Increasing the allowed filesize for uploads in inbox/deliveries?

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Increasing the allowed filesize for uploads in inbox/deliveries?

The allowed file size are 50 MB. Most of us are aware of that by now and it seems like some of us are having problems to stay within that size whenever we're uploading files so we have to use dropbox or similar alternatives.

What I would like to propose, is to allow larger files for different user levels.

Let's say a Level 3 user are allowed to upload 50 mb. How about increasing that to 100mb for a level 4 user for instance?

What do you say about something like that? - Would that be possible?


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The same size should apply to all levels. the load size should be increased and be the same for all levels because what of if the level 3 seller has a package to deliver that is above 50mb? it looks somehow discriminatory to me. other similar freelance sites allow the same upload file size for all levels of sellers.

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I think it's a good idea, personally I haven't passed the limit of 50MB so far but I know that some sellers are using external file hosting to deliver files that are larger than 50MB. I also think the limit of file size should be the same for all users, having a little bit more space it's an advantage for all I think. Furthermore I don't have to worry about my files as they're super safe here. Let's see what others thinks about this...

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Well giving the fact that we have a lot of free option of free cloud-based storage available, I don't see why SC must increase its upload limit, 50MB or 100MB it's not too big of a difference when I need to deliver something over 1GB for example, like high-quality photos and videos maybe.
So increasing the limit a little is not a solution, maybe integrating some sort of cloud storage feature in the delivery itself, that would be cool.
SC must be innovating like it always was if other marketplaces don't do certain stuff that doesn't mean SC shouldn't.

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For me I can't see how I will ever need 50mb in messages or services but I can see how this could be a problem for some transactions. I agree with Cristian that perhaps SeoClerks should look at something that solves the problem of even bigger files that might need to be sent.

I can't see how it would be beneficial making different user levels be able to send different file sizes. I think making transactions as smooth and easy as possible for everyone in this regard would be best.

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I think Lynne has a good point. I've been waiting to see what other people have said. Increasing the allowed filesize for uploads in inbox/deliveries? Now I think while it would be an incentive for those levels that didn't have the permission unless they leveled up, to level up. It could also hinder them in a way, into doing so as well. It could effectively limit what they could sell if that what they wanted to sell, involved sending an attachment that was larger than the allowed size limits. More than this, those sellers would find another way around that limitation anyway and just use drop box or something instead. In fact, we all sellers have to do this if we are selling something where the attachment is larger than 50MB.

It would be good to have larger upload sizes available though. That way, we wouldn't have to send the buyer off of the site and onto some other sketchy 3rd party site to download their files. Of the which, could be removed at any time and you might not even know about until after the buyer has tried to download it and been inconvenienced because they could not. That kind of thing can reflect badly on you especially for instant download services.

So yeah, I think it's something they could look at to come up with some kind of improvisation on that front. But only if it isn't going to cause any implications later on down the road and mess things up. There was some recent attachment problems recently, I wonder if that was them tinkering around and trying some things? Idk but yeah if and only if that and there is more demand for it! Increasing the allowed filesize for uploads in inbox/deliveries?

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As there's several people who've replied with more or less the same answer I won't reply back to each and one of you. Instead I'll do this post. I do understand your point and I appreciate all your replies. When it comes to increasing file sizes for different user levels I'll have to take a step back and consider everything you've said in this topic.

The reason for my suggestion to begin with was in fact for two different reasons. First of all, to allow users to send large files. I personally think it would be better to make everything run smoothly on site without the use other sites like dropbox (in those scenarios a seller would need more than 50MB to deliver the service). The other reason, where I suggested this to be a benefit for users when they reach another level is simply because it could be used as another benefit. A reason for people to work hard to reach another user level.

With that being said, I do understand your points and I agree with you. I do believe larger file sizes should be allowed but I don't think it's necessary to add it as a benefit for reaching higher user levels.

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