NameCheap Mysteriously Stop Support for XYZ Domains - Why is this?

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NameCheap Mysteriously Stop Support for XYZ Domains - Why is this?

So I found out last night when I tried to register a new domain a .xyz with NameCheap. It just wasn't showing up on their site to be selected so you could purchase it. Which was really strange as .xyz is a popular TLD. One of their biggest ever selling TLD's (next to .com). Even more so since Google moved its Alphabet holding company to

NameCheap may have sold over a million .xyz domains, but apparently it will sell no more than that. The registrar confirmed this evening that it is no longer taking .xyz registrations. It declined to explain why. It has also stopped selling .college and .rent domains — two other gTLDs owned by Other new gTLDs are not affected.

I did open a Live Chat with NameCheap last night to see if they could shed some light on this for me. But they kept stalling and saying they was looking into it. Although that might have just been one of the support guys who was yet to catch up himself.

I've done a bit of digging around since and seeing various articles popping up here and there about it in the domaining world.

Interestingly, at that last link, there is a transcript of a conversation a NameCheap user has had with NameCheap where he's asking them why it's happened. The last question posed on that article is "Do you think Namecheap and other domain registrars will stop supporting other new domain extensions? Could this be the beginning of the end for new domains?"

And that's a good question! Could the new TLD industry be coming to a halt? Will other new TLD's follow suit and also become obsolete and never able to register them again?

What are your thoughts about Namecheap ending support for .XYZ registrations and transfers? Do you think this is a good move for Namecheap? Bad news for the .XYZ registry and new top level domains?

Do you know any more info about why they have actually done this?


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This is the first time I hear about such news, never heard about gTLDs registrations getting halted.
Why would they want to stop the registration of new domains? I really don't get it. Something is diffidently fishy with XYZ and Namecheap, but I find it hard to believe other gTLDs will follow, even if most of them are useless.

It would be cool if a thing like this will happen, though think about the instant spike in value such domains will get, no to mention good domain names.

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Yeah that's a good point. Kind of like how an actor or a singers memorabilia becomes more valuable when that actor/singer passes away. People will be talking about XYZ's saying, do you remember when you could buy an XYZ domain? You can't anymore, but the ones that do exist are now that little more exclusive than before. A rare commodity in the world of domaining. I've never in all my time of domaining seen this happen before for any other gTLD and I'm still unsure as to why NameCheap have done this. I will have to do a bit more digging around and keep my ear to the ground as there has to be a logical reason for it. Some people are saying it's because of the amount of spam these are getting but that can't be the reason alone as there are ways of dealing with that. I just wonder if other gTLDs will follow suit and they stop selling them also. Time will tell!

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Huh, I would not have expected they would drop XYZ, luckily I don't have any. I do have a few new gTLDs though, so hopefully this isn't a trend. Alot of the new gTLDs are garbage though, so it wouldn't surprise me if some registrars cut back what they offered over the next few years.

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I have some .xyz domains registered there, and from what I've heard they'll allow to renew and keep using without transferring them somewhere else, simply they're not allowing new registrations anymore. I don't know what is the real reason behind this, but they are a reputable company and at least they should have done an official announcement about that, thing that I haven't seen so far. However, since I can renew them it's not a big problem for me , but they was really good and cheap domains. I checked again and as I see some gTLDs are still being allowed.

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I wonder what is happening, it certainly sounds strange. I don't have any new gTLD's, only 3 .coms and 1

I would love to know what this is all about when it comes to light.

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I am a namecheap customer and I have lots of xyz domain registered with namecheap. They say even though they have stopped registering xyz they will continue to renew xyz.
Other than the things mentioned above, I no nothing more on this issue. However, in some places I read that this was because of the disagreement between the namecheap owner and xyz CEO Daniel Negari.

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