Pay your bills with Bitcoin is it possible?

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Pay your bills with Bitcoin is it possible?

Being apart of this movement is probably one of the best decisions i made in my life. Bitcoin is becoming the the most popular thing since the internet started. Big companies like Overstock, Amazon, Victoria Secret, Expedia, and more have started accepting Bitcoin. Even small companies are getting in on the action. The question is can we pay our bills using Bitcoin? Electric companies around the world are starting to accept Bitcoin and with the transaction fees im sure they are glad to do so. The countries that have companies that accept Bitcoin as payment are Germany, Japan, and Australia. This is an amazing accomplishment for the currency. I hope that American companies start to adopt this currency as form of payments because its cheaper for me to send them Bitcoin than it is to transfer it into cash and pay it. I think in the next 5 years you will see more utility companies taking in Bitcoin as form of payments. We all know what happens to the price during this time rite? For those of you who trade this means the price will rise! Exciting time to be alive and apart of the Blockchain Industry.

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Well that's a good question and a good point too. I remember back in the early days of PayPal, nobody really accepted it as a form of payment. And now look - virtually everywhere you think of that does some form of online trading accepts PayPal as a payment option today. So it will probably be with Bitcoin in that eventually, as companies, businesses and services use it as a payment method, other places will follow suit and also start accepting it as a valid payment method as well. Eventually so much so, that it will become known as a International payment method that is accepted in many different countries.

Actually, I definitely see that happening, especially considering how there are lots of people in countries where payment methods like PayPal can't be used, but those people still have money to spend. And if a site or service offers Bitcoin as a payment method, many of those people will look into buying Bitcoins and then using them as a form of payment where the traditional methods were not.

And that will extend to power companies, mobile providers, even ISP's etc that will and already are starting to offer it as a payment method. Because more and more people, businesses and companies are becoming aware that it's a very tangible and legit form of payment. Pay your bills with Bitcoin is it possible?

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I can't wait until the day where I could pay bills using Bitcoin, or even groceries. I wish when you pay at the register it has options for Bitcoin, or other crpytocurrencies. Perhaps it's starting to be more widely accepted because companies are finally realizing what bitcoin is all about. I remember when some stores, like the Dollar General started to accept Paypal payments. It was a really big hype, and people started to shop more, and other companies followed suit because of the success. I'm not sure if the Dollar General was the first to adopt Paypal as an alternative way to pay or not but it was a great move on their part and also Paypal's.

It would make total sense for a utility company, like an electric company to accept bitcoin, because it takes lots of energy to mine a bitcoin. So basically you're just giving back what you used in the form of digital currency.

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I doubt I'll see bitcoin payments for utilities in my country any time soon, I mean, we barely have online payments available with a credit card, so from my point of view, bitcoin has a long way to go, unless something extraordinary happens in the next few years that changes the overall norm.

At the moment bitcoin doesn't appeal to the masses as PayPal for example, it doesn't seem very "organized" and trustworthy for many people just yet, the public needs to be educated and that can only happen with a massive shift in perspective regarding what money actually means.

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Same here with my country, most people in my country are yet to know about bitcoin, so possibilities of even buying or paying for services with it, is quite slim.Well, I focus on the level of people ignorant of this coin now because it is not talked about in my country and on this premise one can conclude that it might happen in my country.

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You guys are going to be surprised in a few years when Bitcoin is widely accepted all over the world by many utility companies. I believe that we will see Bitcoin become the world currency in the next 10 years. After this last halving that just happen it has taken Bitcoin to a new level. The mining of Bitcoin no longer affects the price as much as it use to. It has become one step closer to becoming considered a legit currency by the governments of the world. If you guys have not invested into Bitcoin yet now is the time. Thanks for all of your input guys i appreciate it.

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Oh wow, this is a huge step and yes I am sure this means that the price of Bitcoin will be rising, for sure.

I have been following it for a while now since I have been paying attention to your posts. I have started playing with a virtual trading account with eToro and I decided to see what would happen in this virtual account if I invested $50... well in the last week or two I have "earned" $20. That is not a bad return at all on $50!

I am considering investing $50 for real and seeing what happens!

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I think it's being implemented in some places. So yes it's definitely possible. Though not a lot of countries are open to the bitcoin. But I can see thaat there does seem to be demand for the bitcoin this year. The reason being there are currencies whose pricing seems to be getting higher. And that's where I am guessing it'd be worth taking a look at.

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I have read in one e-magazine that Ukraine has declared the digital currency as legal tender and it is a radical move for a government because the use of crypto currency is yet to be tested. But anyway, paying the bills with bitcoin will probably be a reality in the years to come. The bitcoin is just waiting for more users before it can be used to pay for the basic transactions like the utilities.

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