FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

I come from a simple family. My father brought the food to the table and my mom was an housewife. My father got ill and during his last years in life, he was sick. He never complained as much as you could imagine..

Four heart attacks and one cerebral haemorrhage later and he was still trying his best. He tried and he pushed himself. Unfortunately, he passed away in late December 2012. At home, in front of me. I was 27 years old..

That's a different story so I won't go into any more details about it, but I want
you to understand one thing.. I'm not different from you at all.

When I struggle.. or lost focus and/or motivation I usually listen to this:

I've been doing this for a few years now, ever since I worked as a salesman. It keeps me motivated and helps me endure long hours of work. There's lots of similar ones on Youtube too.

I don't try to force you to become someone you're not or to listen to something you're not interested in.. What I'm doing here is trying to clarify what type of person I am myself and what I do to keep myself motivated when things are hard. That said, I am like you. In one way or another. No one will give you a million dollar house or a new red Ferrari for free. No one. Never. If you want something you'll have to get it yourself. Work hard and get it.. When I first started out, I stumbled across Warrior Forum, which enabled me to now be able to form opportunities where others see issues and speed bumps.. My first course of action was reading a wide range of different WSO listings the first day. I think I probably read about 10 or 15 different WSO threads and probably double the amount of threads within the Main Internet Marketing Forum. I was still a guest, an amazed one. People with specific talents or knowledge sold products so others could take advantage and learn from their experience.. It looked amazing.. I saw potential right away.. The next couple of weeks continued just like that.

This went on.. and on.. and on..

I never took action. I never tried anything myself.. It wasn't until way later I finally understood that I'd be doing research without even knowing it!

One day I found Fiverr and all of the "fiverr clones" out there..
Took me about 20 seconds until I'd created my very first service.. - An ebook I had
Resell rights for.

I tought I'd rake in sales within a few minutes on Fiverr but.. nothing. Not even a
single sale. And why..?

I was a total rookie.. I had no idea what I was doing. I was certain of becoming
rich and make thousands. I thought I'd find "THE" way. The shortcut.. I never heard about failure.. I'd read threads and bought products where authors claimed to give me all the secrets and all the possibilities to earn tons of cash.. I felt deceived.. Not even one sale.. After a couple of weeks, still without sales, I joined a few similar sites.. Also
known as Fiverr clones today.

With a bit more knowledge, due to all my reading, I created the same gig again. I did a few things differently. I used another title and I made some changes within the descriptions compared to what I'd done on Fiverr earlier..

I started to provide PLR ebooks in different niches, Weight loss, Fitness, Graphic
Design and all that and truth to be told, these where crap. I didn't knew it at that
time but I realized it quite fast..

Why would someone write an ebook about how you can become a graphic designer and make "trillions of dollars", and sell it for a few bucks with Resell or even Master Resale Rights..?

Why would they sell their knowledge, their foolproof step-by-step guide, to become a design-guru who'll earn "millions" by selling graphic designs, instead of selling designs themselves? Who knew I'd be that stupid.. I went for it..

That time and a whole lot of other times..

I've spent thousands of dollars and believe me, I'm glad I did it.. Why you ask?
– Because that's basically the reason for my success today.

Anyway, I think I earned like $15 my first two weeks by providing people with these PLR ebooks.. And I was insanely happy about it! Not because that $15 made my life easier or anything.. Just because it actually worked. I could sell on the internet too!

In matter of days, I'd become a top seller on 2 of the clones. Top seller on a few
more clones within weeks..

**Note: But I must say it’s not difficult at all to become a top seller on the clone sites. Mainly because they’re not even close to having the amount of members that Fiverr has. That said, I do believe it can be a great way of getting more exposure, so I'd still recommend using Fiverr clones, for starters at least. A month or two later, I stopped delivering "the crap PLRs" to my clients, and I started to provide simple graphics.. I started to work for about 10 hours per day.. I'm not a designer in any way which is the reason for the insane amount of work. I worked for a few hours for each order I got.. Graphic Designs where a hot topic so I got a few sales each day..

100% positive ratings. Top rated seller. Nice reviews.. It felt good. I did people favors and I got a little bit of cash doing it. Like a tip for holding the door to an elderly woman or something.

All of this went on for a few more months.. I had stopped doing business on Fiverr at this time due to the lack of sales and because of my success on other sites.. but during this time.. I had a breaktrough moment.. I found SEOClerks for the first time.

I'm a Level X5 user on SEOClerks today, which is the highest user level they have.
Like Top Rated Seller on Fiverr. A special Badge and all. I found SEOClerks in the middle of a competition they had.. Affiliates?!

During this competition, SEOClerks had a promo thing where people could earn "Clerks-Money", doing small tasks. Money I could spend on SEOClerks but not withdraw..

Simple as one-two-three. With dollars sitting in my SEOClerks account, I started to wonder what I could spend them on.. An ocean full of services.. Twitter followers for instance. I obviously knew about Twitter and I knew about followers..

Would be great to have a twitter account with 15000+ followers.. All fake which I didn't realize until most of them dropped within a few days.. I never understood the mistakes I did.. One day, it hit me like a brick..

I might not be able to provide this specific service myself since I have no idea how
they do it.. but... what if it LOOKED like I knew?

I'd never heard of arbitrage or resell before that. Not like this. Not at all. I never knew and had never thought about it before that day.. Obviously, I knew I could sell PLR ebooks.. but services? - This was my game-changer.

I went back to the clones and deleted my design gigs, I went back to Fiverr and created new gigs and I started to provide services on SEOClerks too..


I got orders from one place, bought the service from another place and earned money doing literally nothing at all. Except spending a few minutes writing.. I sold services for $5 and bought them for $1 (sometimes for $2). That equates, $4 profit since Fiverr takes a $1 commission.. $4 profit for spending a few seconds sending two messages.. That was awesome!

Story continues...

I'm not an active seller on Fiverr at the time writing this, and haven't been for more than a year. I do use it, but not as a seller. I use Fiverr as a buyer. Here's some details from my SEOClerks account.

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

$23,750+ already withdrawn. That's a decent amount, right?

Note that this is not something I've made during a week or month. This is what I've made in total since I started my adventure there. ( About 2 years of earnings. )

That technically equates to almost $1,000 extra per month. From one of my income streams.. and the best part of it.. because of SEOClerks Affiliate Program, I've earned $1,500+ in 100% passive income too! (Actually a bit more than this because you earn 2% extra on all affiliate sales when you become a Level 5+ user).

On top of this, I've also earned $1,164 on Fiverr ($450+ in 30 days while spending 60 seconds processing orders. I have a Level 2 account on Fiverr) & more than $1,000 from my first WSO I launched..

Within this product you'll be able to read about my whole venture.

• Why, When and How. I reveal everything. From Fiverr Zero to SEOClerks Hero – And Everything Between.

What I've accomplished until today
• I have my own personal business relationships and customers worldwide.
• I have a small team who works directly under me.
• I have launched several products & services.
• I am a level X5 user on SEOClerks.
• I have a Level 2 account on Fiverr.
• I earn money during the time I sleep. Literally.

The reason I share this information with you, is because I want you all to understand one thing. I was a total rookie. A blatant, stupid and ignorant dude without any real goals and this list is what I have today.. If I can reach these kind of goals.. So can you. I have no doubts at all.

All it takes, is determination & time. So why shouldn't you aim for success too?

Hopefully, my experience I share within this product will help you a long way.. All I ask is that you put what you learn from my story into practice. Study it, learn it, apply it, and the results will follow. That, I can guarantee you. What you will not see is "evidence" like screenshots from my paypal account as these can easily be faked. And many of them are. You've seen my earnings from SEOClerks. You will be able to see my earnings from my WSO launch. On top of that, you can already see my earnings from Fiverr within my previous WSO. Fiverr Genie. With that said, I will not share details or talk about how much I earn from my personal clients.. I'm here to reveal what I've done & what YOU can do too!

FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)


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Hey man great job! I really like to hear that people are having success with Seoclerks. Fiverr hates me i don't know why but i did my best to beat the competition and offer fast services but they just will not help me out. Everyone else gets top priority and its really hard to make any kind of money on Fiverr, for me anyway. Reselling is something that i encourage people to do because Fiverr does not like me they may accept someone else. I sell services at $1 you can sell them on Fiverr for $5 that is my pitch. I have a few resellers and im always looking for more! I wish to have success wit my affiliate sales like you that is something im working really hard on doing. I am Level X3 and im currently working to become level X4. Reading your story has given me inspiration to do better and to continue to achieve my goals. Congratulations again and thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for your kind words jkeyz2, I appreciate it. I do agree with you that Fiverr is tricky, but hey, hard work and effort is required everywhere. However, whatever you do, wherever you do it, you'll always need some luck. - I had some. But I personally prefer SEOClerks and always will prefer it over any other marketplace out there.

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Man that is quite some motivational video! I love how it says after they had a good game and smashed their opponents. I have no doubt they did after that and that it was that very speech that motivated and caused them to win that game. I feel much stronger and empowered just for watching it. Honestly, I have goose bumps after watching that! LOL

But wait, isn't this from your very eBook Andre? That's awesome that you've put it up on here. I'm going to go through all of these posts one by one and soak them all up like a sponge! I'm sure myself I can learn something from all of this which I can apply in my own life. I love how you've mentioned arbitrage. I think arbitrage is a great concept and it's so simple to grasp as well. It's just basically the art of reselling. The art of buying something at once price, repackaging it and then selling it again at another higher price. Once you tap into that and realize its potential, once you've mastered the art of doing it for one thing, the sky is the limit to doing it again and again and again over and over!

As for Fiverr, well, who needs fiverr shmiver when you've got SEOClerks! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

Thanks for posting this/these mate it/they was/is/are a great read!


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That video is awesome indeed! - I've watched it ever since I worked as a salesman on viasat. I've probably never heard or seen a better motivational video than that. It's amazing and I love it.

Another good one is Pacino from Any given Sunday.

This sure is the forewords from my recent ebook. I've had thoughts on sharing this here for awhile, but finally decided to do it. So far it seems like people appreciates it so I'm glad it worked out good. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

I do prefer SEOClerks and due to all the Fiverr mentions I had some doubts sharing this, but in the end, this is a knowledge bank and hopefully people will find it beneficial, and not focus on the fiverr-mention-thing too much.

I do understand that some of these parts might sound "fiverr specific" but that's not the case at all. This ebook contains my personal story. My whole journey and if I had to leave certain aspects out of this, this wouldn't be a true story. - I do hope both you and others will understand this. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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Yeah that's a great movie! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords) And yeah I hear that about fiverr, I know what you're saying, it does say from fiverr zero to SEOClerks hero though and shows how you've had success on both but I've been mentally replacing fiverr with SEOClerks for a lot of it as the principles are the same. And yes I've really enjoyed reading my way through them and found them to be knowledgeable as well. I've learned a couple new things from it myself so can only say thanks to you for that and for putting up on here. After all like you say, this is a knowledge bank of sorts and many others will and should find it helpful as well. And make the SEOClerks a better marketplace for putting on here too! I'm on your final post now and there is a good lesson in that one too about not burning your bridges and making the most out of your past clients. It's pure genius stuff! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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Thank you mike, I'm glad you enjoyed it! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)
And thanks for all the nice replies and the valuable information you've shared within all the parts too. I appreciate it!

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Oh man FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords) It's pretty awesome when you see people put in time and become successful FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

I've bought low and sold high for a while now and it's a great business model. I actually just set up 20 different services for $20+ and I get them for $10 on average FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords) With every product I at least double the price so I make twice as much as what I can buy it for FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords) And the absolute best thing about this is that I make a sale and then buy it from someone else. This means I don't have to wait for the job to be finished before I get the money FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

I do have my own services that I sell online, but I don't sell on SeoClerks because the prices are too high compared to what is already here. I might actually try to put up a listing for my own services and reduce the prices slightly so that I can get a few sales a month. The only thing with these is that I do all the work myself and it takes a bit of time. These aren't the buy low and sell high type deals.

There aren't many X5 level members on SeoClerks because of how difficult it is to achieve that level. So congrats on that achievement FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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Thank you very much Razzy. I'm not 100% certain of this, but I believe I reached level X5 as the 4th user. However, even though I love my user level I don't focus too much on it. I obviously get benefits but other than that, I don't focus on it. I am who I am, user level 1 or X5. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

Oh, and btw. Buy low & sell high could be a super-lucrative business, as long as you get some great deals. - I still do this every now and then on certain things but it's just a side income nowadays.

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Very good and inspiring story for anyone who is having difficulty in this freelance business and also good for the newcomers too. Though i have read it before and gotten some some of inspiration from it, posting it here is also a very good step for others too to feel encouraged to continue the struggle until they have hit the goldmine.
weldone andre. nice posting.

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Thank you chetaseo!
The reason I share this here on SEOClerks is because of two things. I love SEOClerks and I have only the best intentions for SC. Both as a marketplace but also as sort of a "second home". I've made some great friends on SEOClerks and I want everyone to have the same opportunity as I had. I'm glad you bought it obviously but most of all, I'm glad you found it inspiring. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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Cool share Andre, I really found myself in the part of how excited you were when your first sales started to come in! I remember how happy I was when I was paid for my first forum posting work, something around the lines of 5 bucks but I was hooked, it kept me searching for more clients and bigger profits, learning new set of skills and developing my writing skills.

Difference is, I didn't start of Fiverr, I started on digitalpoint (the forum marketplace) - it was a very different world out there, fiverr type marketplaces haven't took over just yet.

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Digitalpoint, yeah, I sold a bunch of ebooks over there. My very first ebook for instance. About 4 years ago or so. However, I got banned on DP for advertising SEOClerks, lol. That being said, I still got sales from their marketplace, but nowadays I haven't had a sale for a very long time. - But yeah, the very first experience is amazing. The feeling you get when you realize you actually can make money online. That's awesome. I would love to get that feeling again. That very first feeling I got. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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No way they banned you for advertising SEOClerks? That sucks! I have a sig on DP that links to my other SEOClerks site. Just an SEOClerks affiliate site with my SEOClerks review on it and that but was thinking of turning it into a full blown affiliate site complete with the same categories that SEOClerks has and using the API to show services in posts in that cat and that but still in the thinking zone atm as it can be a time consuming process and thinking about best way to go about it. But yeh, can't believe that as DP is all about Internet Marketing and there are many people doing that and advertising sites and schemes and things on there but oh well their loss eh! FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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They sure did! - I've been warned on warriorforum 2 times for the same reason too. Even before Freelancer bought WF. And I find this very strange, as I personally believe that you should be allowed to speak about whatever you want or mention whatever site you prefer to use. In my case, SEOClerks. - That being said, I didn't spam and I didn't even use direct links. It was just "SEOClerks" or "", without a link.

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Brilliant Andre, I absolutely loved this post and I loved it too when I read your eBook a few months ago.

The best part is that it is a no BS explanation of things. I too am tired off all these people claiming you can make so much money, so fast and so easily online, just follow their secret sauce and pay them an amount of money.... they are making money suckering people.

Earning money online takes time and hard work and doing it honestly is the way to go.

Great post and I hope loads of people see this and learn.

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Thank you Lynne. I'm glad you liked it FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)
I was a sucker for "get rich quick" ebooks for a very long time and when I finally realized that there's no such thing.. I had to do things differently. Which I tried to do when I wrote this too. I wanted to share the reality and I think I did a pretty good job on that. FiverrClerks - From Fiverr Zero To SEOClerks Hero. (Forewords)

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Thank you for sharing this with us. Well done for your accomplishments, and thanks for writing this as it can be a good motivator for people who feel that it is impossible to make money online. You went through difficult times, problems and issues like everybody, and you were an absolute beginner as you said. Yet, with persistence and willpower you managed to make it work. You climbed a bit higher as time went by until you achieved what you have so far, and I am sure you can continue to achieve a lot more in the years to come.

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Thank you EliteWriter, thank you very much. I struggled and it took guts, hard work and tons of effort to reach some good results but I made it and I won't stop. I will probably never stop. I love to work as a freelancer and I love almost everything about it. Almost. The dark times arrives every now and then and that's when I'm trying to focus the most. Sometimes I guess it's easier to quit but I just can't allow myself to do that.

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This is such an inspiring story! Seriously, I needed to read this. I saw there are other posts you wrote. I look forward to reading more of your success story.

Thank you!

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