Will Mobiwallet bring Bitcoin to the masses?

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Will Mobiwallet bring Bitcoin to the masses?

The mobile payment market is growing with the use of hand held devices becoming more popular. People can use an Iphone to pay for groceries and send people money. But what about Bitcoin? Can you spend Bitcoin and send it to other people using a phone? The answer is Yes you can! The only thing is that company or person your doing business wit must accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Mobiwallet is here to change that for us and take Bitcoin to the next level. What is Mobiwallet? It is an app that holds your money on your phone and allows you to use a phone number to pay. Not only this but it allows you to send ?your Bitcoin to it and it locks it in at the current price according to your country. ?Now you can send Bitcoin as cash without having to transfer it! In my opinion this will change two industried the mobile payment and the Crypto currency Industry in a positive way. What do you think? Want to try Mobi?

Download the app here:

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I wonder if you could use this app to actually pay for a product from a company that accepts bitcoin? The number one common issue I see is some platforms don't accept bitcoin as a form of payment, especially if the product is physical. Some companies don't believe that bitcoin has any worth, and won't ever accept. However, some companies are beginning to accept bitcoin because they feel it is a safer and more secure way to do business especially online.

I will probably be more bitcoin "friendly" when more companies start using it. It's not that I dislike bitcoin, but it's not really accepted where I shop most frequently. As of right now, cash and debit/credit card payments seem to get the job done but if the places where I shopped accepted bitcoin I would be more than willing to use Bitcoin.

I hope more and more apps are created to kind of kickstart companies into accepting Bitcoin.

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Why isn't this app available for iOS !!?

It sounds great and I'd like to try it out to get more into bitcoin! I like how you said that it lets you use the phone number to make payments with/to. That sounds to me like it can be used in the same way for people to pay me using my phone number too! I checked out the link and it has the Google Play Store app link up but not one for iOS. I even checked the Apple App Store and could not find it.

What I've just seen though is an app that's called "Free Bitcoin" that lets you, well, win free bitcoin (apparntly). Just installed it now. It says "Win Bitcoin for free every hour using the random number generator".

How It Works

Every hour, you can roll a random number generator which generates a random number between 0 and 10000.

Each roll will win the minimum amount, which changes every day. A very high roll can win you even more Bitcoin!

And apparently they have 3,251,052 million users.
There's been 31,668,965,831 games played.
And 69,195.89402824 Bitcoins won.

I just tried to sign up using the app and it's asking me for my Bitcoin address.

What's my bitcoin address lol

What's the best Bitcoin wallet keyz???

Have you played this app keyz? I'm guessing it's a waste of time/ploy type of thing.

Are there any other Bitcoin apps for iOS you can recommend mate?


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I think you've submitted the wrong link of the app that you're talking about, that app is totally different thing even though they have a similar name, I admit when I clicked that link I was wondering how can I send bitcoin through phone numbers with an app which is dedicated to transport services of Santander. Will Mobiwallet bring Bitcoin to the masses?

Now BTCC Mobi wallet sounds really great, this is a good news for all bitcoin users, and I'm pretty sure that it will attract more people to start using bitcoin as primary payment service, same as paypal and a few others.

Bitcoin is becoming very popular these days, and day by day, more and more companies are supporting it.

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And here it is! This is the kind of app people need to make the actual transition to bitcoin. The Mobiwallet looks like a great project with a lot of potential.

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Procoder your rite i had the wrong link Thanks for pointing that out for me. Bitcoin is becoming more popular meaning the value will go up. People say we will see some sort of hyper inflation in 2017. Everette They are working on it they want to make it so Mobi can be used to send cash to anyone using crypto. Coolest app i have seen in awhile which is why i wanted to share it with you guys. I have been making predictions in the last 12 months about the scalability and the price of Bitcoin with 95% accuracy. This along with the other things they have in the works is laying down the ground work for the future of Bitcoin. It will not be long before we see Bitcoin on TV and more people using it. We know that total Bitcoins are about 21 Million. If more people jump on that means the value goes up. It is an exciting time to be apart of this industry! Thanks everyone for sharing stay tuned for more about Bitcoin!

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So Jkeyz2 I will be able to buy Bitcoin with this app and store it safely on my phone with that app too?

My next question is do I have to buy a whole Bitcoin? I don't have that kind of money just floating around right now to buy 1BTC...

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I think it's possible for the mobiwallet to reach the million. But each country in the world has it's own way to manage the cryptocurrency. Not sure if wallet companies are open for USD trading along with bitcoin. Because that would be opening the door for various type of transactions. And that's something I am sure nobody wants to even be part of so. I am guessing we have to see how the mobiwallet and other wallets take part into the bitcoin based economy.

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