When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it? Debate

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When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it?

I've been a member on SEOClerks since Jun 2012. - I have 678 positive reviews and 1 negative. I also have a response time of 21 minutes and I've made 146 discussions and 1,346 responses within the community discussion. Oh, an I'm a Level X5 user too.

- With that in mind, would you say that I'm trustworthy? - Do you trust me?

However, that's only on SEOClerks. How about other marketplaces or within specific internet forums or such? - How about a blog owner?

When do you believe a person you've met online, and how can you trust them? - What kind of criterias do they need to fill? - Do you trust freelancers based on their sales, their newsletters, their services or how they interact with others? - Do their current status matter or would you trust anyone with a decent photo of themself?

I find this quite interesting, which is the reason for this question. I would like to know which things are necessary to become reliable, in your eyes.


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I would trust you for sure considering how long you have been here, how active you are, and with those positive ratings. The main aspect that I look for are reviews or ratings, and recommendations, because those are what truly demonstrate what you are all about. They signify the reputation you have from the services you offered and as a good number of buyers are pleased with what you offered, then i can feel safe and be much more inclined to trust you. Having a realistic photo does not matter that much as you can always use a photo that is not really you.

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That's a good point EliteWriter. A photo of you or something else doesn't really matter as much as some people might think. Like me for instance, I've used my profile picture on SEOClerks during my whole time here. I've always used the same one but I've also shared details about my life, my career and I've also shared photos of me and details about my Facebook account and whatever, so I could have used fake ones, or photos of other people but that would have hurt me in the end. That's why I always try to share details about me in case people ask but I also do this to build not only my reputation but also my credibility. On SEOClerks and as a person.

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Good question! In response to your question, those things definitely help and go a long way to swaying my decision. For example, I would definitely be more inclined to order from someone that had been around here longer, was well established on the site as a seller and was well known on the Community Discussions. Definitely more so if they had a lot of positive reviews and recommendations too. Over someone that was a new seller and didn't have much rep or ratings and feedback and that. Or if they wasn't address/mobile verified. Invariably I would trust someone that did have all the rep and ratings and all of that more than someone that didn't.

And having all of that does make you much more trustworthy as well. I kind of know you personally as have had the fortune to be able to work quite closely with you and have had time to talk to you and find out things about you which all lets me see that there is a real, genuine person and human being on the other side of the my screen! When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it?

So yeah, if it came to buying a service from a freelancer, those are the things I would look for so I could better trust you. That's the beauty of the SEOClerks Marketplace isn't it? In that you don't just have to rely on how established a website is or find out how many reviews they've got from comments and feedback left in other places. All those things can be faked, but you can't really do that on here as everything left for you is a true reflection of what you've left or done for other people. Provide good services and good customer service and that will reflect on you by way of positive ratings and recommendations being left for you in your sold services and that. But rip people off and give a rubbish customer service and treatment and that will reflect by way of negative ratings/recommendations.

So what you get out is what you put in! When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it?

As for me, I've been a member on SEOClerks since Nov 3, 2011. - I have 297 positive ratings and 3 negatives (I know! lol) and 39 positive recommendations. I also have a response time of 3 hours and I've made 259 discussions and 2,134 responses within the community discussion. Oh, an I'm a Level X3 user too. I'm also Address and Mobile Verified, and maybe ID verified also soon when I get round to doing that! When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it?

We should start a the what you are thread.

Make it a kind of a game of bragging of sorts. The way it would works is, you must answer it copying and pasting the above about you statement and obviously editing the bits that are relevant to you such as the date you joined, how many positive/negative reviews you have. What your response time is, how many Community Discussions/Responses you've made and what your level is. And put whether you are address/mobile or ID verified or not.

It wouldn't really serve any purpose other than just to get people engaging and contributing to it but it could be really interesting to get to see what other peoples user stats / history etc is which will be fun to see and read the more people that post in it. And we could look back in on it in time and see how our own or other peoples user stats have changed since sort of thing. What you think? Shall I make it a thread? When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it?

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You have some solid points Mike and I've replied in your "The Say What You Are Game Thread" too. SEOClerks and all of Ionicware's marketplaces offers superb security for both buyers and sellers and everyone could and should feel safe when using these marketplaces as there's always great support and all that. So yeah, I vouch for SEOClerks and I believe it's the best marketplace in the world. That being said, some buyers might feel a bit skeptical when they're dealing with some sellers and things like recommendations, ratings and response time could make a huge difference for some people, and it will have effect on most people.

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Yes, I think you are very trustworthy, I know for a fact how hard you worked for those 678 positive reviews, those weren't made in a day!
And most buyers recognize such facts from a mile away, another great sign is the activity stats, like the fact that you respond in less than 24 hours meaning you are basically still active.

The account age also matters a lot, it shows you've been a good member of this marketplace for a long time and you haven't created any incidences along the way.
I personally will trust an old time user like you over a user that registered this year but has the same level as you anytime.

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So you basically trust a person with more positive ratings and an older account than you would trust a fairly new seller, even though they have the same user level? - If that's the case, which it seems like, me and you are having the same thoughts. And btw. I have a response time of 21 minutes. ;)

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Well Andre I find you trustworthy because I have had dealings directly with you and I have read your eBook which I loved.

What I like the most is that you don't beat around the bush or pretend to be something you are not. You are honest and real.

This is a biggie for me. These self proclaimed gurus do nothing for me but make me feel I can't trust them LOL.

Yes your level counts, being a level X seller also counts for a lot in my eyes.... yes your recommendations also count a lot for me too.

I think when it comes to people I can sense quite easily what they are like by the way they write, the way they come across and the way that they sell themselves.

For example I recently had someone tell me that they can't do a job, it is beyond their skills level. I don't look at that person like they are a failure. I trust that person more than someone that claims they can do anything, just place the order!

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Thank you Lynne, I appreciate it, even though I already knew this. When do you trust a freelancer? - And how come you do it?

Recommendations, user level and ratings will always play a major role, especially on marketplaces like SEOClerks. But what about a product creator. Let's say you find a product online on some website. A product for $27 or whatever. How and when do you trust the person who's behind a product like that? - And what would make you feel good enough to actually hit that "buy now" button?

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This is not to brag. Let me just share what I have heard from other people. When someone gave me a very low rating for my writing, I complained in a forum about it because I felt it was unfair. It was surprising that not many hands were raised in my defense. Most say that they knew me in the early days of my freelancing and that was 3 years ago. And that I am a good and honest freelancer really elated me. Those nice words coming from my unknown colleagues, it’s very encouraging.

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