which was 24 hours ahead of schedule, was perfect FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5. People will see that and know the buyer was just upset that he wasn't a millionaire or something along those lines lol FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5. When people post bad reviews you have to respond in a way that you're talking to the masses because everyone could possibly see your response and that could make or break your next order FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5. If someone is on the fence and sees you insulting a previous buyer then they probably won't purchase from you because they don't want the same experience.

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Most sellers join fiverr and wait a week? I bet most sellers give up right from the first day, most people have huge expectations when it comes to selling services online, they see other people doing it and they think it must be a piece of cake to gain hundredths of positive reviews, they don't understand the struggles and perseverance those people had.

Also, the best way to deal with negative reviews it's to take note about what happened, try your best to deal with the buyer you still have a chance of changing that review and if that doesn't work, just move on!

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Hey you know, negative feedback will always be left for you by someone no matter how well you deliver that service. Even if you deliver on time in time and before the estimated delivery time. Even if you go the extra mile and give them more than they purchased and do bonus extra work for them. Hell, some people will always find something to moan about and even use those extras against you and say something like "well I only wanted 5000 not 5001". Even if you do everything exactly according to plan, exactly how your service describes and all very professionally done. Some people will always find something to moan and complain about and leave you a negative review.

There can only really be so many reasons for this. Some of the reasons I can think of are;

  • They are having a bad day and just want to be a smeg head for the sake of being a smeg head.
  • They are a competitor or rival and want to leave you a negative review to tarnish your good standing.
  • They don't know how things work and don't understand and appreciate the work you done for them.
  • They are jealous that you're the seller and are the one making money and not them.
  • Possibly some other reason up there with why we always end up with odd socks after a wash.

However, negative feedback doesn't have to always end in just that! As a professional business man, it's on you to defend your integrity. And one way of doing that is by always responding to all negative feedback in a positive way. You can't always fight fire with fire. And you should try and overcome evil not with more evil, but with good. So instead of retaliating and causing WW3. You should of course defend yourself, but in a way that is productive and in a way that shows your true light.

One way of doing that is by first agreeing that you can't make everyone happy all of the time. And that person may indeed have a genuine cause or reason for being not happy with your service. So you should first indeed state that you are sorry to hear that they feel that way. And of course, to state the the service was delivered well before the deadline and you did give them some bonus work as well. But if this is in a public place (such as in the review section of your service) you can use this as a kind of tool for other buyers. By keeping cool and handling it like a boss. People will see that and that will positively reflect on you as a professional seller. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5.

But of course, some people are just a smee hee FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. Part 5.

What are they Kryton?

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I am so with you on the excellent service Andre and the thing here is that it is honestly, in general, not hard to deliver much better service than other people.

The facts remain that most people don't even understand the concept of great customer service. I think you can offer the same services at a higher price if you offer great customer service. I will always pay more if I know I will have great communication and great customer service long after the order has been completed.

It seems a trend too that the people that take the time to write their profile descriptions and service descriptions properly also take the time to give good customers service.

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Oh yes and on success... why does everyone think that success comes easily and fast?

People look at me when I have some successes and say the most stupid things to me, like oh it was so easy for me... or why do I get things right when they have tried so hard for so long. Then I ask how long they have been blogging... one person told me 2 weeks LOL.

I said well I have worked me butt off for years, not even taking more than 2 weeks off to have a c-section to give birth LOL. Easy? Nothing I have done has been easy, but I am determined and I make my money because I don't stop trying.

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Yeah.. And I've had questions from "bloggers" who wants me to help them to setup automatic blogs. So they can earn money doing nothing at all using RSS feed and things like that. - First of all, I'm not the person one should contact about these things and secondly, why on earth would I help someone to do that, successfully, instead of doing it myself??? - Some people are.. Well. Ignorant or blatantly stupid.

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When you want to become a seller choosing your niche is the most difficult thing. You might have various products and many services, however, you will have to choose a product and service on a niche that attracts more people. For example. you might have writing skills, graphic designing and webdesigning skills. Check which skills attract more customers. Your niche should be based on special skills. You will earn more if you are web designer rather than a writer.

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When you say most sellers quit shortly after starting, I agree that it is due to lack of patience. You will notice that in Youtube the shorter videos get more views. That is an indication that internet users have short attention span. For the business side, sellers tend to shift to another business when they couldn’t get what they had desired for which means they are using their expectation to dictate the progress of the business.

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